Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1479 1479. Limi

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Chapter 1479 1479. Limi

Noah's influence intensified even if his cultivation level didn't increase. Defeating the solid stage cultivators after they had ganged on him made his potential increase. His ambition became denser and slowly managed to push back the ice that had acc.u.mulated in the environment.

Miss Nine couldn't put into thoughts the scene that she had just witnessed. Noah was a liquid stage hybrid at his foundation, but he had defeated three solid stage cultivators without exhausting his reserves of energy.

Ordinary experts had limits. They could push their power beyond them through secret arts and unique inscribed items, but they couldn't achieve a battle prowess that defied logic.

Noah was different. He was an exception among exceptions. His law didn't only allow him to reach the superior ranks. It also gave him enough power to defeat existences at those levels.

Miss Nine had seen many talented cultivators throughout her life. She had also fought many hybrids who could exploit the innate advantages given by their species. However, Noah stood above all of them. His potential didn't seem to have limits.

"Defying Demon," Miss Nine whispered. "What a fitting t.i.tle."

Miss Nine's experience didn't allow her to remain still. She began to see Noah's true form, and a chill ran down her spine when she realized what he could become.

The Crystal City had stopped underestimating him, but that wasn't enough. Miss Nine understood that she had to treat Noah as a threat that went beyond her power.

"How high can you fly?" Miss Nine asked as her aura intensified. "Will you reach the eighth rank? Can you strive past that level and touch the peak of the cultivation world?!"

Shockwaves spread from her figure. Her voice lost warmth and gained metallic features. Clanging noises accompanied her words, and a heavy force fell on the whole battlefield.

Miss Nine's influence suppressed every expert in the area. Her aura almost covered the whole region. Even some hybrids in the solid stage struggled to move properly under that pressure.

Her law didn't only affect the hybrids. Miss Nine also suppressed her allies. Her influence couldn't differ between friend or foe. It fell on everyone in the area, forcing all the experts in the liquid stage to spit mouthfuls of blood.

"Miss Nine!" Miss Canson gave voice to a loud plead as she struggled to remain in the air.

Miss Canson had a series of guards around her and even a solid stage cultivator appointed to protect her. Yet, they couldn't protect her from Miss Nine's influence.

"Be silent!" Miss Nine shouted as the clanging noises carried by her voice intensified. "I will personally explain this to Madame Canson. I can't hold anything back against this monster."

'How powerful is she?' Noah cursed in his mind as he struggled to move away from Miss Nine's influence. 'Even Jordan can't completely fight this technique!'

Jordan's power was near the peak of the seventh rank, and she was even in her dragon form. Yet, Noah could see how annoyed she was about that pressure. Two solid stage cultivators were fighting her to let Miss Nine do as she pleased, and Jordan couldn't shake them off inside that environment.

Noah was technically at his peak. The effects of his ambition had yet to run out, and his body brimmed with power. He was a bit short of special darkness, but the black hole was already producing more of it.

Miss Nine would meet the same end as the twins if Noah had enough time to enlarge the Shadow Domain and refill his stash of special darkness. Still, Noah didn't know for how long he could survive against that expert.

"Do you want to know?" Noah asked in an attempt to buy some time. "Do you want me to tell you where my ambition stops?"

Roars fused with Noah's words. Snore and Night appeared next to him and gave voice to loud cries. His Demonic Sword also joined that expression of pure defiance.

"Do you want to know the limit of my potential?" Noah asked as the white sword returned inside the separate s.p.a.ce.

The area grew darker as a black handle came out of his chest. Noah's felt a wave of bloodl.u.s.t filling his mind and turning his thoughts into killing intent.

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The bloodl.u.s.t flowing out of his figure resembled a sea of swords that spread everywhere in the environment. The cursed sword used the cultivation level of its owner as its foundation. The power that it was radiating aimed to reach the very peak of the seventh rank.

Noah had pretended to use the cursed sword before. He wasn't crazy enough to use an attack that would turn his body into a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp when he had the chance to escape. Yet, the bloodl.u.s.t that had filled his mind was real, and it was begging Noah to turn back.

'Let's kill her!'

'Let's feed on her belly!'

'Rip her limbs while she still breathes!'

'Kill her slowly!'

'Kill her quickly!'

'Devour everyone on your path!'

Violent thoughts filled his mind. They all carried his voice. It was as if he had suddenly obtained multiple personalities that were begging him to fight.

Noah managed to remain somewhat calm. He was struggling to hold his instincts back, and he had to slap his cheeks at times to stay conscious.

Those drawbacks warned Noah about the power of the cursed sword. He could barely withstand the bloodl.u.s.t generated while his ambition fueled his cultivation level. He couldn't even imagine what an actual attack would do to his body.

His wild thoughts became harder to suppress when a figure materialized on his path. Noah had flown away as fast as he could, but he had to stop when trails of black dust converged in front of him and took Miss Nine's shape.

The expert had caught up with him.

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