Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1507 1507. Evolution

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Chapter 1507 1507. Evolution

Noah had always claimed that June knew him better than anyone else, but the truth was that his companions surpa.s.sed her in that field.

The Demonic Sword, Snore, and Night shared a mental connection with Noah, and they were with him even during his solitary moments. They had accompanied him through all his training sessions and long journeys.

The companions had seen how hard Noah had struggled during the past events. They had been almost useless for many battles. Only the Demonic Sword had continued to help him due to its connection with his martial arts.

The three companions hated that situation. They despised their weakness. Snore didn't hesitate to accept Noah's offer, but Night and the Demonic Sword would have done the same.

'I will transform the red crystal into something that suits you before starting the procedure,' Noah said to Snore through their mental connection. 'I don't know what you'll become if everything works well, but it should give you a chance to evolve without depending on my cultivation level.'

Snore transformed into dark matter and flowed back inside Noah's body. The creature didn't fear that procedure, and it would do anything to become stronger.

Night and the Demonic Sword went silent while Noah transformed one of the red crystals. The three companions didn't bicker as much as before anymore, but they still conversed in Noah's mind from time to time.

Yet, they didn't say anything at that time. The companions let Snore prepare for the procedure. Even the Demonic Sword had become mature enough to know when it had to leave some s.p.a.ce to its friends.

Snore embodied the destructive power of the dark world. It was a channel where the copies of the elements fused and transformed into energy capable of piercing any material.

Noah couldn't limit himself to bring the red crystal to the upper tier. He had to turn it into a material that would suit Snore. The fusion had to be perfect.

The dark world recreated the black version of the elements. Noah surrounded the crystal with those energies and used his ambition to improve its fabric.

The mineral and the black elements slowly fused as they remained immersed in Noah's law. Every material could absorb energy with the right push, and his ambition was perfect for the task.

The crystal slowly changed color and shape. It lost its solid form and turned black after absorbing the elements and reaching the upper tier.

It was already something different from what Noah had used with the mole, but that didn't make him hesitate. He would use the dark matter and the Elemental Forging method. He had spent entire millennia honing his expertise in those fields.

Noah didn't use a generic meaning. He focused on his memories of Snore and condensed them to create a pure expression of its existence.

Then, he added a piece of his tainted mental waves to share his bloodl.u.s.t with Snore. The Blood Companion was perfect for that emotion. That feeling would naturally bring its destructive properties to a new level.

Snore's fabric initially rejected that foreign material. It didn't matter that Noah had tried to make it match the snake's structure. The Blood Companion's body was already almost perfect, so it didn't want anything else.

Noah had learnt how the crystal behaved from his previous experiment, and he had even expected that rejection. His influence forced the mineral to evaporate and transform into a gas that slowly fused with Snore's fabric.

Noah had created Snore. He knew exactly where that material had to go to influence the whole creature. An entire day had to pa.s.s before the crystal fused with the snake and activated.

The fusion didn't go as well as the previous. Snore's fabric instinctively rejected that new material and tried to expel it. Yet, Noah forced it to stay in its place and continue spreading its influence through the snake's body.

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Snore suffered and struggled. It crashed its ma.s.sive head on the ground in a desperate attempt to force that substance out of its body. Noah soon felt forced to restrain the creature with his bare hands, and he even ended up summoning the workshop to get some harmless help.

When Snore completely condensed, Noah could see that its three pairs of wings had disappeared. Two immense feathered wings had replaced them. Its body had also grown. The creature had become far longer than a kilometer by then.

Its head had also changed, but Noah's attention was on the wings. Their feathers resembled sharp chunks of metal that radiated a black light. Each of them carried immense energy and featured the same destructive properties as the dark beam.

The six horns had vanished. Snore only had two long horns now, and they also radiated the same destructive energy as the dark beam. Even its teeth featured that power. It seemed that its whole existence had attuned with its strongest attack.

Snore quickly recovered and straightened its position. The creature lifted its head to the sky and spat a cloud of violent dark matter. Initially, that gas flowed slowly, but it soon started to pick up speed until it transformed into the familiar dark beam.

'I see,' Noah thought. 'The red crystal has forced your existence to evolve past the black elements. You have become one with the violent dark matter. You don't need anything else to generate it.'

Noah's curiosity didn't allow him to move his eyes away from the wings. He couldn't believe that the red crystal had made them reappear, but he didn't want to reject them before understanding what they did.

'Show me an attack with those feathers,' Noah asked.

Snore gave voice to a happy hiss and turned toward the center of the region while unfolding his ma.s.sive wings. One of the metallic feathers shot out of its figure and reached that spot in an instant.

An earthquake followed the attack, and a dark area suddenly appeared on the landing spot. A wave of violent dark matter also spread from there and threatened to expand through the whole region.

Both Noah and Snore remained speechless in front of that destructive power, but they didn't hesitate to shot toward Fergie's cave. They had to leave the region to dodge that attack.

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