Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1497 1497. Maniacs

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Chapter 1497 1497. Maniacs

"We should leave quickly," Noah said as he shot high in the sky.

Fergie didn't immediately understand the reason behind his words, but everything became clear once he reached Noah in the sky. From that spot, he could see that the entire region was trembling due to the actions of the few rank 8 plants that inhabited it.

"What should we do now?" Fergie asked.

The rank 8 magical plants couldn't fly, and their roots had a limited range. They couldn't reach Noah and Fergie as long as they remained in the sky, but their sole presence made the region uninhabitable.

"As I said before," Noah replied, "You are free to do whatever you want. The human domain is in that direction, and I believe that the Legion would welcome you if you manage to reach the Outer Lands."

Fergie considered that option. His whole world had changed after the events in the Crystal City. He had powerful enemies in the human domain now, and he wasn't even sure that the cultivators would accept him after his recent transformation.

Truth be told, Fergie had yet to understand what he had become. His body brimmed with power, and his dantian begged him to devour the energy of the world. His mind also felt sharper than ever. It seemed that his whole existence had reached a superior state without actually improving.

Fergie was still in the liquid stage, but his whole existence had gone through a complete transformation. The short exchange with Noah couldn't make him aware of his new potential.

"As I said before," Fergie replied after showing a slight smile to Noah, "I will follow you."

"I usually create a mess wherever I go," Noah said as a cold smile appeared on his face. "I plan to explore the magical beasts' domain and gather more followers while I become strong enough to destroy the Crystal City. This journey will surely get b.u.mpy."

"I can't improve if I don't overcome challenges," Fergie replied. "I can use you as a portable source of problems. I might even surpa.s.s you."

"You should definitely aim to do that," Noah said as his gaze moved in the opposite direction of the human domain. "Let's go. I need to catch some magical beasts."

Noah began to fly deeper into the magical beasts' domain, and Fergie didn't hesitate to follow him. The duo crossed the region inhabited by those magical plants and moved toward the mountains in the distance.

Fergie didn't fail to notice that Noah showed signs of annoyance as the flight continued. Confusion appeared on his face, but Noah quickly explained the reason behind his situation.

"I don't have items that counter the white sky," Noah explained without adding any extra detail.

Fergie quickly folded his sleeve and revealed a black bracelet. He wanted to offer his item to Noah, but the latter promptly shook his head.

"I destroyed mine on purpose," Noah explained. "Heaven and Earth have created this oppressing environment to force us to improve. I might as well exploit their kindness."

Noah's words left Fergie speechless. He had already acknowledged Noah's greatness many times, but that last interaction made him gain insights into his actual mindset.

Fergie could finally see Noah's dedication. His commitment to the cultivation journey went past common sense. After all, living under the pressure of the sky would be constant torture, but Noah was willing to endure it to improve faster.

"You are a maniac," Fergie eventually said.

"I'm the leader of the maniacs," Noah replied after giving voice to a loud snort.

Fergie's eyes didn't leave Noah. Marvelous lands that the humans didn't explore in eras filled the world under him, but he couldn't stop looking at his leader.

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Noah was a complicated existence, but Fergie felt able to see the simple desire that drove his actions. His ambition was pure, and he accepted no compromises. Once Noah saw a path that would lead him to power, he had to take it.

"They are far from united," Noah replied. "You don't see battles because each pack remains inside the borders of their leaders' influence. Still, these creatures would fight over the smallest piece of land if they happened to meet."

"What are you looking for then?" Fergie asked.

Fergie could understand that Noah wanted to improve, but that environment didn't suit cultivators. There was a limit to how much laws could grow among magical beasts.

"I want a mess," Noah replied before he noticed something in the distance.

A large battle was happening in the distance. Two immense packs of magical beasts were fighting around a tree that resembled a short mountain.

There seemed to be something special about that tree, and Noah couldn't wait to check it out, but a ma.s.sive figure suddenly appeared in his view and forced him to counterattack.

Noah threw a punch and flung away the creature. However, no blood spread in the sky. It seemed that his attack wasn't strong enough to make the creature bleed.

Fergie immediately prepared for battle. Scarlet flames gathered on his palms as his consciousness expanded. Then, a few figures suddenly appeared behind his back and forced him to release his attacks.

A sea of flames expanded behind him, and a series of screams echoed through the sky. Those creatures were incredibly fast, but they couldn't escape Noah's sharp vision.

A squeal then resounded through the sky, and multiple black figures set off from the ground to shoot toward the duo. Fergie couldn't understand the meaning behind that cry, but Noah promptly replied with a roar.

The many figures suddenly stopped. An army of flying pig-type magical beasts became visible around the duo. Those creatures stared coldly at Noah and Fergie without making any sound.

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