Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1434 1434. Respec

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Chapter 1434 1434. Respec

The invasion of the magical beasts forced the entire human domain to retreat, but some organizations remained almost unaffected by the event.

Those occupying regions far away from the border didn't need to move. The same applied to the forces that could seal pacts with some of the leaders in the army of magical beasts.

The Crystal City had worked in close contact with many different powerful creatures during its reign on the border. Its location was past the edge of the human domain, in a secret place among areas ruled by magical beasts.

The members of the Crystal City had benefitted for a long time from their unique political position. They were the first line of defense in the endless war against the magical beasts, so the other organizations would often turn a blind eye whenever they engaged in nefarious behaviors.

The other organizations didn't even question their behavior. The Crystal City could basically act as it wished since it performed the most dangerous role in the entirety of the human domain.

That unique position had allowed the Crystal City to avoid losses during the invasion. It had only invested troops on the borders, but the rest of its members had remained in its headquarters, ready to complete other missions that would solidify their status once the two domains stabilized.

The missions mainly involved political meetings with rank 8 magical beasts living near the border or specific regions. The Crystal City needed a network to remain informed about the movements of those creatures.

The best informants were the magical beasts themselves. Only those creatures could truly understand the changes in their domain. Even if those missions went against their belief, the members of the Crystal City needed them.

Apart from the various political missions, the Crystal City also had to handle matters that concerned its reputation. Rebels and enemies had to pay the price for their offense, and Noah had created enough chaos to become one of their most prized targets.

A rank 8 cultivator sat on a throne made of purple crystals. She was beautiful, but her cold expression ruined the grace radiated by her figure. Long brown hair fell on her white robe, and her dark eyes shone on the experts kneeled in front of her.

"My Lord only wants to help, Madame Canson," The cultivator closer to the throne said. "Defying Demon has offended his honor and tainted the great name of the Sailbrird family. Lord Ethan knows that he has done the same with the Crystal City. Our visit today is a simple expression of his goodwill."

Madame Canson's expression didn't change. Her eyes didn't even fall on the kneeled cultivator. Still, a figure promptly came from behind the throne and addressed the matter.

"Does Lord Ethan think that the Crystal City can't handle a single hybrid?" Miss Canson said as she stopped at her mother's side.

"Quite the opposite. Lord Ethan has a deep respect for the power that your force wields," The kneeled cultivator replied. "However, you must acknowledge that this Defying Demon isn't a simple hybrid. Boss Van's entire guild lost to him and his powerful friend."

Miss Canson didn't immediately answer that reply. She recalled Noah's cold gaze, and the memory was still able to make a chill run down her spine. The news that he had defeated Boss Van's guild only intensified her fear.

An intense aura filled the hall at that point. The crystals that made the entirety of the room began to s.h.i.+ne and reflect a white color. Even Miss Canson lowered her hear in front of that pressure. She could only show her utmost respect when her mother was about to speak.

"The Crystal City has learnt about Boss Van's guild long ago," Madame Canson said. "We even know that your Lord only wants to make him pay for a futile loss of face. Don't you dare to compare our hatred to such a petty matter."

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The kneeled cultivator didn't answer. He lowered his head even more in the hope that Madame Canson wouldn't kill him in a flare of rage. Part of him even cursed Ethan for the role that he had forced him to play in that matter.

Madame Canson fell silent, but she soon nodded toward her daughter. Miss Canson stepped forward at that point, and she gestured at the kneeled experts to stand up.

"You will be guests of the Crystal City from now on," Miss Canson said. "We can't reach the deeper regions of the magical beasts' domain, but we will spread the word among our informants. If Defying Demon shows his face, we will deploy our hunting team. You will be free to join it when the time comes."

"We have no words to express our grat.i.tude," The man said before standing up and performing a deep bow toward Madame Canson. "Lord Ethan and the Sailbrird family won't forget this favor."

The troops soon left, and Miss Canson escorted them toward quarters reserved to the most esteemed guests. That treatment was also part of the Crystal City's political approach. Miss Canson had to ensure that the Sailbrird family would remain an ally even after the human domain stabilized.

"Charles," Madame Canson said, and a slender rank 7 cultivator in the solid stage with long blonde hair appeared inside the hall.

"Yes, Madame Canson," Charles replied as he placed a knee on the ground to perform a polite greeting.

"How are our connections with the magical beasts' domain?" Madame Canson asked.

Charles immediately listed what his leader had requested. "We have successfully befriended the giant Crab living in the pond, the hordes of Tigers filling the southern side of the border, and the Rat King, the new ruler of the Land of the Fallen. Who do I need to hunt?"

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