Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1529 1529. Mental battle

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Chapter 1529 1529. Mental battle

Noah didn't hesitate to start the procedure once he completed his preparations. He imbued the Demonic Sword inside the dense black liquid, focused his ambition on the blade, and drew a picture of the dragon on his chest.

The modified heart ended in his mouth after the destruction carried by the dark world weakened its structure. Noah could eat that organ easily and trigger the Body-inscription spell.

A large ethereal figure appeared inside Noah's mind. The environment there was dark due to the black mental energy and the dark matter that hid the scarlet halo radiated by his mental walls.

An immense pressure fell on Noah's mind when the will spread its aura. His mental walls would have crumbled if it weren't for the long training with the white light of the sky.

The dragon raged and slammed its ethereal body on the defensive layers of dark matter. However, Noah was using his ambition to empower all the a.s.sets inside his mind. His higher energy managed to contain the creature's will, which eventually calmed down.

"I would rather avoid a battle," Noah said through his ethereal figure.

The dragon immediately turned toward Noah, but its eyes soon fell on its legs. It noticed the various modifications that happened after its death, and pure anger filled its expression.

"I have improved your base form," Noah continued. "I'm offering you the chance to follow me to the peak of the cultivation world. We can do this without turning this place into a mess."

"What have you done to me?" The dragon asked in a human voice, but roars accompanied its words.

"I have defeated you," Noah said before waving his hand.

A lump of mental energy flew toward Noah and played the memories featuring his battle against the dragon. The creature slowly recalled what had happened, and another wave of anger filled its expression.

"You won due to those annoying creatures!" The dragon shouted. "You can't defeat me on your own."

"Those creatures are part of me," Noah replied. "You will also become like them. The only unclear part is how."

"I will never be a slave!" The dragon roared before shooting toward Noah.

Noah raised his hand, and a blade flew out of the defensive layers. Its edge was black, but red lines ran through its surface and radiated an intense bloodl.u.s.t.

A slash came out of Noah's sword and clashed with the dragon. The attack managed to stop its charge, but it couldn't inflict any damage. The creature had also opened its mouth and dispersed part of the power contained in Noah's blow.

"This attack would have split your head into two parts if you were in your previous form," Noah explained as the blade in his hand crumbled and fell into the mental sea.

The dragon hesitated for an instant. The creature didn't know anything about mental battles, but it could understand that Noah had spoken the truth. Its new form was far better than its previous one.

"This is only a taste of what I can offer," Noah explained. "I plan to pierce the white sky and reach levels of power above Heaven and Earth. Those who follow me must be equally strong."

"I am already better than you!" The dragon shouted before charging ahead again.

Noah rolled his eyes before retreating inside the layers of dark matter. The dragon slammed its head on the higher energy but found itself unable to pierce it.

Noah reappeared on another side of the mental sphere. The dragon quickly turned toward him, but its expression froze when it saw countless blades coming out of the dark matter.

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"Let me be clear," Noah said while roars accompanied his human words. "I have already defeated you in the outside world, but we are inside my head now. You have no chance to win."

That sight was majestic. The dragon could also sense the emotions felt by Noah during the battle. The creature could basically see how grateful and attached he was to his companions.

The memories had shown the dragon how Noah had improved his companions. They had demonstrated that Noah's offer was valid and didn't even seem bad.

The dragon seemed about to give in, but a trace of anger eventually resurfaced in its expression. Its instincts didn't allow it to submit without fighting, so it began to struggle and destroy everything in its range.

Noah unfolded his pride at that time. His ambition was fueling his power and the many abilities inside his mental sphere. That was his world, and he had filled it with weapons.

More blades came out of the black layers. They shot toward the dragon and almost destroyed its entire body. Only its head remained above the mental sea, but mental energy soon surged to fix its condition.

"This isn't a negotiation," Noah said while descending toward the dragon. "I already own you. The sooner you accept it, the less you'll suffer."

The dragon became angrier once it heard those words, but it couldn't do anything to fend off Noah's offensive. He had too much experience in those fights. Even rank 8 wills had to succ.u.mb to his desires in that domain.

The creature eventually shattered into a rain of black drops that fused with the mental sea. A figure then came out of those waters and flew next to Snore.

Noah glanced at the dragon before dispersing the various defenses acc.u.mulated in his mind. The creature opened its eyes to stare at him, but it soon turned to look away.

Snore inspected the new Blood Companion, and intense bickering soon resounded in Noah's mind. He could only ignore those discussions and leave his mental sphere at that point.

The tattoo of the dragon solidified on his skin before its ink flowed inside the black hole. The organ would handle that new Blood Companion and bind it to the dark matter. It would lose a bit of power now, but it would gain far more once Noah faced the breakthroughs.

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