Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1482 1482. Destruction

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Chapter 1482 1482. Destruction

The Divine Deduction technique had accompanied Noah since he was a mere rank 3 cultivator. Divine Demon's ability had allowed him to ignore some of the harshest requirements in the creation of spells and arts. It had also been a core element in the procedure that had led to his hybrid body.

Still, the Divine Deduction technique inherited by Noah couldn't go past the seventh rank. Divine Demon had left a polished version in the lower plane before his ascension, but Noah had to modify it now. He needed something that suited his existence since his level was surpa.s.sing what the ability could accomplish.

'How can I improve it?' Noah thought as he meditated inside the quasi-rank 8 sphere.

The cultivators under him continued to give voice to loud taunts, and Miss Nine never left the spot above the sphere. Yet, Noah ignored everything and focused on the Divine Deduction technique.

Noah had scarce knowledge of the inscription method used to create the Divine Deduction technique. His expertise had always covered techniques that involved intense wills. His modifications could ruin the lines on his mental sphere if he didn't pay enough attention.

The lines were also inside the fabric of his mental sphere. Noah could risk hurting his mind if he failed to improve the technique. He would typically spend entire years meditating over various approaches since the procedure could cause many problems, but his current situation didn't allow him to be careful.

Noah had to improve the Divine Deduction technique. His very life was at stake. Nothing else in his a.r.s.enal could give him a chance to escape that prison.

The first issues that Noah had to face were his lack of materials and his shortage of energy. The inscribed sphere separated him from the outside world, so he didn't have access to the "Breath" in the environment.

Noah overcame that problem through his black hole. The fourth center of power could rea.s.semble primary energy to create darkness, allowing Noah to turn his stash of magical beasts into fuel for his dantian.

That was only a temporary solution. Noah couldn't improve in that condition. He had a limited amount of energy for his experiments, but that had to be enough. Death would come for him otherwise.

'How can I improve it?' Noah wondered as he used the Divine Deduction technique to search for a solution to his problem. 'What can I use to transform this technique into one of my powerful a.s.sets?'

His first idea involved the black hole, but Noah quickly rejected that thought. His fourth center of power could already improve the capabilities of his mind. His years spent benefitting from those advantages had made him understand that the two organs couldn't fuse.

His second idea involved his ambition. His incredible law could automatically improve anything in its range. However, the Divine Deduction technique was already part of his mind. His individuality could only force its overall level to grow.

That wasn't enough for Noah. He needed a transformation, not simple empowerment. He wouldn't be in that situation otherwise.

Noah soon exhausted his ideas. He knew his existence and the abilities that made him defy common logic better than anyone else. Nothing in his body could give him the transformation that he needed.

He couldn't even use his unstable substance since his mind lacked black vessels. Modifying his body again was also out of the question. The experiments on his lungs had made his tissues reach their limits.

'It must be something that doesn't originate from my body,' Noah concluded in his mind before cursing loudly. 'Where can I even find such a material in this place?!'

The environment inside the sphere was his greatest limit. Noah couldn't hunt and had a limited amount of energy. Miss Nine had forced him into a seemingly hopeless situation.

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'Is this the end?' Noah wondered as he opened his eyes and looked toward the white sky.

That scarlet mental energy depicted b.l.o.o.d.y memories. Noah's harshest battles were there, along with desires that came from his instincts.

Interacting with the cursed sword had given birth to that lump of red mental energy. The weapon had forced Noah's mind to condense his bloodl.u.s.t. That scarlet ma.s.s had also fed on the blade's aura, becoming denser and ready to scatter through the rest of the mental sea.

Noah's mental energy was atypical and could suppress that red lump, but ordinary cultivators would have to fight against that bloodl.u.s.t often to keep it cornered in the depths of their minds. The cursed sword stayed true to its name. It was a weapon that could make anyone insane.

'These are nothing more than thoughts tainted by bloodl.u.s.t,' Noah thought as his ethereal figure cut a piece of the red ma.s.s. 'In theory, the Divine Deduction technique should accept them even in this form.'

Noah flew out of his mental sea and placed those red thoughts on one of the lines in the mental walls. The tainted mental energy dispersed, and the Divine Deduction technique activated.

A sharp force ran through Noah's mind. Chaos spread through his consciousness as the Divine Deduction technique showed its effects. That sensation lasted for less than an instant, but Noah didn't forget to memorize the images that appeared in his vision.

The Divine Deduction technique would usually enhance the capabilities of his mind, but its effects were different at that time. Noah's thoughts ran faster as expected from the ability, but they didn't feature his usual calmness.

In the short instant under the effect of the Divine Deduction technique, Noah had countless ideas on how to better destroy everything around him. His focus had been on the sphere, but his thoughts didn't stop there.

When the bloodl.u.s.t fueled the Divine Deduction technique, Noah obtained intense destructive thoughts that gave him ideas on how to turn the world into ashes.

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