Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1509 1509. Sphere

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Chapter 1509 1509. Sphere

The Will-consuming runes were the only method capable of suppressing Noah's ambition. They could destroy his emotions and turn him into nothing more than a breathing corpse.

The procedure was hazardous for Noah. He wasn't a heroic cultivator anymore. His ambition was his very existence, so depleting it could lead to his death.

Still, the black hole managed to prevent any unfavorable outcome. The organ forced Noah's centers of power to function even when his law lost strength. It kept him alive until his ambition returned.

Noah couldn't transform the red crystal while he was in that state. His only option was to ama.s.s the dark powder generated by destroying his ethereal figure in the dark world. Once he had enough of that substance, he could approach the second phase of the procedure.

The Demonic Sword and the other companions protected Noah during the process, but no creature dared to approach his cave. The dark world was a natural s.h.i.+eld against external threats, and most of the fauna in the region had escaped after his previous show of power.

Only one pack remained on the other edge of the region. Its leader was a rank 8 creature, but its power was below average. It feared the Foolery too much to reach Noah's position.

'It's finally over,' Noah thought once his ambition revived his existence and allowed him to focus on the procedure.

The dark world had autonomously gathered the dark powder dispersed inside it. Noah only had to force the red crystal to grow and fuse that substance with the mineral to approach the fusion.

That phase didn't take him much. Noah could quicken the effects of his influence after gaining experience in the previous procedures. That training also helped his potential since he improved in using his ambition.

'Ready?' Noah asked as he lifted the now dark crystal toward the floating Demonic Sword.

The blade didn't show any hesitation. It stabbed the ground and waited for Noah to begin the procedure. It was even ready to face the pain that usually accompanied that experiment.

Noah forced the crystal to melt by infusing it with a meaning that carried his ambition and fused it with the blade. Scarlet lines immediately appeared on the weapon, and a wave of pain reached Noah's mind due to the connection with the Demonic Sword.

The fabric of the blade transformed. The Demonic Blade already had primary energy, darkness, mental energy, and dark matter, so its body took longer to accept that foreign material.

The blade slowly melted and formed a pool that floated among the dark world. Noah couldn't sense his weapon anymore at that point, but a roar soon resounded inside his mind.

The connection with the sword intensified as a sharp tip came out of the pool. A long edge followed, revealing a sphere between the blade and the handle.

The Demonic Sword had retaken a solid form, but its shape had gone through a few changes. The blade had two sharp edges and lacked a guard, but scarlet lines now ran through its structure, and a black sphere rotated right above the handle.

The sphere resembled a strange guard, but that wasn't its purpose. Noah noticed something spectacular when he inspected it. Dense dark matter rotated inside that structure.

'Did it gain a black hole?!' Noah thought as his consciousness unfolded to gain a better view of the Demonic Sword.

Noah couldn't fail to recognize the similarity of the sphere with the dark world. It contained less power, and its walls weren't as st.u.r.dy as his organ, but he couldn't deny its authenticity.

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The Demonic Sword had gained Noah's most incredible feature. It now had a black hole as a center of power. That organ couldn't fuse with its fabric, so it took the shape of a rotating sphere carved inside its structure.

Noah's arm descended, and the dark matter acc.u.mulated in the sky shot forward. A dense slash flew together with the higher energy and radiated an intense sharpness when it fell on the ground.

No earthquakes followed the impact. The attack pierced the ground and continued to dig toward its depts, meeting almost no hindrances in the process. The slash was so sharp that the world barely noticed it.

The slash covered the same area as Night's attack, but it reached far deeper spots. Its piercing capabilities were incredible, and its overall power surpa.s.sed what the Pterodactyl could achieve.

That superior might didn't only come from the Demonic Sword. The blade could now force Noah to express more power during his attacks. It could replicate a weaker version of the effects of his ambition.

'How many shapes can you take?' Noah asked through the mental connection.

'I shouldn't have any limit in that field,' The Demonic Sword replied, 'But I prefer the dragon form.'

Noah nodded before storing the Demonic Sword. A sense of satisfaction and relief filled his mind as he stared at the damages caused by his improved companions.

His companions had evolved. Noah had also completed a project that had been in his mind since his exploration of the Evolution Pit. He could finally focus on improving his cultivation level and techniques during the journey through the magical beasts' domain.

'My priority is to gain rank 8 battle prowess,' Noah thought as he crossed his legs while floating in the sky. 'I should be close after these experiments, but I won't be sure unless I test the full power of the companions.'

Noah needed battles, and he knew a place that often featured fights. The tall tree would give birth to valuable fruits every now and then. The plant marked the perfect place where to test his power.

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