Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1550 1550. Blackness

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Chapter 1550 1550. Blackness

'The amount of power contained in this form the middle tier Snakes,' Noah calculated in his mind. 'Still, its fabric should be unstable. I wonder if I can force it to turn into primary energy with my destruction.'

In theory, Noah didn't have many chances against that opponent. His cultivation level was still falling, and he remained an existence near the bottom of the eighth rank even without that weakness.

However, his opponent was a manifestation of Heaven's power. It wasn't a proper living being. It was a ma.s.s of power that had taken a humanoid shape. It simply had enough energy to make its level reach the middle tier.

'I can't let it touch me,' Noah concluded before deploying his companions and covering them with multiple layers of dark matter.

His time was running out. Noah had to maximize the energy absorbed in his next exchanges, or the drawbacks would arrive.

Noah transformed into a black sword that shot toward the sky. His companions spread through the area and prepared to seize any window that he created.

The scene was breathtaking. Heaven hovered in the sky, radiating a whiteness capable of surpa.s.sing the natural light in the air. Instead, Noah was a flying blade that spread currents of darkness wherever it went.

Some of Noah's underlings stopped fighting to admire that scene. A group among the few remaining cultivators did the same, and even a couple of rank 8 Eternal Snakes halted their offensive to watch Noah's fight.

Heaven's body was the embodiment of the rules of the world. The matter around that figure sacrificed itself to fuel its structure. The higher plane was its playground, and everything was in its control.

Instead, Noah embodied a primary act of defiance. His flight represented a stark opposition against the laws of the world and its ruler. His gesture expressed pure rebellion against that system.

Of course, Noah was only doing minding his cultivation level. He was nothing more than a starving beast that saw Heaven as its chance to survive.

Still, his influence had intensified after the forced breakthroughs. His existence seeped in all his actions and made him express his feelings even when he was only chasing after energy.

Heaven lifted its arm, and a ma.s.sive lightning bolt fell toward the black blade. A wave of violent whiteness raged from the sky and tried to envelop Noah in its destructive might.

The attack was far faster than Noah. It enveloped his figure and landed on the region, giving birth to shockwaves that attracted the attention of the existences still busy fighting.

The ground shattered as a spiderweb of deep cracks spread through the entire region. The destruction released by the attack crushed the dust before it could even rise in the air.

The spectators couldn't find any trace of Noah's figure after the whiteness dispersed. Even his dark matter had disappeared, but his Blood Companions continued to fly in the sky and used the higher energy around them to keep their structure from crumbling.

Snore and Duanlong were the only proof that Noah was still alive. Most of the audience ignored that aspect of his power, but Fergie heaved a sigh of relief at that sight.

Heaven moved its attention to the ma.s.sive winged snake since Noah was nowhere to be seen. Yet, a figure suddenly appeared above its head, and tiny slashes seeped into its structure.

Those slashes were far different from Noah's usual attacks. They were small, but their size didn't affect the amount of power that they contained.

A red light shone from Noah's reptilian eyes. The Demonic Deduction technique was working at full speed to maximize the number of destructive ideas generated through his mental energy.

Noah didn't want to overwhelm Heaven. He wasn't even sure that his current power made him able to pierce its thick array of lightning bolts. Yet, he might have a chance to destabilize its structure by letting his destruction guiding his moves.

The previous lightning bolt had proven to Noah that he couldn't endure a frontal blow. Heaven was a pure ma.s.s of power, so he had to dodge anything it unleashed.

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'I only have two uses of the Shadow Domain left,' Noah cursed in his mind while inspecting his tiny slashes seeping into Heaven's body.

His previous attacks were only a test. Noah had to find openings in Heaven's figure to know where to make his last offensive converge.

Snore and Duanlong began to fly near Noah. They only had one shot at getting rid of that Tribulation. They had to wait until Noah was ready to launch his finis.h.i.+ng blow to join the battle.

Heaven didn't hesitate to turn again. A flash of white light covered the environment, but Noah entered the Shadow Domain before the attack could reach him.

Noah reappeared next to Heaven and covered the area with flames again. His innate ability shattered before reaching the figure's skin, but Noah only wanted to fill the environment with fire.

His Demonic Sword flashed, and tiny slashes seeped inside Heaven's figure. Almost all of them managed to avoid the dangerous sparks, but no explosion followed that event.

That unusual outcome didn't faze Heaven. The figure immediately prepared another attack, but a pulling force enveloped the area and delayed its movements by an instant.

Snore then tried to restrain Heaven with its ma.s.sive body, and a wave of pain reached Noah's mind. The white lightning bolts were shattering the snake's scales. The Blood Companion managed to resist for a whole second only due to its spectacular fabric.

Heaven switched target. His figure released lightning bolts in every direction and shattered Snore's body. Cracks appeared on the snake's ethereal figure, but the creature dissolved before Heaven could destroy its existence.

The black hole promptly sent the unstable substance inside the black vessels. A wave of power filled Noah and brought his physical prowess to its very peak.

The black vessels began to crumble, but Noah didn't care. His Demonic Sword flashed, and a storm of singularities flew out of his blade. Those invisible attacks flew inside the weak spots in Heaven's structure and enhanced all the destructive aura acc.u.mulated in its fabric.

The audience held their breath, but their vision went dark. The whiteness covering the sky suddenly disappeared. Complete blackness suddenly took control of the area.

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