Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1503 1503. Cloud

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Chapter 1503 1503. Cloud

A third rank 8 aura spread through the aura. That power flowed past the ground and filled the battlefield, attracting the two leaders' attention fighting under the tree.

The moles continued to invade the battlefield, killing any beast in sight. The two packs fought back and defeated many of those creatures, but they transformed into shadows and seeped back into the terrain when they died.

'Such a strange ability,' Noah thought while inspecting the battlefield. 'Do they even die?'

The moles were quite peculiar. Noah had never seen anything like that. Night was a strange magical beast, but those creatures seemed to surpa.s.s the Pterodactyl in that field.

The battle intensified after the arrival of the moles. The wolves and the monkeys silently sealed an alliance to fend off those invaders. They didn't want other packs to contend the fruit.

The ground continued to break. Pieces of terrain grew to create small hills as the largest specimens in the mole's pack reached the surface and began to fight the other magical beasts.

The whole area fell into chaos. Countless creatures died as soundwaves and shadows ran through the surface. It was unclear who would win that battle, but Noah had no intention to remain on the sidelines.

The rank 8 mole eventually resurfaced. It appeared among the two leaders and swung its long claws at its opponents before understanding what was happening.

The ground also shattered due to the presence of so many powerful beings on the same spot. The wolf and the monkey fell in the mole's natural environment and lost the upper hand in the battle.

Debris acc.u.mulated above them. The three leaders soon vanished from Noah's sight and began to fight underground.

'Smart,' Noah couldn't help but comment in his mind.

The rank 8 mole would lose on the surface, but it had gained a chance now that it was underground. That was a proper tactic deployed through the sacrifice of its underlings. Noah instantly learnt that the creature was far smarter than average.

'I have an upper tier body and solid stage darkness,' Noah thought as he closed his eyes. 'My companions have improved, and my law still has potential. I might have what I need to survive this.'

His ambition began to spread through the sky. Black lines appeared on the fabric of the world and forced its matter to evolve. The air condensed to take a fluid shape, and the light dimmed under the influence of that dark influence.

"Seize the fruit," Noah said without moving his gaze away from the battlefield. "I'm going underground."

"Are you crazy?" Fergie replied. "Why should we even bother to attack now? We can study this event and create a plan for the next time!"

"You can have a piece of the fruit," Noah replied before diving toward one of the cracks.

The Demonic Sword and the white blade appeared in his hands, and Night shot out of his chest to dive into the underground world before him. Snore was also ready to come out of the separate s.p.a.ce whenever the situation required it.

A few creatures stood in Noah's path. Two wolves, a monkey, and a mole in the upper tier turned their heads toward the sky when they felt that oppressing ambition reaching the surface.

The magical beasts of different packs rarely agreed on anything, but their instincts made them see human beings as natural enemies. Noah had a human form, so that group instantly stopped fighting to focus on him.

Noah crossed his blades above his head before releasing a powerful slash. Nothing came out of his swords, but a deep cross-shaped mark appeared on the ground right after his attack.

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The mark reflected the cross-shaped singularity that Noah had launched. That attack had destroyed anything on its path, turning into nothingness the body parts of the creatures that it crossed.

Mole-like shadows slowly crawled out of the cloud before obtaining their normal features. It seemed that the dark ma.s.s could give birth to those creatures, but Noah couldn't understand its functioning.

'What is this?' Noah wondered.

The cloud resembled a breeding ground made of dense gas. It didn't have a proper aura, but it could give birth to creatures at various levels. Those beasts didn't even act as newborns. They directly shot toward the cracks in the walls to join the battle on the surface.

Some of the newborn moles noticed Noah and converged toward his position, but he didn't even turn toward them. There was only one upper tier creature among that group, and his hand shot forward before it could stab its claws in his torso.

Noah unleashed his pride as he shot forward to grab the upper tier mole's neck. The other beasts in that group didn't dare to attack him after they sensed his aura. He appeared as the most fearful existence in the world in their eyes.

'It feels real,' Noah thought as he squeezed the mole's neck.

A popping sound eventually resounded in the area, and the mole went limp. Its body transformed into a shadow that tried to return toward the cloud, but Noah trapped it into a layer of dark matter.

The shadow slammed on the dark matter while releasing loud cries. It hated that prison. Some cracks even appeared on its fabric due to the many clashes with that tough substance.

Snore promptly came out of Noah's chest and ate the prison. The shadow ended up in an environment full of dark matter that didn't allow it to move. It couldn't hurt itself anymore there.

Suddenly, a loud shrill noise came out of the cloud. Noah sensed countless gazes converging on his figure. The newborn moles had turned toward him, and many other creatures on the surface had dived back into the ground to help their companions.

Noah even felt an oppressing pressure landing on his mind. The rank 8 mole wasn't in that underground area, but it had moved its focus on him.

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