Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1510 1510. Training

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Chapter 1510 1510. Training

Noah sorted his training methods before starting his new plan. His body and dantian didn't need anything new, but his mind could endure more pressure.

The white sky toughened Noah's mind and slowly improved its power, so he didn't hesitate to add more dark matter to his spherical rune. Still, he didn't feel satisfied with that pressure, so he let the upper tier mole join his training.

The creature was virtually useless as a Blood Companion, but Noah performed the Body-inscription spell anyway. He lacked a better option, so he would use the mole as part of his training until a suitable replacement appeared.

Killing the mole turned out to be tricky, but Noah eventually managed to force it to spill blood. He destroyed the creature until the breeding ground couldn't function anymore. The beast obtained proper flesh and blood that he could use in the spell at that point.

'What do I even need to do with you?' Noah thought while inspecting the plant growing inside his chest.

Noah shared a mental connection with the Demonic Form, but it never spoke. Its noises didn't even carry any meaning. The plant was an embodiment of destruction, and it only cared about absorbing energy to grow.

Controlling it wasn't an issue for Noah, especially after the improvements of his companions. Snore could easily keep it in check, but that was the best he could do at the moment.

The cursed sword was another a.s.set that needed some attention. The blade fed on bloodl.u.s.t, and defeating powerful enemies with it was the fastest method to improve it.

The blade was still at some distance from the eighth rank, so it couldn't produce attacks at that level yet. Still, Noah planned to use the weapon more often to force it to grow.

Noah tested a few things and trained for a while before deciding to exit the cave. After summoning Fergie, the duo flew toward the tall tree and created habitations near its base to wait for the appearance of the next fruit.

It was hard to give up on such a valuable resource. Both Noah and Fergie had already benefitted from the fruit, so they knew that the magical beasts' domain would rarely manage to offer them something better.

The best resources were in the hands of packs that featured multiple rank 8 specimens. Some of them even had creatures in the middle and upper tier. Noah didn't even consider facing existences at that level yet.

The rank 8 monkey and wolf were perfect training dummies. They could allow Noah to test and improve his battle prowess. The periods between the appearance of each fruit also gave him the time to train, so he had no reason to leave the area.

Noah even believed that the Foolery would eventually leave their region and choose to migrate. Those creatures would need Noah at that point since he could act as a bridge between their pack and the Legion.

It was impossible to predict when the tall tree would produce another fruit, but Noah guessed that it wouldn't take long since he had seen packs fighting under the plant two times already.

A battle was unfolding under the three when the Foolery attacked him. A second fruit had happened soon after. Noah guessed that the tree would trigger another fight soon, so he kept his senses ready to pick up that peculiar scent.

His guess turned out to be correct. Noah and Fergie only had to wait a few years to see the tree give birth to a fruit again and attracting all the magical beasts in the area.

'It's time,' Noah said through his consciousness, awakening Fergie in the nearby cave.

Fergie quickly flew out of his cave and met with Noah mid-air. The duo moved toward the tree, where they saw that two familiar packs had already started to fight.

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"Seize the fruit again," Noah ordered. "I will handle the two leaders."

A cross-shaped slash fell toward the ground. It wasn't invisible anymore. A dark halo now covered the attack, but its properties had remained the same.

The singularity crashed on the two leaders, who didn't dare to dodge the attack since their opponent could exploit that opportunity. Noah's slash slammed on their bodies but didn't manage to pierce their tough skin.

Yet, the attack destroyed their fur and left a visible mark on their bodies. Noah didn't manage to inflict any real damage, but that outcome alone spoke for his improvements.

Noah had attacked rank 8 creatures with his cursed blade during the previous fight, but he didn't manage to do much back then. Instead, he had obtained better effects without relying on that troublesome weapon now.

'My foundation is slowly reaching their level,' Noah thought as excitement filled his mind.

The two leaders couldn't ignore Noah anymore, but they couldn't reach him either. Only the monkey had ranged attacks, and the creature would never show its back to its main opponent. Cooperating was impossible in that situation.

Noah exploited that hesitation by launching another cross-shaped slash. He was holding his strongest attacks back for fear of damaging the tree, but he had already put into action a plan that would solve that issue.

Noah gave voice to a roar as the unstable substance flowed through his black veins. The magical beasts on the ground stopped fighting again, but their leaders didn't give them new orders because they were busy following the human figure in the sky with their eyes.

Fergie threw his sun on the ground during that moment of distraction. Countless magical beasts died during the impact, and his spell continued to float above the surface to launch fireb.a.l.l.s toward any creature that dared to move.

Noah landed in the middle of the fiery ground. The wolf and monkey immediately shot toward him, but a mark suddenly appeared on their foreheads. Night soon reappeared next to Noah and helped him replying to the angry gazes of his opponents.

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