Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1498 1498. Blue

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Chapter 1498 1498. Blue

Any flying species was a big problem, especially for a team made by rank 7 existences. Since all the packs in those regions featured rank 8 creatures, Noah preferred to avoid fighting beings that could soar through the sky.

Moreover, the pigs' squeal carried specific orders. It told the army of beasts to kill the invading humans, but both Noah and Fergie didn't belong to that species.

That was what Noah had told through his roar. He had announced his belonging to a different species, hoping that the pigs wouldn't mind him and Fergie. If even that failed, the duo would have to fight through the army and escape.

"We aren't invaders," Noah said through a growl. "We aren't humans either, but I don't mind giving birth to a bloodbath if you want to take us down."

His bloodl.u.s.t expanded as his consciousness covered the area. More than fifty creatures between the middle and upper tier had encircled Noah and Fergie. Those pigs weren't as organized as the rats, but they weren't completely wild either.

'I don't recognize this species,' Noah thought as he inspected those creatures.

The pigs had a large round body and short legs. They had tough dark-pink skin and a pair of tiny feathered white wings on their back. The wings appeared too small to make them fly, but Noah couldn't deny the fact that they were in the sky with him.

The smallest of those creatures was thirty meters tall. The fat under their skin gave them an immense figure, but their tiny wings made them appear quite funny. Their proportions were entirely off. Even their mouth was too small for their giant body.

One of the upper tier specimens stepped forward without moving its dark eyes from the duo. A series of guttural noises came out of its mouth before a shrill human voice resounded in the area.

"Can you prove that you aren't humans," The pig asked.

One of Noah's eyebrows arched before he lifted his head to spit a wave of black flames. The pigs watched the fire in awe and took a step back, but the creature that left the formation didn't budge.

The pig continued to stare at Noah for a while before giving voice to a happy squeal. All the other creatures relaxed when that noise reached their ears, and they didn't hesitate to echo that cry.

Countless black figures shot in the sky at that point. Noah's expression became cold when he saw that immense army gathering around them, but he gestured to Fergie to lower his hands.

'What did they say?' Fergie asked through his consciousness.

'They are celebrating the fact that we aren't humans,' Noah replied through his consciousness.

'Why would they celebrate that?!' Fergie replied. 'We are more dangerous than humans.'

Noah didn't reply. He didn't understand the situation either, but he decided to play along with those creatures. Since they seemed willing to talk, he could ask for information about the area.

A rank 8 aura suddenly filled the sky. Noah and Fergie instinctively shot higher in the sky, but a human voice reached their ears before they could go too far away.

"Do not fret," The voice said. "Your appearance has scared us, but we do not seek a conflict. Hunting the two of you would be pointless."

"What do you want from us then?" Noah asked.

"We want news from the human world," The voice replied. "We haven't met a cultivator in eras. My youngest children didn't even know what they looked like before meeting you. Please, join our banquet."

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Noah had always tried to avoid ending up in situations that featured existences far stronger than him, but his instincts were telling him that he had nothing to fear from those creatures. They actually felt harmless after he solved that misunderstanding.

A ma.s.sive figure slowly walked from a series of trees in the distance. The ground trembled due to its weight. The creature resembled a small mountain that moved among fragile plants.

A rank eight aura accompanied the arrival of the creature. The duo could soon see a giant pig covered in scars slowly walking toward them while the rest of its army landed on the region.

The rank 8 pig was slow, incredibly slow. Fergie almost grew tired of waiting, but Noah's eyes lit up at that feature. He had seen how fast they were in the sky, so he couldn't explain why they even bothered to walk.

Once the pig reached the duo, it sat on the ground and bit one of the blue plants near it. Noah and Fergie had to wait for the creature to finish munching before they could talk.

"You sure look like the humans I remember," The pig eventually said, revealing the owner of the human voice from before.

"We are hybrids," Noah replied. "Humans don't like us. I guess it's the same for your species."

Fergie wasn't exactly a hybrid, but those pigs couldn't tell the difference. The rank 8 specimen accepted that statement without bothering to ask for more details.

"It's the opposite," The rank 8 pig replied. "Humans like us very much. We have been slaves for a long time. It's hard to find creatures as amazing as us."

Noah's curiosity intensified, and he relied on his vast knowledge of the magical beasts' field to inspect those creatures. They didn't use any innate ability during their sudden attack, but Noah wanted to understand how they worked.

"Don't tell me," Noah said. "You are the reason behind these plants, right?"

"I see that you can appreciate part of our greatness!" The pig said as it lifted its head toward the sky in an attempt to wear a proud expression. "We can indeed increase the value of any land. Our p.o.o.p turns wastelands into paradises!"

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