Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1368 1368. Cooperation

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Chapter 1368 1368. Cooperation

Hearing that name made Noah's mind go back in time, to when he was only a human cultivator inside the Chasing Demon sect.

Obtaining Divine Demon's inheritance had brought Noah immense benefits. The Divine Deduction technique had been a core aspect of his entire journey, and the Copying Technique had allowed the Hive to seize political relevance.

Divine Demon was also the creator of the Demon Sects. He was a complete monster who could excel both in the inscription field and on the battlefield.

According to the stories told by the other Demons, Divine Demon was ruthless and overbearing. He would even throw his disciples into packs of dragons to test their potential.

Noah didn't feel surprised that the expert had made a few enemies. He had done the same right after his ascension in the end. Yet, he didn't expect to hear his name in that situation.

Chief Ash noticed the changes in Noah's expression when he heard that name. Noah rarely failed to mask his reactions, but he couldn't help himself there.

Divine Demon's name was too valuable for him. Noah was his heir and the leader who had brought the Demon Sects back to the peak of the lower plane. Saying that he had a connection with that expert couldn't explain the entirety of that relations.h.i.+p.

"Do you know where he is now?" Chief Ash asked.

She had confirmed that Noah knew Divine Demon, and that changed her situation. Noah had suddenly become the key to obtain an advantageous position inside the secret organization. Roping him in had become her priority.

Noah shook his head while wearing a cold expression. He had no reason to lie, but he felt that he could exploit that situation to his advantage.

The drawbacks of his ambition would eventually arrive, so he had to find a solution to that stall. The vagueness of his current power made him unwilling to fight again. Still, he didn't want to let go of that chance.

"Are you allies?" Chief Ash asked with a tinge of annoyance.

She could understand what Noah was doing, but she had no way to stop it. Chief Ash also wanted to avoid a fight after witnessing Noah's recklessness. She didn't know how far he was willing to go to remain alive.

"I only heard legends about him in the lower plane," Noah replied. "We don't have any relations.h.i.+p. His name had survived after his ascension, and I've heard it a few times."

"Why do you share the name Demon then?" Chief Ash continued.

"He started this tradition," Noah replied. "It's nothing more than a name used to label troublesome cultivators."

Chief Ash felt disappointed when she heard that. She didn't have great hopes, but she expected to gain something from a cultivator who had ascended from the same plane.

Noah was now useless in her eyes when it came to the search for Divine Demon. He was only a cultivator with a bounty on his head that she wanted to recruit in her force.

Silence fell in the area after that last exchange of lines. Both sides didn't know what to do. They only knew that they wanted to avoid a battle.

"Don't you want one million Soul Stones?" Noah taunted Chief Ash at some point.

He wanted to hurry her to decide, but his words did not affect the expert. Chief Ash didn't let Noah distract her.

'I'm only wasting time here,' Noah thought before turning toward the tallest mountain on the Rumbling Region and setting off.

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"Where are you going?" Chief Ash quickly asked.

'The original Divine Deduction technique!' Noah exclaimed in his mind.

He was the only one in the world to know how Divine Demon could be so valuable even among talents. Noah also carried the Divine Deduction technique, but he had yet to obtain the power to modify it.

The same wouldn't be true for that mighty expert. Noah felt sure that Divine Demon had improved his iconic technique and had brought it to a superior level.

If Noah had to be completely honest, he wanted to meet Divine Demon. Interacting with powerful experts usually benefitted his individuality, and he felt deep grat.i.tude toward that expert.

However, cultivators could change during their lives, especially after the ascension. The new environment gave everyone the chance to start again, and Noah didn't know if Divine Demon had seized it.

Noah didn't want to meet Divine Demon and find that he didn't care about his heir. That would only put Noah in danger. The unknown made everything connected to that expert quite foggy.

"Do you know where he is now?" Noah asked after a few seconds of silence.

"We have hints and traces," Chief Ash answered.

Noah thought for a while before giving a conclusive answer. "I can join you in the search for Divine Demon, but I want some rewards upfront. Moreover, I want to explore the h.e.l.lish Landscape properly before leaving the Land of the Fallen."

Chief Ash understood that she couldn't obtain a better deal in that situation. She couldn't force Noah, and she needed manpower for the task anyway. As for the rewards, she would come up with something later.

"Deal," Chief Ash said. "We will leave the Land of the Fallen and wait for you in Silkpost city. We will set off to find and hunt Divine Demon after you leave this place."

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