Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1435 1435. Pond

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Chapter 1435 1435. Pond

Noah was aware that the Crystal City was looking for him, but he didn't predict that it had informants among the prideful magical beasts. He felt safe among those creatures since they rarely listened to humans in his experience.

Wilford soon left and carried the giant land away from their sight. Jordan only wanted Noah to see the power of the Legion in that meeting. After all, that leader was one of the strongest hybrids in its ranks.

The group didn't take much to decide their new destination. A few centuries had already pa.s.sed since the beginning of the invasion, and they would spend more time traveling. They felt almost sure that visiting the Land of the Fallen was better than continuing their random exploration of those regions.

Noah and the others turned back. They had flown away from the human domain until that point, but their new destination was near the old border. There was still much to explore of the magical beasts' territory, but those lands would have to wait.

The group didn't follow their previous route. They flew in a straight line toward the Land of the Fallen, through lands that they had never explored, and they didn't hold back from visiting each one of them.

Their misadventures soon resumed. Don and Jordan had become so used to King Elbas' behavior that they didn't even complain anymore. They decided to shrink his share of the gains every time he caused a mess.

Noah also learnt to hold back information from the Royal whenever he saw something that could trigger his curiosity. He had started to understand King Elbas' individuality quite well in that period, so he changed his reports according to what he found during his solitary explorations.

The travel back to the Land of the Fallen continued to provide valuable gains. The battle experience acc.u.mulated in that period allowed Noah and the others to polish their arts, and King Elbas' methods gave them the chance to grow quickly.

Fruitful years pa.s.sed as the group continued their long adventure. Their teamwork even improved after a while, but they could show its actual value only when King Elbas agreed to cooperate.

As the border became closer, the group started to sense the violence of the battles in the distance again. Someone was still fighting, even if the invasion was almost over. Still, Noah and the others ignored that battlefield to focus on reaching their destination.

An immense pond unfolded in their vision when they were a few regions away from the Land of the Fallen. Murky waters reflected the white light of the sky and hid the dangers hidden in their depths.

A series of magical plants that featured long roots filled the pond's edges and different magical beasts inhabited the areas around it. Those smaller packs had upper tier creatures as their leaders, and they always avoided the pond during their daily life.

Noah could immediately see that the true leader of the area was inside the pond. His senses also gave him an idea of its power. Only a creature in the eighth rank could make so many upper tier magical beasts scared of some water.

The group quickly decided that they would also avoid the pond, but those murky waters captured their attention when they flew above them. The four of them could sense that the mere hid something valuable. Their minds seemed almost attracted by the faint red light that created small spots on the surface.

Needless to say, King Elbas was the first to approach the pond. He didn't rely on his reckless behavior since he feared the rank 8 creature hidden underwater, but those feelings didn't stop his curiosity.

Eight lenses came out of his s.p.a.ce-ring as he floated above the pond and inspected its depths. Murmurs flew out of his mouth as various theories formed inside his mind.

To the group's surprise, King Elbas rejoined his companions instead of launching himself into another reckless battle. It seemed that the presence of the rank 8 beast scared him enough to keep him in survival mode.

The truth behind his behavior ended up being something else. King Elbas did fear the rank 8 creature, but he had also seen something valuable that he couldn't seize on his own.

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"I think the bottom of the pond contains many Bloodline Inheritances," King Elbas announced once he rejoined the others. "They seem to be part of the leader's lair. They might even be a crucial feature behind the power of its species."

"Are you sure that you can do this?" Noah asked again.

Noah liked the idea of obtaining Bloodlines Inheritances, but he wouldn't gather information unless King Elbas felt sure about the mission. One mistake could alert the leader and put them in a fight against a rank 8 creature. That couldn't happen.

"Positive," King Elbas replied. "Still, everything will depend on how detailed your description is. The more features you can find, the more accurate my ropes will be."

Noah could only accept the mission at that point. He couldn't give up on a resource that could improve his mind quickly. The Bloodline Inheritances were so valuable and rare that every cultivator would pay any sum to get their hands on them.

Don, Jordan, and King Elbas remained behind as Noah activated his robe and flew above the pond. The Royal even lent him his senses after Noah completed his first round of exploration.

Through the lenses, Noah could inspect the red marks on the surface better. They came from tiny crystals laying at the bottom of the pond, and his mind could almost sense the different wills contained in their insides.

Part of him had almost wished that King Elbas was mistaken, but he had to admit that his evaluation was on point. The pond contained many Bloodline Inheritances, and the group had to find a way to steal them now.


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