Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 151 - 151. Spells

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Noah walked toward the inventory of the academy.

'Win-win he says… He just wants to use me to get the Royal inheritance, I don't know if I'll have any value after that.'

He was thinking about his conversation with Thaddeus.

'It might be fine till I'm discovered but what will happen at that point? I don't believe that they will simply clear my name, nor that I will allow them to do so. My future clash with the Balvan family is set in stone.'

He would never make a deal to pacify with the Balvan family, there was no chance that he would just forget about the events in the mansion.

'What's most likely to happen is that I will be blamed for all my crimes and the Royal family will trade my life to pacify the situation. If word gets out that the Royals hire criminals, I bet that their reputation would take a heavy blow.'

He was a criminal, there was no other way to see it.

The Royal family was in charge of the county but they had to maintain a peaceful relations.h.i.+p with their subjects.

Noah sighed after realizing that his only option was the usual one.

'I need power.'

He reached the inventory and showed his token to the guards that let him pa.s.s almost immediately.

"What can I do for you this time?"

Professor Lynn spoke to him with a trace of interest.

Noah arrived in front of his desk and lightly bowed before making his request.

"I would like to inspect all the spells having the darkness element as a requirement."

Lynn's brow arched in suspicion.

"All of them?"

"Yes, please."

Noah's reply was fast and polite.

Lynn stared at the youth for a bit before picking the usual white crystal and focusing on it.

When he handed it to Noah, a list of about thirty spells was shown at his probing.

'So few of them.'

A big part of the list was composed of the rank 0 spells that he had already inspected the first time that he went there.

The others were mostly rank 1 or rank 2 spells and their prices were exorbitant.

Noah carefully evaluated each one of them before sighing inwardly.

'To think that I believed to be rich just a few minutes ago.'

"Professor, I want the rank 0 spell Blind, the rank 2 spell Blood drain, and the spell Warp."

Lynn's eyes widened hearing Noah's speaking.

He stuttered as he answered to him.

"B-but that's will cost you more than half a million Credits!"

Noah calmly replied to his words by handing him a s.p.a.ce-ring.

"Five hundred ninety thousand Credits to be precise. You can check my storage device if you don't believe that I possess that sum."

Lynn accepted the ring and was amazed to see its contents, all of Noah's Credits were inside of it.

He gulped and gave the ring back to Noah as he stood up from his chair.

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"Come with me, you will deposit the money and then receive your spells."

In less than two hours he memorized the diagram and pointed toward a corner of the room.

His mental energy was slightly expended and a small black cloud of about thirty centimeters appeared in that area.

It lasted only for one second though and then dispersed in the air.

'A bit weak but I can't expect much from a supportive spell. If used wisely, it can be useful.'

He took the second scroll, storing the first one.

'Blood drain, up to rank 2, limited to darkness element cultivator. Morphs one hand in a demonic claw that drains blood to heal injuries. It can slightly strengthen the body if enough energy is absorbed but there is the need to refine that power to do so.'

The spell was meant for those that relied mostly on the body to fight, which didn't really fit Noah's fighting style.

However, he was deeply interested in the strengthening part.

'Magical beasts can freely absorb the "Breath" of other creatures and cultivators. I feel that this spell tried to imitate that ability and reached some satisfying results.'

His main goal in buying this spell was to study the mechanism behind it.

If one day he managed to create his own spells, he would surely experiment in that same field.

'Well, I also need to rely less on my Demonic form, that spell simply consumes too much mental energy.'

It took him an entire day to understand the diagram and memorize it.

At dawn, Noah was happily staring at his right hand that had successfully turned into a black fiendish claw.

'The expenditure on mental energy is not high at all! Even if I don't use the spell to heal my injuries, it will still weaken my enemies! I will try its effect on my next mission.'

He dispelled the spell and the claws evaporated, revealing his normal hand under them.

Noah turned toward the last scroll and his eyes s.h.i.+ned due to his excitement.

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