Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1473 1473. Memories

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Chapter 1473 1473. Memories

"You will not tell anyone about this mission," Theodora said as her aura filled the large room where Noah, his group, Wilfred, and the prisoners stood.

"You will not spread information about the guilds," Theodora continued as her aura intensified and flowed inside the minds of the prisoners.

"You will not damage the Legion," Theodora concluded. "Forget!"

Theodora's aura transformed into a blinding blue light that filled the whole room. Mental waves flowed inside those targeted by her influence and tampered with their memories.

Noah gave voice to a loud cough when the light dimmed. He didn't like the conditions spoken by Theodora. He wanted her to be more specific about the experts who didn't belong to the Legion.

"Right," Theodora said as her aura shone again. "You will also forget about our helpers. Anything concerning the invasion of the Outer Lands will escape your mind."

After the second burst of her colorless aura, Theodora sat on her throne and ignored her guests. Ian promptly gathered the confused prisoners and led them outside. Jordan and the others followed him, and Noah was about to do the same before a mental message reached his mind.

'Stay,' Theodora's voice resounded inside Noah's head.

Noah nodded at his companion and waited for them to leave the room before turning toward the rank 8 existence. Wilford wore a curious expression as he sat on a throne placed next to Theodora and moved his eyes between Noah and the leader.

"You wanted to talk to me," Noah said when he saw that Theodora didn't speak.

A moment of silence followed his statement. Theodora waited until Noah's companions exited the building before addressing his words.

"Why do you still avoid joining the Legion?" Theodora asked. "You can't belong to the magical beasts' domain. You have already offended many powerful forces among humans. You have even helped the Legion. I think it's time for you to make up your mind about our invitation."

Theodora didn't spread her influence to inspect Noah's mind. She was respecting his privacy and leaving his thoughts away from that conversation.

Noah didn't know what to answer. The Immortal Lands still felt like a foreign place in his mind, so he preferred to avoid making decisions that would affect the rest of his cultivation journey. Joining the Legion wasn't a simple step in his life. It would change his status and priorities instantly.

"I want to delay that choice as long as possible," Noah replied honestly. "I like my freedom. I don't mind that my current state makes me more open to enemy ambushes."

"You are a hybrid," Theodora continued. "You are deluding yourself if you think that the world won't consider you as part of the Legion. Just join us and accept your benefits."

Theodora's speech made sense, but Noah still had his doubts. He was nothing more than a small force among the complex political environment of the Immortal Lands. He lost some power by lacking affiliations, but that also made him harder to track.

"I will think about it," Noah replied.

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Theodora heaved a helpless sigh when she heard that answer. She couldn't offer any significant benefit to Noah. He had already access to Supreme Thief's inheritance, and he had even gained a small group of loyal followers among the Legion.

"I don't care about that," Noah replied honestly again. "We have different visions of the world. I still don't want to consider others when my power is barely enough to keep me alive. Leave invitations and offers for when I reach your level."

Theodora revealed a broad smile at his words, but she didn't reply. She remained silent as she watched Noah's aura become denser. The more he decided to walk a solitary path, the more his influence intensified.

"What can the Legion do to help you reach this level?" Theodora asked after she stopped enjoying Noah's aura.

Noah thought about that question for a while, and his gaze eventually fell on Wilfred. Theodora and the rest of her organization couldn't offer him anything, but that man could give him something that even the libraries in the human domain lacked.

"I'm searching for a unique species of magical beasts," Noah said. "I need a creature with a darkness apt.i.tude and great might, especially when it comes to its innate abilities."

Wilfred had been in charge of a hybrid city placed in the Outer Lands around the magical beasts' domain. Even if he weren't an expert in that field, he would know a lot about those regions' fauna.

Noah wanted to complete his experiments with the red crystals as soon as possible. That material carried the secret behind the evolution itself, and Noah needed to absorb it into his battle prowess.

The question left Wilford surprised, but the expert soon scratched his short beard as he thought about the matter. A list of creatures eventually flew inside Noah's mind and described most of the peculiar magical beasts that met hit requirements.

Noah now had the chance to resume his hunts, but he didn't immediately leave Yellnbel. He had spent many years fighting already. It was time to take a break and focus on his cultivation level.

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