Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1411 1411. Invasion

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Chapter 1411 1411. Invasion

Noah didn't immediately focus on his reward. His body was a mess and needed attention, and the underground structure had many valuable materials that he could seize.

With all the golems dead, their dark-blue rocky remains didn't belong to the inheritance anymore. Noah could take them as part of the trial's rewards, and he wouldn't give up on that resource, especially since some boulders were materials in the upper tier.

His overall gains there surpa.s.sed what he had managed to seize in the previous trials. The other spa.r.s.e resources gained in the second layer couldn't match that sheer number of materials.

Noah could only be happy about the outcome of the trial, but those gains didn't manage to improve his mood. He had just learnt about a ma.s.sive conspiracy and incredible plans. Those few rewards couldn't satisfy his desire to join the field where only rank 9 existences could walk.

'Recovering comes first,' Noah thought as Snore brought him through the halls had helped to gather all the dark-blue debris left in the underground structure. 'I still have eight towers to explore. One of them has to contain something that can bring my battle prowess to a superior league.'

What he had gained in that trial and the entirety of the second layer was only a minute part of what Supreme Thief's inheritance could offer. The "strength" tower had more floors available, and the same went for the other buildings. Noah was still far away from being over with the structure.

Since the second layer couldn't offer him anything else, Noah decided to return to the outside world to recover. He also had to hunt to refill his stash of magical beasts' corpses, and he wanted to spend some time in seclusion to absorb the experience gained in the previous battles fully.

A surprise was waiting for him in the outside world. When Noah left the inheritance and reappeared above the "strength" tower, he saw countless platoons of hybrids fixing a series of long metal bars at the bottom of the fake mountain.

The air in the area was tense, and neither of those hybrids seemed interested in Supreme Thief's inheritance anymore. The bottom of the region under the structure had become their priority.

Noah could vaguely understand what was happening, but he couldn't comprehend the reasons behind that hurry. The platoons were preparing themselves to move the region, but Noah didn't sense any threat with his mind. Even his superior awareness couldn't feel the slightest trace of danger.

"You came out in the end," Divine Demon's familiar voice flew in the form of mental waves and reached Noah's mind. "Join me. I will update you on the current situation."

Noah flew toward the source of his aura and found Divine Demon sitting together with Ian and Jordan. Even Don had joined that group, and his eyes studied Noah's injuries as if trying to understand whether he had defeated that impossible trial.

"What is happening?" Noah asked. "Why this hurry?"

Noah didn't fail to notice that the hybrids' expression turned grim at his question. Still, they seemed more annoyed than concerned.

"The magical beasts have resumed their invasion," Divine Demon revealed before the others had a chance to say anything. "A large part of the human side is migrating, so they have to move the inheritance toward more windy areas."

Divine Demon's words confirmed Noah's guess, but the contents of what he revealed surpa.s.sed what Noah's expected. He had thought that the human side was up to something, but he didn't expect that its movements came from the magical beasts' side.

"How is the invasion going?" Noah asked.

The two sides' border was the home for many inheritances, and Noah didn't forget about them only because he had found another one. In theory, Supreme Thief's creation could offer much more than the Land of the Fallen, but the rewards contained there were easier to seize.

They also carried elemental apt.i.tudes that the trials in Supreme Thief's inheritance lacked. The latter contained good techniques and valuable resources, but it wasn't as specific as the others.

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Noah had managed to meet Supreme Thief by chance, and he had already received his reward. Reaching the towers' bottom was impossible at his current level, so that inheritance had already stopped being his priority.

Noah now had many resources at hand, especially when it came to his stash of Soul Stones. He could purchase almost anything for his level. He could even aim to obtain some rare item from the auctions due to his wealth.

"How will I find you if I were to leave now?" Noah asked, hinting at his intentions.

Divine Demon exploded into a loud laugh, and Jordan revealed an interested expression. Instead, Ian remained stern and replied with plain words.

"You won't find us," Ian said. "Come into the Outer Lands, and the Legion will find you. This is still our home. We aren't giving it to anyone. Migrating the valuable structures is only an insurance."

"What about you?" Noah asked Divine Demon, but the latter shook his head.

"I made too many enemies among the human side," Divine Demon explained. "I have no reason to leave Supreme Thief's inheritance either. I will stay with the Legion."

"I will see you all in the future then," Noah said before limping away as he searched for a place where to rest.

Still, two familiar presences immediately appeared behind him and revealed canny smiles when he turned to look at them. Jordan and Don had followed him.


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