Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1432 1432. White lake

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Chapter 1432 1432. White lake

"I thought you joined us to benefit from our troubles," Don said to a not interest King Elbas, "But you are the only one causing a mess every time!"

"You have the superior awareness of three hybrids at your disposal," Jordan added as she ma.s.saged her temples, "But you continue to disregard our evaluations to pursue your interests. I won't forgive you if your behavior ends up killing one of my kind."

King Elbas ignored the two hybrids. A few lenses floated in front of him as he studied the ma.s.sive Mountain Lizard. His curiosity was so intense that even Don and Jordan gave up on their complaints that began to dissect the corpse.

Noah didn't join that conversation. King Elbas' behavior irritated him, but the benefits that he brought to the group were undeniable. Also, those problems were a normal drawback in that situation. Things could unfold as he wished only when he was completely alone.

King Elbas' knowledge was immense. His expertise covered every field of the cultivation journey, and he often owned methods that surpa.s.sed what masters at his level could perform.

He had also stayed true to his role in the group. King Elbas provided habitations that aided the absorption of energy from the environment. He treated the flesh of their opponents in ways that could improve their nutritional value. He even relied on sensors that went beyond what the hybrids' innate awareness could reach.

King Elbas often caused trouble, but he was also the one who gave the most to the group. Noah and the others usually limited themselves to offer their battle prowess to the needs of their team.

Jordan dissected the beast and divided its bodies into four parts. King Elbas received the largest share, but he used his methods to improve the body's quality as a whole.

The group had become used to that procedure by then, so they didn't mind waiting a few months before collecting their share. The benefits given by the process were substantial. Giving up on those free improvements would be idiotic.

Noah dived deeper into the Lizard lair while his companions were busy with the corpse. His knowledge of the magical beasts' field and his superior awareness made him the perfect scout in those lands, and he always performed his task flawlessly.

'Why were you so big?' Noah wondered as he entered a large cave at the center of the mountain that almost covered the entire region.

Mountain Lizards were big, but their opponent's size had been off the scale. Noah guessed that the reason behind that feature had to be in its layer, and he soon found the answers that he needed.

The cave ended with a large white lake that radiated an eerie aura. Noah almost didn't believe what he sensed. Chaotic laws leaked out of the water and created a slimy liquid on that area's rocky ceiling.

The energy carried by the chaotic laws was immense, and the magical beasts could absorb them without worrying about their drawbacks. Those creatures didn't have individualities, so they didn't have to fear that power.

It was harder for cultivators to seize proper benefits from that resource. Chaotic laws broadened individualities, which for divine experts meant an increase in their potential.

Cultivators could lose their way if they kept broadening their true meaning. The raw laws were safer in that aspect since they instantly replicated the existence of the expert who absorbed them.

Everyone would cultivate in the windy regions of the Outer Lands if the chaotic laws were so easy to handle. Still, finding that lake now was something that Noah and the others would definitely exploit.

Noah told his companions what he found before diving into the white lake. His mind instantly entered a peculiar mindset that made him explore all the possible branches where his individuality could expand.

His greed, pride, sharpness, destruction, and creation resonated with those laws and expanded. Countless ideas surged in his mind as that chaotic energy flowed inside him.

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When Noah felt that he was about to lose himself, he leaped out of the lake. He then landed on the ground, where his companions were waiting for him.

The walls of the dimension adapted to the type of energy that Noah was absorbing and improved the process by creating pulling forces that targeted any form of "Breath".

Those habitations were far better than the outside world in terms of cultivation speed. They could help anyone training faster, and that was a great feature for someone like Noah.

However, even if his cultivation was going smoothly, his body improved far faster than the other centers of power. Its growth had been rapid in the last period since Noah had managed to get his hands on flew in the upper tier.

That speed was still inside the range of talented divine hybrids, but Noah knew that it was already quite remarkable for him. His body was as perfect as it could get, so growing according to normal standards was incredible.

The group settled at the base of the mountain for years. It was a waste to leave the white lake behind, so they decided to remain there until they exhausted the chaotic laws that it had to offer.

The process took a while since they had to take long breaks from the lake to stabilize their individualities. It wasn't easy to control the broadening of their existence with such an appealing resource near them. It was better to take the training slowly.

Once they drained the lake, Noah and the others resumed their travel. The magical beasts' domain was far bigger than the human side, so they had yet to explore countless lands.


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