Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1423 1423. Hunts

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Chapter 1423 1423. Hunts

The magical beasts that had attacked Noah were creatures in the middle tier. It was only normal for them to focus on a target they felt was at their same level. Yet, they had heavily underestimated the power of his body.

Noah wasn't only a hybrid. His black hole placed him on a superior league, and his body had gone through so many purifications that simple labels couldn't describe its power.

More tentacles broke the fabric of the sky and entangled themselves around Noah. Even some magical beast in the lower tier had joined the attack to add power to the pulling force, but that didn't make any difference.

Noah didn't move. Cracks opened on the ground due to the strength applied to his figure, but he didn't budge. Those creatures couldn't even make him bend toward the pa.s.sages to the void.

'You had to attack me when you had the chance,' Noah thought as he twisted his ankles and began to turn.

Small fissures opened around him as he applied his strength to pull those creatures while he turned to leave the region. Tremors filled the tentacles as he successfully turned and began to walk as if he didn't have a ma.s.s of limbs wrapped around his figure.

Noah could almost hear the screeches of the magical beasts from the tremors that filled the tentacles. He could sense their confusion and the fear that had begun to appear inside them.

More tentacles came out of the void. Those magical beasts didn't want to create too many fissures since they would lose their coverage in the process, but they couldn't let Noah go.

Noah continued to walk as the tentacles ama.s.sed around his figure. The pulling force eventually began to affect him, but he had almost reached the region's edges at that point. He didn't have to hold back anymore.

Ma.s.sive fissures opened in the sky as his aura leaked into the environment. The blackness of the void fused with the whiteness of the Immortal Lands as Noah bent his legs to gather his strength.

Cracks also opened under his feet as he took large steps that dragged almost a dozen magical beasts with him. Some of the tentacles began to leave his figure when he neared the edge of the Void Zone, but Noah promptly grabbed as many of them as he could while marching through that last part.

When he sensed that the s.p.a.ce around him and returned to a stable state, Noah leaped, dragging as many magical beasts as he could with him. Many tentacles managed to escape his grasp, but he made sure to save a few of them.

Noah turned once he returned to a regular land. He stretched his arms and began to draw circles in the air as he used the tentacles to pull the creatures from the void.

Those beasts tried to stretch their limbs to delay that awful outcome, but Noah never stopped pulling. His arms had become a ma.s.s of entangled tentacles that continued to grow bigger as he kept drawing circles.

A cry eventually echoed through the Void Zone. A small circular head, no bigger than a man's chest, came out of one of the cracks and screamed in fear as Noah continued to pull it.

The creature hand on its companions' tentacles, but the beasts on the other side soon let it go when they saw that it was too far gone. Also, Noah's strength had begun to affect them, so they had to get rid of their captured friend.

Another head came out from a different crack, and a third followed it. Noah had managed to capture three magical beasts during his first hunt, and he wasn't willing to let any of them escape.

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Eventually, the first head entered his range, and a shadow promptly came out of his chest. Before the creature could understand what had happened, its head separated from its limbs and fell onto the azure ground.

Noah stored the corpses and walked back into the Void Zone. The magical beasts were creatures with a darkness apt.i.tude, so he could use their bodies for more specific creations. They could be quite valuable for him, but he would evaluate how precious they were after he activated the diagram.

The cracks in the sky closed while he dealt with the beasts, but more of them opened when the beasts on the other side sensed Noah's presence. Tentacles appeared among that whiteness and flew at high speed toward him as fissures expanded from their base.

The magical beasts weren't trying to capture him anymore. They had understood that Noah's level didn't express his actual power, so the only viable approach was to kill him before bringing him into the void.

Noah didn't move. He let the tentacles slam on his body and open cracks during the impact. He could catch them if he wanted, but a sudden movement of his arms would send a large area of the sky into the void.

The tentacles continued to slam on him, but they eventually entangled around his figure and tried to pull him inside the void again. Those beasts had become tired of waiting, and Noah didn't hesitate to exploit their mistake.

Everything happened as it did before. The tentacles became powerless once Noah grabbed them, and he used them as ropes to drag the magical beasts outside the void.

Four heads came out of the cracks at that time. Noah was already perfecting that hunting method, but some worry had begun to take root in his mind.

There was a limit to how much he could exploit those creatures' stupidity. They would eventually give up on seizing him until he died, and that would put Noah in an annoying spot.

Still, he was already developing a tactic to counter a possible offensive. After all, those beasts couldn't escape as long as he caught them.

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