Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1393 1393. Stunning

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Chapter 1393 1393. Stunning

Noah and Divine Demon followed the hybrid team for months. They crossed countless regions and witnessed a mult.i.tude of environments before reaching something that resembled a city.

"Not yet," Ian transmitted to the duo with his consciousness. "This is one of our major forces. The city is deeper into the Outer Lands."

An immense encampment unfolded in Noah's vision after he received that message. Countless hybrids in the seventh rank occupied that mult.i.tude of tents and created a poor imitation of the human cities.

Noah recognized shops of various kinds and countless habitations as he flew above the encampment. Its overall population was lower than Vagona city, but that number was still outstanding since all those citizens were hybrids.

Not all of them had a human form. Noah saw creatures with magical beasts' bodies conversing with other citizens and purchasing items from some shops. The peculiarity of that scene left him speechless, but he soon accepted that such a view was quite ordinary among the Legion.

The group of hybrids didn't stop flying and crossed the encampment to venture deeper into the Outer Lands. That settlement was nothing more than a weak army placed near the human domain to ensure that no explorer managed to reach the lands belonging to the Legion.

Noah and Divine Demon had to fly behind Ian's group for entire years and reach lands where intense winds blew to arrive at their destination. A series of tall buildings eventually appeared in their vision, and the noises of a bustling city reached their ears before they could even set their eyes on its citizens.

"This is Yellnbel," Ian transmitted with his mental waves. "One of the few moving cities of the Immortal Lands."

Countless tents filled Yellnbel's outskirts. Its tall structures also swayed left and right as the winds crashed on their light materials. A series of holes spread from under them and no streets divided them.

The buildings appeared shoved into the ground. They didn't have a solid foundation, and something told Noah that he could lift them if he applied enough strength.

'Do they really move the city if the situation requires it?' Noah wondered as he studied those structures.

Nothing kept them fixed on the ground. The holes prevented the buildings from giving in to the intense winds, but they couldn't stop anyone from lifting them.

The entire city seemed ready to leave the area. Noah even guessed that a single rank 8 existence could lift all the structures with mental energy. Those buildings appeared incredibly light and served the sole purpose of being easy to move.

'No wonder they are so hard to find,' Noah concluded in his mind. 'They can just leave whenever an enemy force learns about their position.'

Everything became clear in Noah's mind after he studied that scene. Before, he couldn't understand why the humans didn't attack the hybrids and overcame them with their numbers. Yet, that approach sounded impossible when their opponents could move their cities at will.

"We might not have the polished streets of the human domain," Ian explained through his mental waves, "But luxury is pointless. We don't need to appear grand. We only need power, and we have it."

An intense aura enveloped Ian's team, Noah, and Divine Demon as they continued to fly toward Yellnbel. Mental waves in the eighth rank studied them and allowed them to pa.s.s after they confirmed their ident.i.ty.

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Noah and Divine Demon exchanged a glance and nodded at each other before continuing to advance toward the city. It was too late to go back now. They had to reach the end of the matter and obtain permission to fly toward Supreme Thief's inheritance.

Right before reaching the last floor, Ian and the rest of his group stopped. He then gestured to Noah and Divine Demon to proceed before performing a bow toward the top of the staircase.

It was time for Noah and Divine Demon to receive their evaluation.

The duo finished climbing the staircase and arrived in a large room with a series of carpets covering its walls, ceiling, and floor. Two couches also stood on opposite sides of the area, and a tall metal throne grew from its bottom.

A stunning middle-aged woman sat on the throne. She had long black hair and dark skin, and the light radiated by her azure eyes was so intense that it could illuminate the entire room.

The pressure that her eyes could radiate made Noah and Divine Demon feel powerless under her gaze. Their thoughts also suffered from the effects of that azure radiance, and their minds became sluggish as they tried to return to their normal functioning.

Noah and Divine Demon felt unable to think in that situation. Azure light seeped inside their minds and studied their mental seas, but they couldn't do anything to stop that probing.

The mighty rank 8 expert could do what she wanted in that situation. Still, Noah and Divine Demon had offered themselves for that evaluation, so they didn't try to hide anything. They let the azure light roam freely inside their minds and study their intentions.

"Supreme Thief's inheritance isn't as nice as you think, human," The woman said at some point. "Dying there is common. That great expert's tests are ruthless, and they won't hesitate to take your life if you aren't careful."

"Having said this," The rank 8 expert continued with her captivating voice, "I won't stop you from testing your skill and luck. Our friends.h.i.+p depends on your potential gains, so I won't suppress your desires. You can go and see Supreme Thief's inheritance for yourself."

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