Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1391 1391. Party

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Chapter 1391 1391. Party

"Why would you have any interest in that place?" Ian asked after he heard Divine Demon's request. "Even the Legion doesn't dare to enter it carelessly."

Noah's curiosity for that place increased when he saw Ian's reaction. He had already decided that he wanted to visit it since Divine Demon had requested his help to enter it.

The Demon didn't explain the nature of that place, but Noah could guess that it could bring him ma.s.sive benefits. Divine Demon wouldn't even try to enter it otherwise.

"Supreme Thief's inheritance belongs to every race," Divine Demon replied. "I contacted the Legion once already, and I retreated peacefully in front of its refusal. I came in peace once again, but I brought my heir this time."

Ian appeared to be conflicted about the matter. His eyes moved between Noah and Divine Demon, but he didn't seem able to find a proper answer.

Noah understood that Ian's thoughts didn't linger only on Divine Demon's request. The leader was pondering about multiple matters at the same time, and one of them involved Noah.

It wasn't hard to guess why Ian was interested in Noah. He had shown his excellent battle prowess already. It wasn't a surprise that the team leader wanted to recruit him.

"I don't have the power to give this authorization," Ian eventually replied.

"Then contact someone who has it," Divine Demon continued.

"It's not that simple," Ian answered. "I might intercede to award a visit to your heir, but I can't explain the situation properly from her when it comes to you. I would need to bring you to one of the leaders for that."

"I don't mind meeting your leaders," Divine Demon said before giving voice to a short laugh.

"But I mind bringing you to our cities," Ian promptly replied. "The humans will eventually migrate to these lands once the magical beasts resume their invasion. I don't want to give your side valuable information, and we all know how easy it is to break an oath."

Noah memorized the last part of that line. He had yet to improve his connections with the various aspects of the human society of the higher plane, so he was still unaware of what was normal in that place.

Learning that breaking oaths was possible and easy made him feel quite relieved, even a bit surprised. He had yet to find a shop that sold inscribed items capable of such feats, but he quickly suspected the involvement of the inscription halls in the matter.

"You don't have to worry about that," Divine Demon replied. "The secret organization, the Monneay family, and many smaller forces already see me as an enemy. My heir has even clashed with the Crystal City. We don't work with the human side unless it offers greater rewards, and there is nothing greater than Supreme Thief's inheritance."

Noah's interest was shooting over the roof after hearing that name twice. An inheritance that Divine Demon held in such high regard had to be incredible, and he couldn't wait to enter it.

Ian shot a surprised glance toward Noah when he heard Divine Demon's words. His mouth even hung from his jaw while he studied him.

"What's the matter?" Noah asked when that stare became too intense.

"How did you anger the Crystal City?" Ian asked.

"They wanted me to swear an oath right after the beast tide," Noah explained. "I left, they chased me, I killed a few of them and left again. They then put a bounty on me, but I killed those that came after me too."

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Noah said that as if it was the most normal thing in the world, but Ian could barely contain his surprise when he listened to him. His mouth opened even more as he learnt about Noah's messy arrival to the Immortal Lands.

"It seems that you have already performed a great feat for the Legion," Ian said as he escorted the duo outside the tent. "Lady Lena has killed many hybrids during her life with the Crystal City. Even if you did it for personal reasons, I can't ignore someone who has avenged our fallen companions."

"Will you bring us to the inheritance then?" Divine Demon said as a broad smile appeared on his face.

"No," Ian answered, "But I will bring you to someone who can approve you. I suggest you rethink this now if you have any hidden purpose. No one can lie to her, and she is merciless against the potential enemies of the Legion."

Noah glanced at Divine Demon, and he nodded to confirm his position. He didn't have any grudge with the Legion, and he had no interest in ruining that peaceful relations.h.i.+p for now. The duo would proceed with the mission as planned.

Once the three of them reached the center of the encampment, Ian raised his head to the sky and released a loud howl. That cry carried an immense joy that Noah and the other hybrids in the area could feel and share.

The howl also carried a simple meaning. It announced Lady Lena's death, and the other hybrids cheered when they heard that news.

Ian didn't mention that Noah was behind that feat to maintain his anonymity. It seemed that the expert wanted to keep Noah pleased at the moment, so he didn't cause any problem for him.

Chaos spread after Ian's howl. A dug a large hole in the azure ground while others removed the tents and threw them inside that pit. Then, those who could spit flames lit up the fabric in the hole and created a ma.s.sive fire that illuminated the entire region.

Barrels of wine came out of their s.p.a.ce-rings and landed around the fire. The hybrids roared and cried as they filled countless cups and drank without holding back.

The entire encampment was celebrating. Only the five solid stage experts remained on the sides, watching their happy underlings giving in to their beast sides and abandoning any form of decency belonging to their human part.

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