Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1551 1551. Escape

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Chapter 1551 1551. Escape

The sky constantly illuminated the Immortal Lands. The night never fell on the higher plane, and only a few unique areas featured some dark moments.

The existences that had spent their entire lives in the higher plane had never experienced a proper night. They didn't even know what it looked like. They had only heard stories about it from those that had ascended from Mortal Lands.

Instead, those who had ascended had slowly forgotten the night after spending entire millennia in the Immortal Lands. They had ended up accepting that they would never set their eyes on that scenery again.

The whiteness retracted after Noah launched his last attack. His singularities triggered all the destruction that his previous blows had acc.u.mulated inside Heaven's body. The detonation generated after the attack shattered those arrays of lightning bolts and dispersed the energy inside that threatening figure.

Destroying Heaven didn't only generate a ma.s.sive discharge of energy. That figure embodied the very laws of the world, so its defeat paved the path for Noah's ambition.

Black waves of energy expanded through the sky and created a perfect imitation of the night that Noah recalled. The few intact sparks floating among that blackness even managed to represent stars.

The audience didn't know how to react to that scene. The bright Immortal Lands had turned dark. Noah had forced the night to descend on that destroyed region.

'I see,' Noah thought while bathing in the blackness that filled the sky. 'My existence can create an opposite version of the white sky. Heaven and Earth try to illuminate everything with their light, but I can bring darkness.'

The waves of energy that had spread through the sky after Heaven's detonation didn't hurt Noah. They had transformed into part of his energy as soon as his law replaced the world's true meanings.

That piece of the sky was part of his existence. It was an extension of Noah's ambition.

Noah opened his eyes, and the tiny sparks that floated among that blackness slowly started to disappear. They resembled stars that had fallen prey to the densest darkness. Noah almost felt enlighten by watching that scene.

"A darkness capable of devouring stars," Noah whispered before Duanlong and Night appeared next to him.

Night didn't manage to do much against Heaven. The insides of that white body were too dangerous for the Pterodactyl. The creature had remained on the sidelines, ready to pull Noah out of the fight.

Duanlong opened its mouth, but Noah stopped the creature by placing a hand on its head. The dragon couldn't understand the reason behind his action, but Noah soon explained himself.

"Let me watch this a bit longer," Noah said in a pensive tone. "Let the Immortal Lands experience a true night."

The darkness ended up devouring all the sparks, leaving only a thick layer made of black energy above the destroyed region. The audience didn't dare to move their eyes from the sky. The scene was extremely captivating for beings that had lived among blinding whiteness for their entire lives.

The energy that Noah required was around him. He only needed to wave his hand to absorb all of it. Yet, he waited until his cultivation level was almost about to fall into the seventh rank to act.

"Go now," Noah whispered, and Duanlong activated its pulling force.

The dragon respected Noah's wish and slowed down its innate ability. The blackness took a while to converge in its mouth, which gave Noah a few more seconds to admire the scenery.

The energy entered the Blood Companion and flowed inside Noah's hand before ending in the black hole. The fourth center of power then purified it and sent it back to his tissues.

The light slowly returned in the area. Heaven and Earth quickly took control of that piece of the sky and filled it with their whiteness.

The darkness had lasted for less than a minute, but Noah made sure to commit that moment to memory. He didn't want to forget the sensations felt during that short dream.

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Waves of power filled every inch of his body and spread inside the fabric of his centers of power. His injured black vessels instantly healed, and the black hole finally started to focus on his cultivation level.

Noah had disappeared, and even his companions had separated to fly in different directions. Everyone had begun to run away without bothering to warn the Eternal Snakes.

Monsieur Evan played a crucial role in their escape. He also tried to leave the encirclement when the Snakes became distracted, but his actions made the creatures turn toward him again.

His attempt to escape made Noah's group gain time. The Eternal Snakes weren't willing to let go of that prey after fighting for so long. In their minds, they could always hunt Noah afterward.

Of course, angry hisses came out of their mouths when they recalled their deal. The Snakes had been so immersed in their battle that they had almost forgotten about Shandal.

Still, when they turned to search for Noah and the others again, Monsieur Evan managed to leave their encirclement and forced them to chase after him.

'I don't think we can reach the Outer Lands before my body starts evolving,' Noah said through the mental connection. 'Find a crowded spot. I'll handle the magical beasts there.'

Night followed his orders and brought Noah into a crowded region after putting enough distance from the battlefield. Three large packs led by leaders in the lower tier occupied that area and tried to scare those foreigners away, but Noah gave voice to a roar that silenced all of them.

"I will only remain here for a while," Noah roared. "My pack will arrive soon. I will exterminate all of you if I find my underlings hurt when I come out."

A chill ran down those beasts' spine when Noah's threats reached their ears. His pride was too intense for those creatures. They immediately understood how dangerous he was and decided to migrate.

"Don't you dare to leave the region either," Noah roared before punching the ground and opening a cave. "I want to see all of you when I come out."

Noah dived into the cave and let his companions handle the rest. His body began to release a black gas that created a chrysalis and made his consciousness go dark.

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