Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1516 1516. Arm

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Chapter 1516 1516. Arm

Noah couldn't stop suffering injuries during the battle. He was against a rank 8 magical beast, and he wielded three cursed swords. Each clash brought his body to its limits.

Yet, his flames allowed him to recover instantly. Noah would be fine as long as the environment had nutrients to burn and the monkey didn't manage to kill him in one blow.

On the other hand, the monkey had the resilience of a rank 8 magical beast. It was almost immortal in the eyes of rank 7 beings. It didn't matter how many injuries it suffered. The creature always straightened its position and launched its threatening soundwaves.

Noah never stopped leaping toward the monkey. His slashes would deal more damage if his blades touched the creature's skin, so he couldn't deploy safer tactics.

Moreover, the soundwaves damaged the monkey whenever they exploded next to it. Noah slowly gained the upper hand in the battle after forcing many attacks to detonate in front of his opponent.

'I'm running out of things to burn,' Noah thought before flying high in the sky and launching a series of slashes.

A rain of curved black attacks fell on the monkey. Noah's body almost crumbled, but he promptly covered some of the trees under him with flames that fixed his condition.

The monkey gibbered as it chased after Noah. It performed a long leap that almost reached him, but he dodged the attack and dived toward the falling beast to exploit that opportunity.

The leader couldn't dodge the attack during its fall. Noah joined his blades to touch the center of the creature's chest. The dark matter then came out of his back to increase his speed and build momentum.

Once the beast touched the ground, Noah released his attack, forcing all the dark matter to fall on the spot touched by the blades. His physical strength also helped, and his swords eventually pierced that thick skin.

Noah spread his arms to enlarge the injury. The monkey's skin was tough and fought against that force, but a small hole eventually appeared on the creature's chest.

'Snore!' Noah shouted in his mind, and the ma.s.sive body of the Blood Companion soon wrapped itself around the monkey.

Snore then bit on the creature's head and spat a wave of violent dark matter. The attack engulfed both Noah and the monkey, but he didn't care that his armor was slowly falling apart.

Night shot out of Noah's chest and flew through the hole created by his blades. The Pterodactyl began to ravage the monkey's insides, and Snore closed its wings around the creature.

Noah jumped off of the monkey and covered the ground with flames. His innate ability destroyed the terrain and filled him with its nutrients. His body had been on the verge of collapsing, but it had found new stability now.

Snore launched its feathers, destroying its body in the process. A wave of dark matter engulfed Noah and spread through the whole region. Even in his draconic form, Noah didn't manage to oppose that dense shockwave.

The explosion flung Noah backward, but he soon spread his wings to fly in the sky. Snore reformed next to him, and Night pierced the black cloud around the monkey to rejoin him.

Noah and the two companions didn't move their eyes from the cloud. They didn't know how effective their offensive had been. Only the monkey could solve their doubts.

An angry cry eventually filled the area and dispersed the dark matter acc.u.mulated on the ground. Noah and the companions could finally see the monkey again, but their expression turned cold at that sight.

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Blood flowed out of the hole on the creature's chest. Its arms featured multiple wounds, and a few green spots had also appeared on its waist. However, the monkey acted as if those injuries didn't exist.

Snore restrained the monkey with its body and bit on its shoulder. The creature shattered the snake's tissues whenever it moved, but the Blood Companion held its position.

The Demonic Sword slammed its reptilian head on the same shoulder targeted by Snore. The Blood Companion opened to let that other attack land on the leader, but its teeth continued their desperate attempt to dig that tough skin.

Noah joined his blades and pointed at the same spot targeted by his companions. His swords pierced the Demonic Sword's draconic body and Snore's head to stab the leader's shoulder and create a deep cut.

Snore bit on the creature again, focusing on the opening created by Noah. The Demonic Sword did the same, and Noah also continued to lift and stab his blades to enlarge that wound.

Black flames filled the area. Noah's body ended on the verge of crumbling every time his blades fell, but the fire always managed to stabilize it. Still, his innate ability eventually found itself unable to burn anything else, which left Noah no choice but to stop using his swords.

The draconic armor dispersed, and the blades returned inside his separate s.p.a.ce. Noah jumped through the waves of dark matter released by the Demonic Sword and Snore to land on the monkey's shoulder and stab his hands in its injury.

Black roots came out of his palm and spread corrosive energy inside the injury. Noah saw the wound enlarging under the efforts of his entire a.r.s.enal, and he eventually grabbed the creature's arm to pull with as much strength as he could muster.

The monkey cried in anger and pain, but Snore kept it in a prison of destructive energy and black scales. Night also prevented it from launching its threatening innate ability. Noah, the Demonic Sword, and the parasite could focus on the arm without worrying about their surroundings.

The monkey suddenly moved its arm, and Noah spat blood when that limb hit his chest. Yet, he didn't stop pulling. Blood spurted in his face as the wound enlarged, and a dark-red river fell on him once he managed to sever the entire limb.

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