Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1381 1381. Proud

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Chapter 1381 1381. Proud

Noah had to avoid entering Divine Demon and Boss Van's range during his search for the enemy troops. He couldn't lower his guard for even a second when two experts at that level fought.

After his cover vanished, everyone could see him moving through the forest.

"Could you not announce me when my opponent is an entire platoon?" Noah asked in an annoyed tone.

"Go and make me proud, my heir," Divine Demon replied before moving his attention on Boss Van again.

It didn't matter how intensely Noah stared at Divine Demon. The expert ignored him to focus on his opponent and prepare for the next attack. Noah remained alone in the middle of the enemy gazes.

"Take care of him quickly and help me," Boss Van said before focusing on Divine Demon.

Chief Ash and the other underlings didn't hesitate to prepare spells after that order. All their attacks would aim at Noah to make sure that he died as fast as possible.

'Why do I even surround myself with maniacs?' Noah thought as a loud sigh escaped his mouth.

Noah had located the troops after their first wave of attacks toward Divine Demon. They had cloaking devices, but they could make them invisible after they discharged such a ma.s.sive amount of energy.

He only needed to expand his consciousness to see that those troops were pointing at him as "Breath" ama.s.sed inside their bodies. Something ma.s.sive was about to arrive, and Noah felt that he couldn't dodge it.

'Luckily, I have come prepared,' Noah thought as he bent his legs and crouched toward the enemy army.

Multicolored lights shot out of the group and flew toward Noah, but his figure disappeared before those spells could hit him. Chief Ash and the others couldn't see him anymore, but a loud clash resounded among their ranks and made them turn toward the source of that noise.

The various Chiefs turned and saw that one of their companions in the liquid stage had vanished. Noah had appeared in his place, and countless patches of fresh blood covered his robe.

No injury had appeared on his body. That blood didn't belong to him, but the other cultivators couldn't find its source. Then, they noticed that one of their six liquid stage cultivators had disappeared.

Fear and disbelief filled their minds when they considered the possibility that Noah had killed one of their strongest members in less than an instant. They couldn't explain how that was possible on multiple levels. They didn't even see Noah move when the spells crashed on his previous position.

'The movement technique works well,' Noah thought as that blood flowed inside his separate s.p.a.ce.

The rest of the expert's body also was inside his black hole. Noah had used his movement technique to reach him and destroy his head before he could activate any annoying defensive spells.

Noah had to leave something for later when he meditated inside the h.e.l.lish Landscape. Making use of the red crystals retrieved in the Evolution Pit would take too long, and he didn't want to keep Chief Ash waiting for too long.

Still, he had improved core aspects of his battle style, and one of them was his movement technique.

Noah couldn't use his movement technique in the Immortal Lands before. The world's fabric was too thick for him, and opening a path through its structure was impossible at his previous level.

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Yet, the breakthrough to the liquid stage had opened the path for various improvements. The Divine Deduction technique could also show its real power, so solving that issue didn't take him long.

Low roars spread through the dark world as the group waited. They knew that something was about to arrive, and they were ready to face it.

A few reptilian heads became visible among the dark matter as dragons made entirely of higher energy charged at the group of cultivators. They were all magical beasts in the middle tier created through the workshop, but a black radiance came out of their almost empty eyes.

The second part of Noah's seclusion had involved the workshop. Noah had learnt how to complete the blueprint needed for the workshop after his battle with Lady Lena, so he could now use his expertise to create different and more complicated creatures.

The black radiance coming out of their eyes came from fake cores that he had installed inside those creatures. Those dragons were now perfect puppets that could show their real power once they joined a battle.

The guild's group launched attacks against those beasts, and they died quickly, but more reptilian heads peeked out of the darkness and fixed their eyes on those cultivators.

That army counted more than three hundred specimens after the reptilian heads stopped appearing. Only a few of them had eyes that radiated a black light, but the others weren't too weaker than them.

Still, they were less durable, so they took the vanguard as they charged toward the group of experts. The swarm of dragons crashed on those cultivators and struggled violently to inflict as many casualties as possible.

Noah didn't even need to move. He could watch that battle from a safe position with the Demonic Sword and Snore waiting for their moment to s.h.i.+ne.


Author's notes: I need another hour or so for the last chapter. I'll publish it once I'm done.

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