Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1445 1445. Bloodlus

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Chapter 1445 1445. Bloodlus

The white robes of the members of the Crystal City had purple drawings that represented their individuality. Charles's clothes had a single sword that cut his chest horizontally.

Noah's instincts screamed when Charles straightened his fingers. He knew that something dangerous was about to arrive, and he quickly deployed his movement technique to dodge the attack.

Noah had trained in all his new techniques during the past centuries, especially on the Shadow Domain.

Noah had created a place inside the dark world where he could store primary energy and turn it into the special darkness required by Miss Void's spell. He had freed the Shadow Domain of the workshop through that process. He had even learnt to enlarge the layer between the dimensions during a battle.

However, the Shadow Domain required time to reach Charles. The expert would also move during the battle. Noah needed to drag the fight as long as possible to rely on that technique.

The dark world expanded as Noah transformed into a blade. The suppression of the dark matter fell on Charles, but he snorted and fended it off by expanding his aura.

An intense sharpness filled the environment. Charles' aura cut through the dark world and brought him back under the white light of the sky. Noah's techniques appeared utterly useless against the expert.

"Mere tricks," Charles said as he waved his fingers toward the flying Noah.

Charles' sharpness intensified as a curved slash flew out of his hand and created a deep crack on the ground. Noah transformed back in his original form after the blow, and his cold eyes fell on his legs.

The slash had severed his right foot. It had been fast enough to hit Noah while he performed his movement technique. It seemed that even his arts weren't enough to fill the gap that separated him from a solid stage cultivator.

"You can run as much as you like," Charles said as his sharpness intensified again. "I will cut you piece by piece."

The world went dark for an instant as Noah's flames spread through the area. The region had magical plants and ground that his fire could burn, so he didn't hesitate to rely on his innate ability.

Tiny tongues of fire flew back toward Noah and rebuilt his foot. His injuries vanished in an instant, and even Charles felt surprised about that feat.

"What an unnatural healing ability," Charles said. "You consume the world to fix yourself. Your very existence is a threat to the Immortal Lands."

Charles was about to wave his fingers again, but his mind suddenly sensed a threat. His eyes darted through the environment, but a black mark appeared on his white robe before it could find the hidden opponent.

When Charles glanced at the mark, Snore's reptilian head came out of Noah's chest and launched a dark beam. The violent dark matter flew toward the expert, who promptly slashed toward the attack.

A ma.s.sive slash cut through the dark beam, but the attack didn't find Noah when it reached the ground. Darkness surrounded Charles again, and a series of draconic roars filled the area.

Charles' expression became cold when he saw an army of dragons moving through the darkness and pounce at him in a reckless a.s.sault. Those creatures were only beasts with power near the peak of the middle tier, but their sheer number could make even solid stage cultivators worry.

However, Charles wasn't a simple divine cultivator. He was a proper member of a large organization. He was different from the experts that Noah had faced during his previous battles in the Immortal Lands.

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Charles lifted his fingers to his forehead and expanded his consciousness. As he closed his eyes, countless slashes came out of his figure and cut the dragons into multiple pieces. Many fake cores broke and fell outside of the dark world after the attack. The expert had defeated the army in a single blow.

Noah waited inside the dark world. It was in his interest to drag the battle as much as possible. Moreover, he wanted to see if his attacks had managed to injure his opponent.

His understanding of the solid stage was vague. Jordan had never fought seriously during the journey, so Noah didn't know how strong existences at that level were.

Snore's beam never stopped flowing, but a slash soon pierced the attack and cut the Blood Companion's head into two parts. Charles then came out of the dispersing dark matter, revealing that Noah's offensive didn't manage to inflict any damage.

"The power of our robes depends on our cultivation level," Charles explained. "This is a defensive item in the upper tier. I acknowledge your strength, but you can't defeat me today."

Night had managed to leave a mark on the robe before, but it had caught Charles by surprise. The expert didn't cover his body with his sharpness. The defensive item had endured the Pterodactyl's full power.

When Charles' sharpness flowed out of his figure, most attacks would crumble even before reaching his robe. The situation would be different if Noah could wield power in the solid stage, but that was the limit of his usual abilities.

'I can't defeat him with attacks in the liquid stage, no matter how off the scale they are,' Noah accepted in his mind.

His efforts in the past centuries were pointless in front of the sheer power wielded by a solid stage cultivator. His amazing techniques were nothing more than tricks for Charles. They lacked the strength to pierce through his individuality.

Charles revealed a smile, but his expression froze when an intense bloodl.u.s.t leaked out of the dark world. Red shades even appeared among the dark matter, and a tired voice resounded in the area.

"My time to kill has come again," The cursed sword said. "Will I taint my blade with the blood of my enemies, or will another Master die today?"

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