Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1546 1546. Prison

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Chapter 1546 1546. Prison

Madame Canson transformed into a giant made entirely of purple crystals. Her size continued to increase as her influence spread through the region. The pieces of the environment that she managed to affect flew toward her figure to force her existence to grow even further.

Noah's instincts screamed. That wasn't the power of an average rank 8 existence. Even powerful cultivators in the gaseous stage would struggle to radiate such breathtaking pressure.

His blades flashed with a dark light, and a ma.s.sive cut opened on Madame Canson's giant leg, but her crystalized fabric stopped the attack almost immediately.

"Divine Demon and Wilfred didn't get the chance to see this form," Madame Canson's deafening voice echoed through the sky. "Luke's escape has forced me to abandon the old palace, but you are different."

Madame Canson lifted her ma.s.sive hand before cracking it downward. Her movements were incredibly fast, uncaring that she had transformed into a five hundred meters tall giant. Noah barely had the time to activate his teleport before a shockwave crashed on his previous position.

The aura sent with the attack forced the air to give birth to purple crystals that quickly flew toward Madame Canson. She continued to grow, and even the cut on her leg closed under that nourishment.

Noah reappeared above his opponent. His consciousness expanded, and the dark world spread to cover the entire battlefield. His technique began to suppress Madame Canson's law while his blades landed on his forehead.

Madame Canson suddenly stopped growing. Cracks also spread on her crystalized skin as her law lost power.

The dark world could finally express its original purpose now that Noah's dark matter had evolved. It could transform into an extension of Noah's domain and enhance his already incredible properties.

The blades slid on Noah's forehead, filling the dark world with a high-pitched noise. Waves of dark matter followed the sharpness released during the attack and gave it the shape of a ma.s.sive dragon that fell on Madame Canson's giant figure.

The waterfall of sharpness and dark matter featured singularities in multiple spots. The attack pierced Madame Canson in many areas, but those spherical and curved invisible blows made entire pieces of her body disappear.

Noah retracted his blades, but his right hand suddenly felt empty. His white sword had crumbled during the last attack. Even his liquid dark matter couldn't prevent the weapon from crumbling.

The sudden event didn't delay his offensive. Thick roots gathered on Noah's right palm and took the shape of a long blade that he quickly thrust together with the Demonic Sword.

The dark matter began to rotate around the straight singularity that had come out of Noah's blades. The higher energy followed the attack and crashed on Madame Canson's chest, piercing it from side to side.

'I can do this! Snore!' Noah shouted in his mind, and the Blood Companion quickly formed above his head.

Snore's power had skyrocketed inside the dark world. The creature was in its natural habitat. It had access to as much dark matter as it wanted.

The snake unfolded its wings and released all its feathers. Those sharp missiles fell on Madame Canson and exploded, preventing her from activating any countermeasure.

The s.p.a.ce seemed on the verge of crumbling. Even the dark world couldn't withstand the shockwaves generated by those explosions.

The liquid dark matter began to shatter, revealing the outside world once again. Those shockwaves also threatened to engulf Noah, but Duanlong promptly appeared in front of him and used its monstrous mouth to absorb that violent force.

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Noah wanted to attack again, but he couldn't leave his spot behind Duanlong's back. Even his consciousness couldn't expand while the aftermath of the explosions raged through the sky.

'Do something, d.a.m.ned plant!' Noah cursed in his mind, and a ma.s.sive number of nutrients flowed into the Demonic Form.

The corrosive aura covering the roots skyrocketed and enlarged Noah's prison. The crystals around him transformed into nothing more than dust, but a third ma.s.sive punch landed on his body nonetheless.

Noah slammed on the purple wall, but blood could flow out of his mouth now. The crystals attempted to expand again, but the Demonic Form's corrosive aura destroyed them whenever they entered its influence.

His struggles didn't stop Madame Canson's offensive. She promptly launched a fourth attack, and the world in Noah's eyes seemed to slow down while he followed her punch running through the ma.s.s of crystals.

Noah had activated the Demonic Deduction technique. The red lines illuminating his mental sea led him to a solution in less than an instant, and a cold determination soon filled his expression.

His bloodl.u.s.t exploded. Noah suddenly felt like giving up on any strategy. An intense desire to tear Madame Canson apart replaced his thoughts and began to cloud his mind.

A dark handle came out of his chest while the fourth fist was about to land on his position. Noah's right hand moved faster than it had even done in his life. It quickly drew the cursed sword and performed a simple slash.

Everything seemed to stop for an instant. Noah and Madame Canson didn't move anymore. Still, once the first crack opened on the ma.s.s of crystals, the world fell into chaos, and the duo's consciousness became unable to keep track of their surroundings.

Noah regained control of his senses when he slammed on Duanlong's tough back. He found himself on the ground, free of the restraints. The ma.s.s of crystals had also disappeared, and only the giant Madame Canson remained in the scenery.

His chest had turned into a ma.s.s of blood and torn tissues, but the black hole quickly covered those injuries with dark matter. Noah even launched his flames, but the environment didn't have enough nutrients to fix the wounds suffered by a rank 8 body.

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