Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1483 1483. Decision

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Chapter 1483 1483. Decision

When Noah thought about it, it felt almost natural that his tainted mental energy would give birth to bloodthirsty ideas. The Divine Deduction technique enhanced the capabilities of his mind, but its effects also depended on the type of fuel used to activate it.

That brief moment of enlightenment wasn't enough to provide a solution to his problem. Noah had to find a way to destroy the sphere and escape from his awful situation, but his hope had intensified now.

'My bloodl.u.s.t can be a source of destructive thoughts,' Noah contemplated inside the silence of the quasi-rank 8 sphere. 'I wonder what the Divine Deduction technique would be able to produce if I harmonized its lines with that feeling.'

His short enlightenment had been the product of the original Divine Deduction technique. The ability had a general use and could create solutions for different tasks.

However, if Noah's modifications could transform the technique into something that could only generate destructive thoughts, its efficiency would multiply. He couldn't even begin to fathom how powerful it could become.

A possible solution was in his reach, but Noah hesitated. Applying those modifications to the Divine Deduction technique would make it lose part of its abilities.

Noah had mainly created weapons throughout his life, but he had also given birth to expressions of life. His hybrid body was one of those products. Changing the Divine Deduction technique would forever separate it from one of the core aspects of his law.

The decision wasn't easy, but Noah couldn't find another solution. He couldn't escape from the quasi-rank 8 sphere in his current condition, and reaching the rank 8 existence unprepared could only lead to his death.

"It's time to move," Miss Nine said as she stood on the sphere.

The cultivators around the paG.o.da opened a path that allowed her to drag the sphere on the ground. The experts continued to mock Noah, but his gaze was empty when it fell on their ecstatic faces.

'Maybe I don't have to sacrifice anything,' Noah thought as countless faces ran through his vision. 'I would only lose part of my creations. I can still build creatures meant only to destroy.'

Noah had already made a decision, but he was trying to justify it inside his mind. There would be no turning back after his experiments began. He had to be entirely sure that his approach wouldn't create conflicts in his existence.

'It can work,' Noah concluded once Miss Nine dragged him outside of the mansion. 'I never create defensive items anyway. It seems only proper that I force my attention to converge on destructive products.'

Miss Canson, a few liquid stage cultivators, and two solid stage experts joined Miss Nine. Felicia was among them. Her complexion was awful, and she often shot hateful glances toward Noah. Yet, she didn't speak. A faint trace of respect also appeared in her eyes whenever they fell on the insides of the sphere.

Felicia was one of the few experts in the world who could understand Miss Nine's decision to bring Noah in front of a rank 8 cultivator. She had tasted Noah's power, and she couldn't blame her companion for taking so many precautions.

The group moved quickly. Miss Nine sat on the inscribed item that began to levitate under the effects of her consciousness. The other experts flew around her, creating a defensive formation that blocked part of Noah's vision.

It was clear that they didn't want Noah to escape. Their attention never wavered even if he was inside a quasi-rank 8 item. It was as if they believed that he could pull something strange off.

Noah guessed that the experts were flying toward the Crystal City. He didn't know how far that was, but he couldn't waste even a second. Death waited for him at the end of that travel. He had to create something that could make him escape before the experts reached their destination.

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'I can't hesitate anymore,' Noah thought as he prepared for the procedure.

Of course, Noah couldn't wait for too long. The original inscription method could take years to show its effects, but he needed immediate results.

Modifying the Divine Deduction technique wouldn't be the end of his plan to escape. It was nothing more than the beginning. Noah needed the new ability to find a solution to his issue.

'Time to go all-out,' Noah thought as the spherical rune that he used to enlarge his mind came out of his forehead and dispersed the dark matter in its insides.

His mind felt far lighter after Noah removed that pressure, but that feeling wouldn't last. After reabsorbing the dark matter, he filled the empty spherical rune with tainted mental energy.

That spherical rune weighed far less than before since the mental energy was lighter than the dark matter. Noah could store many more of them inside his mind without reaching its structural limits.

Still, as he created more spherical runes and filled them with bloodl.u.s.t, his mind soon began to hurt. Noah didn't feel satisfied with a slow but constant modification. He wanted to accelerate the process, so he covered the Divine Deduction technique's lines with many runes.

His mind grew unstable with so many runes radiating bloodl.u.s.t near its walls. Snore's ethereal figure even hid inside the mental sea to avoid that dangerous influence.

His mental walls suffered under that destructive force, but Noah endured the pain, using his dark matter to reinforce his mind's structure and keep it stable.

As the bloodl.u.s.t continued to fall on the mental walls, the lines of the Divine Deduction technique slowly changed. Initially, they were nothing more than marks ready to lit up. Yet, they began to transform into scarlet strings that illuminated his mind.

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