Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1461 1461. Deal

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Chapter 1461 1461. Deal

Noah's vast battle experience instantly allowed him to understand the nature of his attack. When the two swords met, they created a singularity that could directly annihilate the world's matter.

The spear that had vanished after his last attack didn't release any energy. Its power had disappeared from the world, and even Noah didn't know where it went.

'Creation and dark matter. Destruction and sharpness,' Noah thought as he activated his movement technique to dodge the incoming attacks. 'The fusion of these aspects of my individuality can create something on par with Snore's attack.'

Victor didn't even notice that Noah had destroyed one of his spears, but King Elbas didn't miss that detail. His consciousness was covering the entire battlefield, and most of his attention was on Noah.

King Elbas' knowledge was boundless, but Noah had shown him something that he didn't understand. Heavy thoughts surged inside the Royal's mind at that point. Both Noah and Divine Demon had managed to leave him speechless.

That wasn't something that Noah and Divine Demon would bother to mind, but King Elbas couldn't ignore such a rare event. It was hard to surprise him, but it seemed that his companions could walk into fields that he wouldn't be able to witness otherwise.

King Elbas was extremely arrogant, but his curiosity was the most intense feature of his existence. When he found himself in front of two existences that he couldn't wholly evaluate, his mind naturally began to think of ways to remain with them.

'Do you mind helping out?' Noah transmitted through his consciousness and startled the Royal out of his thoughts.

'Fine,' King Elbas replied shortly before activating his inscribed items.

The sea of flames shrunk before expanding again. King Elbas' peak middle tier inscribed items exploded and fueled the fire with their energy. The technique reached a level of density that the spears struggled to pierce. Its power had begun to touch the next stage.

Noah quickly flew toward the sea of flames when he noticed that the technique could slow down the spears. He would still need to dodge the incoming attack there, but the fire would give him the time to launch attacks more often.

The sea of flames opened when it sensed his arrival. Noah hid inside the fire and closed his eyes to expand his consciousness again. Now that he had found a new path for his martial arts, he had to let his thoughts go wild and test any idea that appeared in his mind.

Noah's sword arts had always been different from Sword Saint's. They were inferior techniques, but Noah had relied on them during one of the most significant periods of his life. He felt attached to them, but not in an affectionate way.

'The swords have to meet to express the true power of my law,' Noah thought.

The memories of his dual-wielding style surged as he acted as if he was sheathing the swords. His body remembered the feeling of having two blades.

Noah crossed his arms as his blades touched his sides and began to acc.u.mulate power. More dark matter flowed inside his black vessels. His physical strength skyrocketed, and a roar came out of his mouth as he slashed his weapons toward the spiked armor in the distance.

His blades touched during the unsheathing. They released a metallic sound as the power that they had acc.u.mulated fused and gave birth to a singularity.

Destruction and creation clashed to give birth to something that resembled a black hole. Yet, that phenomenon didn't stay still. It shot forward as if it was a slash that carried insane destructive properties.

Two spears were piercing the flames in front of him, but they disappeared when Noah's attack enveloped them. Part of King Elbas' fire also vanished, but the Royal quickly refilled those missing spots.

'Don't weaken my technique!' King Elbas cursed through his consciousness.

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'Then do something more than this!' Noah replied as he performed his escape maneuver again.

Part of the sea of flames crumbled, and blood acc.u.mulated in Noah's mouth as he felt his insides churning under that influence. The spears didn't stop flying toward him either. It seemed that his conversation with King Elbas had made Victor livid.

'Deal!' King Elbas shouted through his consciousness as those vibrations filled his techniques and forced him to condense his body again.

Noah's smile vanished as his energies began to converge inside his black hole. His primary energy, darkness, dark matter, and mental energy fused to create an unstable product that his fourth center of power sent toward his black vessels.

Noah had perfected the "embodiment of power" after his battle with Charles. His tests didn't only involve the actual fuel for the technique. They also saw him finding the st.u.r.dier black vessels.

The unstable substance flowed inside specific black vessels under the black hole's control. Those veins threatened to break, but they endured that violent power and let its energy flow inside the various tissues.

An intense surge of power filled Noah's body and forced a deafening roar out of him. He had to vent whenever he sensed that energy filling every inch of his body. His very existence asked him to announce his new state to the world.

Flames flowed out of Noah's mouth as he shot toward the spiked sphere. The spears continued to fly in his direction, but his eyes could now follow their movements properly. His body also wielded enough power to avoid them while he neared his opponent.

Noah found himself on the spiked sphere before he could even come up with a plan. He instinctively crossed his sword above his head and released an attack that created a cross-shaped crack on the sphere's surface.

"What?" Victor's voice echoed from inside the sphere. "How can you damage my armor?"

The expert wanted to say more, but an intense aura suddenly surged in the distance. His attention when on the source of that power, where he saw King Elbas pointing a golden spear toward the spiked sphere.

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