Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 152 - 152. Monster

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'Warp spell, rank based on the mental level of the user, limited to darkness element. The user teleports at a distance depending on the quant.i.ty of mental energy used.'

'This one cost half a million Credits, spells without a rank limit are surely expensive.'

The diagram of the spell was so complex that Noah didn't manage to make progress in it even after half a day of study.

'I need to take it slowly and carefully memorize everything. I was really lucky with the Demonic form since it was implanted directly in my sea of consciousness.'

Noah used the next two weeks to memorize the diagram.

He had to diminish his focus on his training to do so but, in the end, he managed to learn perfectly the contents of the scroll.

Of course, he decided to try it as soon as he did it.

Noah was on his bed, reviewing the diagram.

He had to manipulate the "Breath" to perform certain patterns and he had to do so in a specific rhythm.

When he was sure that he wouldn't commit any mistake, he stood up and stared at a spot in front of him.

Ivor was sleeping in the empty room, he was completely alone.

Noah activated the spell, his body was immediately covered in black flames.

At the same time, those same flames appeared in a spot at one meter from his position.

The two fires then extinguished in an instant, revealing Noah in the area where the second black flames had appeared.

The process had taken less than a second from start to finish.

Noah opened his eyes and supported himself on the near wall, his mind was a.s.saulted by a powerful dizziness and he felt the urge to vomit invading his body.

It took him a few minutes to suppress the after-effects of the spell.

'What a strong rejection! I need to spend a lot of time to get used to the teleportation before trying to use it in battle. For now, I should just be happy that I cast the spell successfully.'

He sat back on his bed and reviewed his situation.

'I've done everything I could to increase my battle prowess in the short run and I even invested in my future. There are no threats looming over me nor duties that require me to stop training. What I have to do now is to cultivate in a peaceful environment.'

And that's exactly what he did.

His courses were compelling and gradually increased his knowledge of the topics that he was interested in.

Noah never skipped a lesson, not even when he went outside of the academy to complete his bimestrial missions.

He trained in the Sulfur domain for one hour every two weeks, using that facility too often would ultimately soften the mental sphere and Noah didn't want to risk it happening.

He would also absorb "Breath" in his sea of consciousness every time the internal pressure diminished, added to his constant training with the Kesier rune, his mental sphere enlarged at an incredible speed.

His body and dantian also steadily improved as Noah never slacked off in his night meditation.

His remaining time was used to become accustomed to his new spells and to implement them in his combat style, which he then tested during the missions.

Time pa.s.sed quickly and, at some point, the event that he was waiting for finally happened.

Noah was on the bed of his accommodation.

One year had pa.s.sed since he returned from the Royal inheritance, he was seventeen and a half years old by then.

His facial features had matured and he had become slightly taller but remained still of medium stature.

His hair had grown so much that he had to comb it in an intricate way to prevent it from touching the ground.

It was the examination period of his courses, his second year as a student of the academy was successfully ending.

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However, there was no anxiety for his incoming tests on his expression, nor confidence.

Noah s.h.i.+fted his gaze on him, his eyes had an unprecedented brilliance on them.

Ivor stumbled, as Noah focused on him another wave of pain made him lose his balance.

"Sorry, I'm still learning to control myself."

Ivor's eyes widened and he opened a jar of wine to take a long sip, he had begun to understand what had happened to his student.

"How is this possible?"

Noah concentrated and retracted his imposing presence, even with his eyes closed he could feel his surroundings clearly.

He picked the sheet on his side and smirked a little looking at the rune on it, the sight caused him no discomfort at all.

"You've really done it."

Ivor was incredulous.

Noah nodded and moved his gaze back on him, he contained his mental pressure as much as he could but some of it was still leaked by the intensity of his stare.

"I'm a rank 2 mage now."

Ivor shook his head and drank more of his wine.

"That's… How? The sea of consciousness is usually the last to advance! And even if we want to ignore that, you are not even close to being eighteen! A cultivator reaching that stage at the age of twenty-five would be considered a peerless talent! A situation like yours has never happened in the history of the cultivation world!"

Ivor still couldn't accept the event, in his eyes, Noah was a monster with limitless potential.

Noah completely ignored his comments and stood up from his bed.

"I think it's time to start with the forging."

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