Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1499 1499. Foolery

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Chapter 1499 1499. Foolery

Fergie began to feel uncomfortable. The rank 8 pig had basically revealed that its species had p.o.o.ped into the entire region. He couldn't help but see excrements whenever he noticed a blue bush.

On the other hand, Noah didn't care about that information. The capabilities of that species interested him. If the pigs really had that ability, they were far more valuable than his companion believed.

"Our story is sad and filled with bloodshed," The rank 8 pig explained as a tear came out of its eyes.

The other pigs slowly walked toward the creature and gathered around the duo as their leader told the story of their species.

"We don't like fighting," The leader continued, "But our innate talent makes us too valuable to other creatures. Our lairs were always under attack even before the humans came."

The other pigs started to cry. Some of them even gave voice to sad squeals that their companions didn't hesitate to echo. Noah and Fergie had no idea how to react to those events, so they remained silent and listened to the story.

"Our lives turned for the worse when the humans found us," The rank 8 pig continued. "Our skin is tough, and our bodies can rival dragons. We discovered to be perfect mounts during our slavery. My species has fought countless wars with the cultivators."

Noah didn't feel surprised about that. His body was in the upper tier, but a simple specimen at his same level had been able to endure his punch without bleeding. That feat alone spoke for the st.u.r.diness of their bodies.

"I must admit," The leader said. "The humans gave us a lot of food, but they threatened the very existence of my species. We had to rebel. No number of meals can compare to the taste of freedom."

The leader lifted its head to the sky again. It wanted to wear a n.o.ble expression at that point, but even Noah struggled to recognize that. Still, the other pigs imitated the rank 8 specimen.

'Are they stupid or intelligent?' Fergie asked through his mental waves.

Noah didn't know what to answer, but he understood the reason behind his companion's question. It wasn't rare for divine magical beasts to learn the human language, but the pigs were fluent in that field.

However, their behavior gave off the opposite impression. Noah didn't get why they kept looking at the sky. It was as if they wanted to point out how important their words were.

"We fought a difficult war to regain our freedom," The rank 8 pig continued. "The humans had studied us for centuries, so they knew our flaws. We are slow on the ground, and we are always hungry. They always caught up or baited us into traps."

"Couldn't you fly away?" Fergie asked, and Noah glared at him.

The duo was in front of a rank 8 creature, but Fergie had interrupted its speech. Noah's instincts didn't feel any danger, but he wanted to avoid ruining the leader's mood anyway.

"I see that you are a smart fella," The rank 8 pig replied. "If only someone told us that earlier. You would have saved many lives during our escape."

The other pigs began to nod toward Fergie. They sobbed and shot admiring gazes at the expert. Some of them even stood up to walk closer to the duo.

"Why didn't you fight back?" Noah asked.

"You must also be smart!" The leader exclaimed. "We understood that too late. My species was nothing more than a small pack at that point. I still recall the rivers of blood flowing through the regions."

'They are idiots,' Noah said through his mental waves, and Fergie suppressed a nod.

The pigs were strange creatures. They appeared intelligent in some fields but completely idiotic in others. Even their survival instincts seemed off if they didn't tell them to escape through the sky during their rebellion.

"How is this lair?" Noah asked. "Do other packs attack?"

"The tall tree attracts invaders better than our plants," The leader explained. "We receive rare attacks, but we know how to fight back now, most of us at least. Our memory isn't great, so we have to repeat what we have learnt through our lives every day to make sure that we don't forget."

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"Would you forget that you can escape in the sky?" Noah asked as helplessness filled his face.

"What's your new name?" Noah asked, hoping that the leader wouldn't s.h.i.+ft the topic again.

"We are-," The leader interrupted itself and glanced toward one of its companions.

That specimen looked at another pig, and that process continued until the pack found someone who recalled that detail. That creature then said the name through a squeal, and the leader repeated it in human words.

"We are called Foolery!" The leader exclaimed as it lifted its head to the sky.

The other pigs stopped eating and looked at the sky while wearing n.o.ble expressions. That name seemed to carry a profound meaning for those creatures, but Noah and Fergie found the whole situation quite awkward.

"Did you choose it for its meaning?" Fergie couldn't help but ask.

Fergie's curiosity had surpa.s.sed Noah's at that point. He wanted to understand how foolish those creatures were.

"No," The leader replied. "It's just cool!"

The pigs lifted their heads higher at that point, and pride flowed out of their figures. Noah could only remain speechless in front of such idiocy. He had no words to describe what was happening in front of his eyes.

The situation became even worse. The pigs suddenly released smelly excrements that filled the whole area and forced Noah and Fergie to escape into the sky.

'Please, tell me that we can leave,' Fergie begged through his consciousness.

'They are our only source of information about the magical beasts' domain,' Noah replied. 'Don't worry. I hate this more than you.'

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