Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1469 1469. Demon

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Chapter 1469 1469. Demon

Blanche abandoned Ian's pursuit to shoot toward Noah and King Elbas. Boom-like noises resounded from under her feet as she accelerated through the sky.

Noah quickly wielded his two swords, and King Elbas didn't hesitate to take out his army of inscribed items. Yet, Blanche reached them before they could attack, and her palms shot forward when they entered her range.

A dangerous sensation filled the two experts, who promptly activated some of their trump cards. Noah roared as the unstable substance flowed through his black vessels, and a disposable golden s.h.i.+eld in the upper tier appeared in front of King Elbas to block the incoming shockwave.

Blanche didn't hesitate to launch one of her most powerful attacks toward the experts. Her blow flung Noah away and shattered King Elbas' s.h.i.+eld. Even their trump cards didn't allow them to endure all the power contained in that offensive.

Noah quickly regained control of his body and shot toward Blanche. The dark world expanded from his chest, and a fiendish armor covered his figure as he launched a storm of slashes that filled the area with his sharpness.

King Elbas didn't stay still. It was clear that Blanche didn't want to waste time with them, so he had to go all-out right away. Flares of golden flames leaked out of his skin as his aura increased. A golden spear also appeared in his hands and transformed into a blinding golden beam that flew toward the solid stage expert.

Blanche felt surprised when she saw the duo's offensive. She had sensed that Noah's previous prowess came from a unique inscribed item, but those attacks had their cultivation level as their foundation.

Two liquid stage experts were able to launch attacks that bordered the solid stage in terms of power. That was theoretically impossible for existences that weren't approaching the breakthrough. The labels learnt through her long life crumbled in front of the two experts.

Still, Blanche didn't let her surprise freeze her. An azure aura suddenly came out of her body and condensed as she joined her palms with a quick gesture.

The storm of slashes and the golden beam were about to reach her. Still, a ma.s.sive shockwave shot out from her figure when her palms touched. The attacks shattered when that force spread through the sky. Its power even erased Noah's sharpness from the area.

'She can counter my endless cuts,' Noah thought as the dark world changed form.

The dark world often had a spherical shape, but the dense gas morphed when Noah saw his sharpness vanis.h.i.+ng from the sky. The cloud of dark matter condensed until it revealed his figure. Only his back remained inside the technique.

Noah was trying something new. The workshop activated and used a blueprint that he had created after his battle with Victor. A spell also unleashed its power and helped the technique.

Noah had spent a long time adapting most of his spells to his divine state. He had even revised techniques that he had long since abandoned after he reached the seventh rank.

One of them was the Shadow Copy spell, a technique that had helped him for a long time during his life in the lower plane.

The Shadow Copy spell could theoretically replicate anything in the world as long as Noah had enough energy to fuel it. Still, its diagram had structural limits, and the training with Sword Saint had made that technique useless for a while.

However, Noah had the workshop now. He had also started fusing his dark matter into his techniques. The potential of the Shadow Copy spell could reach a superior level with those features. Noah could finally use it to replicate some of his strongest a.s.sets.

At his current level, Noah's strongest a.s.sets were his physical strength and his swords. They were the only parts of his a.r.s.enal that could grant him a superior battle prowess.

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The cloud began to shrink as the workshop completed its work. When the cloud vanished, Noah revealed his six arms and six swords to the world. His techniques had forcefully built the shape that he achieved when he performed the Three Forms of the Ashura.

Blanche joined her palms, and her shockwave managed to clear the area again. However, her range had a limit, and Noah's attack surpa.s.sed it while he was in that form.

The slashes that lingered on the edges of Blanche's range clashed with each other and gave birth to more attacks. Cuts of different shapes soon filled the area cleared by the expert and forced her to resort to her shockwave again.

The same process happened again. There seemed to be no end to Noah's storm. Blanche didn't even have the time to escape since she was too busy fending off those threatening attacks.

Since Blanche was busy, Noah started testing other techniques. He crossed his six blades above his head and launched invisible cross-shaped slashes that generated singularities throughout their trajectory.

Noah also tested his crossed unsheathing. He retracted his blades before launching an intense attack that created an empty tunnel between him and the expert.

Blanche's law protected her from every attack. Every inch of her body seemed able to generate intense shockwaves, so Noah's slashes never managed to touch her.

Still, Noah's offensive kept Blanche stuck in her spot. The expert couldn't move since the slightest distraction could lead to her death. Noah's offensive was covering the whole battlefield, and his sharpness was merciless.


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