Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1427 1427. Grateful

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Chapter 1427 1427. Grateful

'When did they hit me?' Noah wondered as blood acc.u.mulated in his mouth.

His dark matter and corrosive smoke seeped out of his skin to create the fiendish armor and the dark world. Night also came out of the separate s.p.a.ce to help in the battle.

Noah couldn't understand what had happened. He had fended off every creature. They had never managed to touch him, but the wound on his chest didn't lie.

Flames came out of his mouth as soon as the fiendish armor formed. His fire reduced to ashes the few beasts that appeared among the blackness of the separate dimension.

Tiny tongues of flames then flew toward Noah and filled him with energy. His wound quickly closed, but part of his internal organs remained damaged since he didn't absorb enough power to perform the instant regeneration.

Noah continued to spit flames. He filled the entire environment with his innate ability, and countless magical beasts burned in the process. His wound eventually healed, but his worry didn't diminish.

There didn't seem to be an end to those creatures. They appeared out of nowhere and threw themselves at him in a reckless a.s.sault. Noah always fended them off, but the same strange event eventually happened again.

A large wound suddenly appeared on the side of his neck. His experience in the magical beasts' field allowed him to make a connection with the previous injury. He could instantly understand that their shapes matched the claws of those creatures.

'Is this their innate ability?' Noah wondered as flames flew toward him to heal his body.

Noah couldn't explain how the beasts did that. He didn't sense any s.h.i.+ft in the energy around him, and he was even in the dark world! Nothing could normally pa.s.s through it without alerting his senses.

However, those creatures often managed to injure him. Cuts appeared on his arms, legs, and torso, but his flames always healed them in no time.

Noah began to perform evasive maneuvers as he fought with those creatures. They had never hit his head, but he didn't want to risk that by remaining in the same position.

He wasn't sure whether moving helped in the matter, but he couldn't do much about it. Noah had no idea how those creatures managed to hit him. He could only try everything that he could think of.

His evasive maneuvers seemed to work for a while, but wounds eventually reappeared on his body. Those beasts had yet to touch him, but he had suffered many injuries already.

Noah continued to kill any creature that entered his range, but their number didn't diminish. They didn't slow down their a.s.sault either. Those beasts charged through the fire and corrosive smoke even if they had no chance to reach their target.

Even if Noah always managed to fix his wounds, that battle had begun to annoy him. It was a pure slaughter when he suffered injuries for no reason. That fight defied logic, and he could only rely on one of his strongest techniques to vent.

A surge of dark matter filled the Demonic Sword as Noah laid it on his forehead. The dark world resonated with his consciousness, and countless blades formed inside the separate dimension.

The blades didn't hit anything, but they quickly exploded, releasing Noah's sharpness inside the whole area. The blackness of the dimension shook as countless slashes filled its fabric and continued to cut it even after Noah lowered his sword.

The magical beasts that materialized inside the area saw their bodies crumbling under the might of Noah's techniques. The cuts would continue to hurt them even after they became ethereal. Once Noah's sharpness touched them, they would suffer from his endless attack.

Noah waited as he inspected the environment. Screams resounded through the separate dimension as countless beasts died around him.

'This is effective,' Noah exclaimed in his mind when he saw that the peculiar wounds stopped appearing on his body.

The technique worked. The endless cuts didn't let those creatures perform their threatening ability, so Noah only had to wait until all of them died now.

The screams slowly became rare as countless creatures died due to Noah's sharpness. Eventually, everything became silent inside the separate dimension. Only the churning of the dark world released a few deep sounds.

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'Are they all dead?' Noah wondered once the screams stopped completely.

The woman wore a large robe that covered her sleeves but revealed ample cleavage. She was tall, had long black hair and dark eyes, and she wore a broad smile that carried some trace of arrogance.

"I would have killed you if this was a blade," The woman said. "I'm truly a genius. I have created the best techniques in the history of the cultivation world. No one can defeat me."

'Dammit,' Noah thought after he heard the woman. 'Another maniac.'

"Look, look!" The woman said before disappearing among the darkness and reappearing quickly after. "You couldn't feel my presence for a second, could you?"

"I've never sensed your presence," Noah replied bluntly.

"Right," The woman said as she revealed a surprised expression. "I must have died, and this is my inheritance."

"Didn't you just say that you were unbeatable?" Noah asked, disregarding that she had confirmed that the separate dimension was an inheritance.

"Well, in theory," The expert replied. "I don't doubt that my abilities are the strongest among every cultivator. My level is to blame. I was too weak to use them properly."

Noah didn't know what to think. She was the most eccentric expert that he had met in the Immortal Lands, but he forced himself to listen to her to understand the contents of her inheritance.

The cultivator waved her hand when she recognized Noah's annoyance. A slap landed on Noah's cheek at that point. The woman had performed the same technique as those beasts.

"Don't underestimate me!" The woman shouted. "I'm Miss Void. Back at my peak, I was the only cultivator with a darkness apt.i.tude in the eighth rank. My enemies didn't dare to mention my name for fear that I was waiting nearby. Also, you have opened my portable dimension, so you will inherit my techniques now. Appear grateful!"

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