Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1552 1552. Hole

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Chapter 1552 1552. Hole

Noah didn't dream. His existence had long since become one. The sleep inside the chrysalis didn't need to show him anything.

A few images flashed in his vision from time to time. They were nothing more than partial memories shared by his companions through the mental connection.

Noah could see his companions defending him and handling the magical beasts on the surface. Those creatures featured six rank 8 specimens, but they couldn't do anything against the new might reached by Snore and Duanlong.

His body evolved during the chrysalis and polished the evolution experienced by his centers of power. Noah's strength kept rising as his existence stabilized in the eighth rank. That harmony also brought a new wave of improvements on his dantian, mind, and black hole.

Divine existences were expressions of personal laws. Their centers of power shared a tight connection that almost prevented them from breaking their harmony.

The same applied to Noah. As his body evolved, his black hole forced the other centers of power to go through multiple refining cycles until it eventually brought his entire existence to a level that no other newly advanced rank 8 being could imagine.

An intense sensation of power filled Noah when he opened his eyes. He had never felt so strong. Even the level reached through his ambition couldn't compare to his current state.

Still, he sensed that something had changed. Noah felt that his existence didn't limit its influence on his figure. It spread through the world on its own, affecting the matter around him and transforming its fabric.

'My existence naturally develops a domain around me,' Noah concluded after studying that phenomenon.

The breakthroughs didn't only bring immense power. They had elevated Noah's existence, putting it one step above simple laws. He felt able to affect the world with simple thoughts. He could recreate a weaker version of the dark world with a wave of his hand.

'Laws for the seventh rank,' Noah listed his general understanding of the divine ranks in his mind, 'Domain for the eighth, and world for the ninth.'

That was the only natural progression that Noah could imagine according to what he had learnt throughout his life in the Immortal Lands.

'Maybe you can give birth to something bigger than a world in the tenth rank,' Noah thought while the images of his ascension resurfaced in his mind. 'Maybe you can create a complete system of words at that level. It would explain how Heaven and Earth can continue to expand. I wonder what they did wrong to fail the breakthrough.'

Doubts about his future in the cultivation journey filled Noah's mind, but he had never felt so sure about his path. He wasn't making plans anymore. He was simply existing, and that was enough to make his power increase.

His consciousness expanded and covered the entire region. Noah could immediately sense every living being on the surface and in the underground world.

Fergie, his underlings, and the Foolery were on the surface. The three wild packs were also there, but it seemed that their patience was reaching its limit. Snore and Duanlong were the only reason why they didn't decide to rebel against Noah's orders.

The Demonic Sword and Night shot inside the cave when they sensed that Noah had awakened, but they stopped once their attention fell on their Master.

The entire cave had transformed during those short seconds. All the rocks and terrain had taken the shape of a black metal that echoed Noah's ambition. Those simple rank 7 materials had even reached the middle tier in an instant.

Noah's natural pressure was far heavier than before. Even his companions couldn't help but feel in awe of his power. He appeared as the strongest being in the entire world.

"I'll take care of your level once we reach the Outer Lands," Noah said before jumping outside of the cave.

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His pressure immediately unfolded through the entire region. The gra.s.s and trees that covered the surface began to evolve and develop basic wills. That quick contact with Noah's aura had been enough to activate their potential.

"The others can follow me," Noah said in a low tone before covering the corpse with liquid dark matter.

The higher energy destroyed its fabric and sent its power toward the black hole, which purified it and spread it through Noah's tissues.

Noah shot high in the sky before turning toward the three packs. Fergie and the others quickly followed him, but the overlords of that region hesitated.

The pride released by Noah's action had freed those specimens from the control of their leaders. They could choose whether to follow Noah or remain in their packs, but their instincts still feared him too much.

However, a few brave specimens decided to roar their willingness to join Noah. They separated from their packs, and Snore allowed them to use its body as a mount.

Two of the five remaining rank 8 specimens and a small group of magical beasts in the seventh rank decided to join Noah. All the others creatures remained still, but they shot mocking gazes at the leavers.

Snore brought those creatures into the sky before glancing at Noah. The Blood Companion knew exactly what was going through his mind. It was aware that they couldn't leave any proof of their pa.s.sage.

"Turn this place into dust," Noah sighed, and Snore unfolded its wings.

A rain of ma.s.sive feathers fell toward the region and made all the magical beasts on the ground roar in fear. Still, they couldn't do anything against the strongest attack of a rank 8 Blood Companion fueled by liquid dark matter.

Noah didn't even look at the outcome of Snore's attack. He turned and led his pack away from that region. He didn't need to inspect the ground to know that the whole area had transformed into a ma.s.sive hole.

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