Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1477 1477. Threa

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Chapter 1477 1477. Threa

"You don't only defy logic," Felicia said. "You go against the very nature of the cultivation journey!"

Felicia couldn't help but shout when she saw Noah forcefully raising his cultivation level to the solid stage. His ambition flowed into the very fabric of the world, and his influence forced the matter around him to evolve.

That part of the sky grew darker as Noah's influence spread. Black spots appeared even inside Felicia's flame. The expert lost control of her attacks when Noah's ambition seeped inside its fabric. Her fire didn't belong to her domain anymore.

Noah stored the cursed sword and wielded the white blade again. He couldn't use the black weapon when he was in that form. Its attacks would use his new cultivation level as their foundation, and he didn't have the power to withstand its drawbacks.

However, his ambition allowed him to resort to a.s.sets that he couldn't usually use. Snore and Night came out of his chest, and their level grew as they bathed in his influence.

Snore became bigger. Its fabric grew denser, and its horns stretched. The amount of power contained in its body increased, and the creature didn't hesitate to open its mouth to launch its innate ability.

Night also grew. Its figure became blurry as it fused with the world and shot toward Felicia. A black trail would taint the white sky as it flew toward the expert.

The Demonic Sword also improved. Its fabric became denser, and flares of dark matter came out of its structure due to the ma.s.sive power acc.u.mulated inside its body. The living weapon also gave voice to a roar that expressed the ecstasy felt during that empowerment.

Noah attacked the expert. His blades performed a cross-shaped slash that launched an invisible blow toward Felicia. The cultivator saw the battle transforming in mere seconds, and she could only perform a basic technique before Noah's offensive reached her.

Her fan appeared in front of her figure. Still, a series of cracks filled its structure before the other attacks could reach her. Night came out of the fiery weapon and gave voice to a snort before diving toward Felicia again.

The dark beam destroyed any lingering flame on its path and slammed on the cultivator. The scorching aura surrounding Felicia couldn't do anything to stop the attack, and the violent dark matter soon began to devour her skin.

The invisible singularity also reached Felicia. A large hole formed at the center of her belly before she could even understand what had hit her.

Felicia's maimed figure became visible when the smoke created by Noah's offensive vanished. She appeared to be on the verge of death. Her skin had disappeared, and a hideous hole pierced her belly from side to side.

Night also came out of her figure and left behind a series of cuts that worsened her condition. Felicia's consciousness began to slip away, but she managed to give voice to a few loud words even in that state.

"I understand," Felicia said. "You have the potential to become a major threat. Rejoice. The Crystal City will now treat you as one of its most feared enemies."

Her token had remained attached to her body even if her robe had become a pile of rags. When Felicia closed her eyes, a purple light began to come out of the item, and the paG.o.da reacted to that event.

The walls of the paG.o.da began to s.h.i.+ne with white light, and a heavy pressure soon fell on the area. That part of the sky had become a mess due to the many battles unfolding around the building. Yet, every expert stopped fighting when that force spread in the environment.

A blinding halo mixed with the sky's light, and many figures became visible after the glow disappeared. A second army had appeared above the structure. The reinforcements from the large organizations had arrived.

Noah quickly slashed toward Felicia. The cultivator was on the verge of death, but someone could still rescue her, and Noah couldn't let that happen. Still, his fear became true when he saw two solid stage experts appearing in the trajectory of his attack.

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Two men wearing white robes raised their hands. A wall of ice formed between the slash and Felicia, protecting her from Noah's attacks. The two cultivators could take their time rescuing the expert and sending her back inside the paG.o.da.

"I'm Miss Nine," The woman said as she performed a deep bow. "I have heard a lot about you. I hope you won't disappoint me."

Noah was surrounded. The reinforcements of the organizations had arrived far faster than he expected, and it seemed that the Crystal City wanted to kill him at all costs.

He could defeat a single solid stage cultivator when he went all-out, but the situation appeared quite poor. Three experts at that level were now surrounding him and closing his ways out. Noah's only chance to escape was to fight through that blockage.

Noah waved at the woman, but a metallic sound resounded in the area when his invisible singularity was about to reach her figure. The expert didn't move during his offensive. She had only used her innate defenses to block that attack.

Abe and Ebe didn't stay still after his attack. They pointed at Noah, and a trail of ice came out from under their feet to shoot toward him.

The ice spread quickly. It covered the sky and froze Noah's ambition. The blackness that filled the sky disappeared, replaced by the azure glow radiated by the twins' attack.

'This won't do,' Noah thought as flames came out of his mouth.

His weapons also fused as he launched a powerful thrust, but the metallic sound resounded again when his attack was about to reach the ice. Miss Nine had interfered again.

While Noah watched the ice draw closer, a familiar roar filled the sky. Jordan in her dragon form appeared behind Miss Nine and spat a wave of flames that forced her to move her attention on her.

Noah could only rejoice at that sight, and his figure promptly transformed into a black sword that shot in the distance. Yet, ice soon appeared in front of him and stopped his movement technique.

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