Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1468 1468. Attention

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Chapter 1468 1468. Attention

Boss Edna's guild hid some valuable resources. The mountain had crumbled, but most of the force's wealth was in a small separate dimension that only its solid stage members could open.

Noah and the others found many inscribed items and a stash of Soul Stones inside the separate dimension. That pile of wealth even contained some rank 7 spells, a priceless resource in the Immortal Lands.

Unluckily for Noah, those were spells meant for cultivators with an earth apt.i.tude. Don happily memorized them before giving them to Ian so that he could add those scrolls to the deposits of the Legion.

Jordan came out of King Elbas' habitation a few months after the end of the battle. She had yet to recover fully, and her complexion showed how hungry she was, but she could fight.

Divine Demon's condition was still quite poor, but he didn't appear worried about it. Noah soon realized that the expert was purposely slowing down his recovery to make things harder for him. Still, Noah never dared to question the Demon about that. He didn't want to hear his answer.

Some of the liquid stage hybrids had suffered severe injuries, and King Elbas didn't have enough habitations for all of them. The group also had to hurry and continue their mission, so some of those experts remained behind.

Only Noah, Ian, Jordan, Don, King Elbas, Adele, and five liquid stage hybrids set off from the crumbled mountain to continue the mission. Divine Demon and the other two experts began their slow return toward the Outer Lands after they left. Their role in that plan was over.

King Elbas didn't fail to miss Divine Demon's happy mood when they left. His questioning gaze often fell on Noah and the other hybrids, but neither of them said anything about the matter.

Noah and the others knew the reason behind Divine Demon's happiness. The expert now had the chance to explore Supreme Thief's inheritance again. The battles against the guilds didn't interest him anymore since he had already fought against the strongest small force.

King Elbas had traveled with Noah and Don for many years, but the Legion didn't want to reveal Supreme Thief's location to other humans so easily. Noah respected that decision and ignored the questioning gazes that landed on his back.

The group flew for a long time without taking breaks. They needed to hurry before explorers reached the crumbled mountain and discovered that Boss Edna's guild was no more.

Their timing was the key to the success of their mission. The less the guilds understood about the whole situation, the more they would fear them.

The group began to slow down when a series of large rivers appeared in their view. White water flowed through those lands and divided them into small regions inhabited by the same force.

Boss April's guild changed its location often, but it never left those lands. The rivers contained chaotic laws, so that environment was a natural training area. No force would abandon that place, but many small powers desired it, which was the reason behind that constant migration.

Noah and the others were unaware of the guild's current location, but they had King Elbas. The Royal obviously had an item ready for the task. It took him less than two weeks to find an underground structure dug right below one of the riverbeds.

After sealing Adele in a hidden spot near the region, the group flew above their target and began to study the area. Attacking a guild specialized in battle formations in its own home wasn't smart, so they required a plan to optimize their a.s.sault.

"How do we approach it?" Ian asked as the group remained outside the range of the surface.

"We force them out," Noah said as he began to plant Instabilities in specific spots around his target.

Noah even gestured to King Elbas to help in the matter. The Royal's stash of inscribed items was immense, so he could quickly find something that could work together with the Instabilities.

"We risk ruining the rivers like this," King Elbas said after the duo planted all the bombs. "It's a pity that the Legion can't occupy it."

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Those regions were inside the borders of the human domain. The Legion could approach them, but it could never control them. Almost all the large organizations would attack the hybrids since they were a foreign force.

An intense bloodl.u.s.t then seeped inside Noah's aura. His mental waves began to crave blood and battles as the cursed sword's black handle came out of his chest.

The bloodl.u.s.t froze those cultivators on the spot. They were in front of a power that they couldn't face. Noah was showing them one of his trump cards before their battle even started!

The cultivators began to retreat, but they couldn't escape Noah as long as they remained in the range of his consciousness. The cursed sword slowly touched his forehead as his attention went on those experts, and ma.s.sive blades made of dark matter suddenly materialized on their spots.

The blade engulfed the experts and destroyed their bodies. Most cultivators ended up severed into many pieces. Those in the gaseous stage directly turned into ash under that power. Not even the best experts in the liquid stage among them could survive that attack.

A wave of pain filled Noah. His chest became a mess of blood and broken tissues, but his expression didn't show any suffering. Black flames came out of his mouth and spread on the ground, where they consumed anything that contained energy.

His chest instantly healed after the activation of his innate ability. Noah had killed a small team of gaseous and liquid stage cultivators in one attack, and he barely suffered any drawback. Still, he stored the cursed sword as he glanced toward one of the solid stage experts in the distance.

Noah and King Elbas' target was a woman called Blanche. Adele knew that she was the weaker solid stage cultivator in Boss April's guild, and the two experts didn't hesitate to identify her. They also notified her about their presence.

Blanche was a tall woman with long blonde hair and brown hair. She wasn't a beauty, but calling her ugly would also be wrong. She was about to reach Ian when Noah unleashed his attack and claimed her attention with his gaze.


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