Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1380 1380. Three attacks

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Chapter 1380 1380. Three attacks

Boss Van showed an unsightly expression at Divine Demon's sudden increase of power. He was aware of the expert's individuality since that wasn't their first meeting, but he couldn't avoid triggering its effects.

Divine Demon smiled before bringing his hand to his mouth. Another whistle came out of his figure, and the dragons turned their mouths toward Boss Van at that order.

A series of scarlet flames filled the sky as the dragons attacked. Even the two creatures in the upper tier behind Divine Demon helped in that offensive by releasing fire that merged with their companion's ability.

Boss Van didn't dodge the flames. A soft wind blew out of his figure and fended off the incoming attacks, creating a safe aura around him. Not even the fire in the upper tier could pierce that spell.

Divine Demon whistled again at that point. Dense energy came out of the dragons at that order, and their flames morphed under its effects. The fire that had filled the sky transformed into two ma.s.sive clawed legs that slashed at Boss Van.

The guild's leader couldn't ignore the dragon's offensive anymore after those creatures activated their innate ability. They were simple magical beasts, but their power wasn't something that he could underestimate when they worked together.

"One month," Boss Van said, and a wave of condensed air blew out of his figure.

Those gales destroyed the fiery legs and continued to fly until they reached the creatures behind them. Most of the lower tier dragons died after that attack, and those in the middle tier suffered severe injuries after the condensed air ripped their scales off.

Divine Demon shook his head as he released a loud sigh. The death of his dragons didn't seem to bother him. Instead, he appeared tired when he saw that scene.

"Do you know how hard is it to find dragons of the same species in the higher plane?" Divine Demon said in a low voice. "I had to explore the Outer Lands for centuries to find these specimens!"

"Why don't you fight me with your power then?" Boss Van asked.

"This battle would be too easy to win if I use my spells," Divine Demon said before sighing again. "I wouldn't improve at all like that. You don't even have the guts to fight me on your own!"

Boss Van's eyes sharpened when he heard those words. Only Noah knew that his guild was there, so Divine Demon's remarks led to a single conclusion.

"I have it!" Divine Demon exclaimed as the redness radiated by his eyes intensified. "Let's make a bet. I will only use three spells. You can have my life if you survive them."

"What makes you think that I will play this game?" Boss Van said, but Divine Demon had already brought his hand to his mouth by the end of his line.

Another whistle resounded in the area, and the remaining dragons dived back into the ground after that order. Only Divine Demon and Boss Van remained in the sky at that point, but the atmosphere became tenser after that event.

Boss Van wanted to add something, but Divine Demon ignored him as he gathered his energy. He turned his palm upward and closed his eyes as his aura spread through the sky.

Divine Demon's aura was intense. It carried his desire to win, and the environment morphed under its effects. The "Breath" in the area gathered around him while its nature changed. That energy featured multiple elements and true meaning before, but it transformed into "Breath" of the water element after it entered Divine Demon's range.

Boss Van's eyes widened. A dangerous sensation had invaded his mind, but it was too late for him. He couldn't dodge the incoming attack anymore. He could only activate another defensive spell.

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"One year!" Boss Van shouted as Divine Demon began to raise his palm.

The members of Boss Van's guild launched their spells at that order. They had remained hidden inside the forest until now, but their attacks didn't take their opponent by surprise.

The "Breath" of the water element around Divine Demon moved on its own and created a series of whirlpools that protected him from the ma.s.sive array of spells that had flown toward him. The world didn't want him to lose, so it acted to stop that offensive.

"This doesn't count!" Divine Demon shouted as he glanced at the troops hidden inside the forest.

The intense aura that accompanied his gaze forced those weaker cultivators to stop their offensive. They felt as if they were suffocating when Divine Demon's individuality fell on them and applied its pressure.

"I won't be your opponent," Divine Demon said after he studied what he could perceive of those troops. "My heir will take care of you."

"Heir?" Boss Van asked as winds blew out of his injuries to heal them.

His appearance continued to age as he used his "Breath". His individuality appeared connected with his lifespan, and his body grew after he consumed part of it.

"Him," Divine Demon said as he pointed toward a seemingly random spot in the forest.

Boss Van focused on that spot and saw a hooded Noah trying to sneak closer to his underlings. The attention of the other members of his guild also went there. They didn't fail to notice a figure moving at high speed through the trees.

Noah sensed that the battlefield's attention had moved on him, and a helpless expression appeared on his face as he shot an annoyed glance toward Divine Demon.

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