Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1462 1462. Trump cards

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Chapter 1462 1462. Trump cards

The golden spear was a disposable weapon in the upper tier, but it wasn't the only source of the intense aura that had managed to startle Victor. Something was happening inside King Elbas. Tongues of flames leaked out of his figure. It seemed that his body was unable to contain the immense power that he was generating.

A loud tremor swept the spiked sphere and startled Victor again. Noah had attacked the silver metal again, and another cross-shaped crack had appeared on its surface.

King Elbas released his attack at that point. His spear absorbed his flames before transforming into a wave of condensed light that crashed on the silver sphere and created a minute hole in its structure.

Flames flowed inside the sphere through that hole, and Noah didn't hesitate to launch a third attack on that spot. Victor could only stare as the two liquid stage experts pierced his defensive spell.

The vibrations released by his metal stopped the golden flames and Noah's sharpness from reaching his body, but Victor didn't feel happy about that. His focus moved between King Elbas and Noah, and wonder filled his mind as he evaluated their power.

A series of golden runes covered King Elbas' body. They fended off the vibrations and made him virtually immune to that attack. The Royal had yet to understand Victor's law, but he could already counter some of his attacks.

Noah seemed completely unaffected by those vibrations. His body had reached unthinkable levels of st.u.r.diness when he activated the "embodiment of power". His bare skin was enough to fend off that attack.

Victor had no words to explain what was happening, but he took his opponents' prowess as a direct offense toward his status as a solid stage expert. The cultivation world had labels and ranks for a reason, and he had to teach that to the two liquid stage experts.

The sphere began to shake, and fissures appeared on its surface. Noah was continuing to dodge the spears without distancing himself from his opponent, but that attack enveloped him before he could resort to his movement technique.

A wave of energy exploded outward. The air itself transformed into a tough metal that slammed on his body and flung Noah away. When he managed to stop himself, the battlefield had transformed.

Victor was in the hair, sitting cross-legged on a small metallic platform. Countless lumps of his silver metal floated around him and transformed into ma.s.sive spears that pointed toward the ground.

Each of those weapons radiated a humming noise that fused with the sound released by the other spears and enhanced its effect. The whole area began to crumble as the vibrations launched in the attack spread in every corner of the battlefield.

King Elbas had one knee on the ground. The pressure inside that spell was too intense for him. He could barely stand, and he didn't appear able to resort to his sea of flames.

"I will kill him first," Victor said. "Don't even bother to run. I will find you even if I have to travel through the entire higher plane."

King Elbas' mental waves couldn't escape that pressure either. The Royal and Noah couldn't communicate in that situation, but they only exchanged one glance before setting their minds on the same plan.

Victor seemed weaker than Charles. Still, his law wasn't as simple. King Elbas and Noah were having a hard time against that expert even if their level would theoretically allow them to win against those opponents.

'Nothing is certain in the cultivation world,' Noah thought as he closed his eyes and placed his blades on his forehead. 'This expert isn't as strong as Charles, but his law gives him an advantage against us.'

His black vessels were reaching their limit, but Noah didn't deactivate the "embodiment of power". He crossed his blades and slid them across his forehead as he focused his consciousness on the many spears that filled the sky.

The blades released a screeching noise when they slid on his tough skin. Two white marks appeared on Noah's forehead after he completed the attack, and the humming sound dimmed as his influence filled the area.

Slashes of different nature began to appear among the spears. Noah's sharpness generated endless cuts that clashed on the spell and with each other.

Some of the slashes were uneven. They carried the wild power of Noah's creation and released dark matter inside the whole area. The others were neat, curved attacks that spread his destruction and sharpness through the sky.

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The different slashes gave birth to singularities when they touched. Black holes would form and disappear as the two types of energy fused to generate those peculiar events.

"I was about to ask the same to you," King Elbas replied as a faint smile appeared on his face. "I have already paved the path to victory."

"I also have the finis.h.i.+ng blow ready," Noah complained.

"I did it before you," King Elbas said.

"You don't even know what my finis.h.i.+ng blow is," Noah replied.

"Explain it to me then," King Elbas continued.

"I refuse," Noah promptly replied.

"Are you trying to trick me again?" King Elbas asked.

"Why don't we use our finis.h.i.+ng blow at the same time then?" Noah proposed.

"Stop talking to each other in my presence!" Victor shouted, and his spears began to fall.

However, Noah and King Elbas suddenly turned toward him and activated their trump cards. All the silver metal in the area melted, and Victor sensed foreign items in his insides.

Before Victor could understand what had happened, his figure exploded in a wave of gray smoke and black flames.

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