Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1405 1405. Power

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Chapter 1405 1405. Power

The Demonic Sword began to shake while Noah held it. That phenomenon didn't come from the acc.u.mulation of dark matter in its structure. It was a form that Noah had added to give an active task to the higher energy generated by the blade.

Martial arts required forms to consume "Breath" and use it to produce stronger effects, and the same applied to the higher energy. Noah had already seen from Snore's dark beam how the dark matter reached its highest destructive potential in its violent shape, so he created a move that imitated the effects of its innate ability.

Noah had it easy in that task. He had invented the Snore's dark beam in the end. Translating the movements of its organs into a form wasn't hard. The problems had begun when the dark matter started to diminish the effects of his darkness.

Still, Noah had used the years while waiting for Night to wake up to test and polish that new move. That martial art was already perfect in the trial.

When Noah pushed his blade forward, his sharpness intensified, and a dark beam came out of his attack. The technique carried the same violent energy that Snore could create, but it released it in a more orderly form.

That seemed to be contradictory. The violent dark matter was what made the dark beam so threatening. Still, Noah didn't affect that feature during the execution of his technique.

The dark beam appeared more orderly due to the sharpness that flew with it. Noah had found a way to condense it through his darkness and physical strength, so the attack carried the full power of Snore's innate ability added to his iconic lunge.

The attack hit the golem at the center of its chest and dug its dark-blue metallic skin to reach deeper parts of its body. During the impact, the puppet sensed an immense force pus.h.i.+ng it back and destabilizing its balance.

The beam was so dense that the golem bent backward before falling on its back. The creature waved its arms in a desperate attempt to straighten its position, but its clunky body didn't allow it to stand up quickly.

Cuts had also started to open inside the large hole that had appeared on its chest. Its fall had prevented Noah from inflicting more damage, but he had already used his individuality to increase the dangerousness of his attack.

While the golem tried to deal with that annoying technique, Noah leaped toward it and held the Demonic Sword with both hands. His blade pointed at the ground, at the creature that was still stuck there due to its clunky shape.

Noah's blade began to tremble again while he performed that move. That form lacked any style or refined gesture, but it expressed the aggression carried by his individuality. It made Noah resemble a drooling beast that was jumping toward its injured prey.

A ma.s.sive arm appeared on its path during his descent. A second golem had arrived on the scene and had thrown an uppercut to catch him by surprise, but its attack barely managed to slow Noah down.

When the trembling blade hit the giant fist, shards made of dark matter flew downward and cut away pieces of the second golem's limbs. Some even turned into dust due to the might carried by the blow.

Noah quickly pulled back his blade and rotated on himself to slash downward. His movements seemed to slow down since the world tried to restrain that intense release of energy, but his attack wasn't something those weak laws could contain.

A fast curved black line flew out of his figure and crashed on the damaged fist. The rest of the attack continued to descend toward the first golem and worsened its condition as it intensified the countless cuts that were opening inside its injury.

A third and fourth golem reached Noah, and the second creature joined their offensive with its free hand. Three punches were flying toward him at the same time and threatened to smash his body into pieces.

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That offensive wasn't something that Noah could stop even with his improved martial art. His centers of power were too weak for that feat. Yet, he had prepared something for that issue.

A shadow came out of his chest and surpa.s.sed him to fuse with the golem's shoulder. Before Noah could even reach that spot, the limb fell, and the Pterodactyl reappeared nearby.

Noah had understood the weak points of the golems at first sight. The joints on their arms had to be softer to allow them to perform their attacks, and Night could exploit that information.

The Pterodactyl was the only creature in Noah's a.r.s.enal that could execute precise attacks without minding the opponent's movements. It could reach its joints in an instant and sever them even faster.

Noah reached the golem's neck as the arm fell and stabbed the sharp side of his blade into its dark-blue metal. His feet then landed on its severed shoulders, and dark matter filled his black vessels as he focused his whole physical strength on cutting that head off.

A flash of dark matter spread through the dark world as the energy contained inside the Demonic Sword exploded. A large chunk of the golem's neck shattered as he continued to apply strength to his attack.

More explosions resounded, and other golems arrived in his position, but there didn't seem to be an end to those tentacles. The workshop's new creation could keep those creatures restrained for a long time as long as they didn't work together to sever them.

However, Noah knew that destroying the tentacles was useless. The dark world would always refill the depleted higher energy and recreate those limbs.


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