Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1408 1408. Over

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Chapter 1408 1408. Over

Noah didn't dare to face the attack head-on. He had already endured the shockwaves released by the weaker golems, and he wasn't sure that he could defend against the same technique performed by a creature that bordered the upper tier.

The dark world expanded in an instant, and Noah shot on the side of the hall. The world became blurry in his vision as his body transformed into a flying sword that circled the golem to approach it from behind.

The golem didn't care about Noah's tactic. It released its punch and unleashed a shockwave that created intense storms. Noah was almost behind the creature, but the storms ricocheted on the walls and filled the whole hall, hitting him in the process.

Blood rose in Noah's mouth as the storms interrupted his movement technique and flung him on the walls. The golem didn't even hit him, but the power it could unleash was enough to dispel his abilities.

Half of the dark world had vanished after the attack, and the golem began to turn toward him to prepare another punch. Noah's determination intensified when he saw that scene, and he kicked the walls behind him to shoot toward his opponent.

Noah had faced so many battles throughout his life that he instantly understood how to defeat that opponent. Its previous attack had shown him that he couldn't escape from the storms in that closed environment. The only possible approach was to destroy the golem before it killed him.

Snore, Night, and the octopus appeared among the dark world and followed Noah during his charge. The Demonic Sword also landed in his grasp as dark matter flowed inside his dark vessels, and fire came out of his mouth.

Noah knew that his flames couldn't burn much in that environment, but even the most minute speck of energy could make the difference between life and death in that situation. He had to rely on all his abilities if he wanted to succeed.

A piercing beam made of dark matter shot out of the Demonic Sword when Noah stabbed it in one of the weaker spots on the golem's shoulder. Night followed the attack by flying inside the injury, and Snore coiled itself around the other arm to restrain the puppet's movements.

The octopus helped the Blood Companion in its task, and Snore followed the exchange by biting on the golem's head and releasing its innate ability.

Two waves of violent dark matter, one chaotic and one dense, engulfed the golem. A large crack opened on its shoulder, and tiny shards fell from its head as the offensive continued. A loud clinking noise also echoed through the dark world as Night came out of the crack and released a roar.

The Pterodactyl had hit one of the tough parts during its dive. Still, it had managed to enlarge the injury as much as possible. Its roar was a simple expression of its battle intent.

Snore and the octopus only managed to stop the golem for an instant. The puppet soon began to pull its fist back, and its movements tore the creatures attempting to keep it still.

Dozens of fake cores fell on the ground as the tentacles broke. Noah had managed to save many of them in the previous battles, so he didn't even record that loss.

Snore's body also broke, but the dark world quickly restored the companions that didn't hesitate to resume their tasks. Still, their efforts ended up being useless since the golem completed its technique and released another shockwave.

Noah had attacked another soft spot during that time, but the storms that filled the hall flung him away again. A mouthful of blood and screeching noises came out of his figure when he slammed on the wall. Still, only a fraction of an instant went by before he shot toward the golem again.

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A curved black line flew out of his blade during his charge, and a violent shockwave expanded through the golem's body when he stabbed a soft spot on its back. Night quickly entered one of the injuries, and countless dark-blue chunks fell from the puppet as the offensive continued.

At some point, Noah and Night dived toward the golem's head in a joint offensive that aimed to deal a deadly blow to the puppet. Their figures became nothing more than vague shadows in the darkness of the dark world, and an explosion resounded through the hall when they landed on their target.

Noah stabbed one of the soft parts on the golem's head, and Night deepened the injury, allowing the Demonic Sword to dig deeper into that dark-blue material. Dark matter flowed violently out of the blade, and Noah's sharpness mixed with it as it ran through the many cracks that filled the puppet's body.

Snore joined the offensive by biting on the largest cracks and releasing its dark matter. Part of the violent higher energy flowing through the fissures ended up flaring toward Noah, but he endured the damage as he continued to push his blade into the golem.

The rivers of dark matter that flowed inside the golem eventually managed to destabilize its structure. The puppet began to crumble right before launching another attack, and boulders exploded outward during its destruction.

Noah found himself with his back on the wall again. A boulder had crushed his left leg, and a few shards had pierced his chest. Blood also flowed out of his mouth, but his smile shone brightly at the sight of the destroyed opponent.

Snore quickly reformed under him and acted as a mouth that carried him toward the largest pile of boulders. A book had come out from the golem's body and now rested on top of the debris. The battle didn't damage it. Its thick black cover didn't have the slightest trace of dust.

'Embodiment of power,' Noah read from the symbols on the cover, but a sudden metallic noise made him turn toward the end of the hall.

One of the walls opened to create a path that radiated a pale-yellow light. It seemed that the trial wasn't over.

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