Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1366 1366. Holes

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Chapter 1366 1366. Holes

Lady Lena's pillars didn't attack randomly. She had initially focused on the dark world due to that technique's annoying properties, but she redirected her condensed tides toward the incoming offensive when she sensed it.

The pillars curved as they moved toward the dark beam, the army of spiders, and Night. The Pterodactyl was the only a.s.set fast enough to dodge them, but Lady Lena's technique managed to slow down its advance anyway.

The spiders couldn't do anything. The workshop wasn't complete since Noah had yet to add cores to its creations, so the creatures exploded into a wave of dark matter when the pillars. .h.i.t them.

The dark beam could continue to fly forward even when multiple pillars converged on its position. Still, Lady Lena soon focused on that ability and made most of her dense tide target it.

Snore's innate ability eventually stopped moving, and the endlessness carried by Lady Lena's individuality made the pillars pierce that violent dark matter. The dense tides soon reached the Blood Companion's head and destroyed it.

Noah's sensed Snore's pain, but he didn't help it. The Blood Companion had performed its role flawlessly. Lady Lena had used most of her pillars to stop its incredible ability, and that gave Noah the chance to reach her.

The same went for Night. The Pterodactyl could finally move freely when the pillars converged on Snore, and its figure soon appeared above Lady Lena. The creature disappeared to attack the defensive sphere, and the Demonic Sword remained outside to slash at the same target.

The army of spiders reached the azure sphere an instant later. Every grain of dark matter in the area had transformed into those simple creatures and given birth to hundreds of specimens. Lady Lena found herself surrounded by a swarm of reckless magical beasts that a.s.saulted her defense without hesitation.

The pillars moved to fend off the spiders and slow down the blade's offensive, but a crack suddenly opened on her sphere. Her tide immediately flowed to fix it, but Noah appeared there and stabbed his hands on the edge of the fissure.

Corrosive smoke and dark matter flowed out of his chest to create his two layers of armor. He took the form of a fiendish creature that pulled with its claws to widen the breach created through Night's efforts.

Lady Lena wanted to launch another ability, but the corrosive smoke seeped through the crack and forced her to activate another defensive technique. Her skin began to glow with azure light, and the Demonic Form found itself unable to touch it.

Yet, using that defensive spell had given Noah the time to muster his strength. His clawed fingers stabbed the endless waves and forced them apart as he pulled with both his arms.

Noah could feel an immense force piercing the armor on his hands and digging through his skin. Injuries appeared on his body again, but he was so focused that he barely sensed them.

Lady Lena felt alarmed when she saw that her tides couldn't stop Noah's physical strength. They never stopped flowing, but they couldn't defend against the physical strength of a monster.

Noah widened the crack and used his claws to tear pieces of that azure sphere. Most of them vanished in the distance after Noah threw them into the scarlet flames above. Still, a few exploded in his hands and unleashed all the power that they were capable of.

The explosions almost flung Noah's away, but the army of spiders and his physical might allowed him to hold his position. Lady Lena felt terrified at that sight. Not even some of her strongest abilities could deal with Noah's immense strength.

When Noah felt that he had enough room to attack, he lunged with his stretched claws directly toward the expert's throat. He wanted to kill her in one blow.

Lady Lena didn't let that happen. The tides around her exploded and deviated Noah's arm, which stabbed her chest. The wound was deep and her from side to side, but it was pointless against a cultivator at her level.

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The heart was nothing more than an organ that pumped blood. Cultivators could easily patch those injuries with "Breath" and mental energy until they could focus on healing properly.

"This is the end, beast," Lady Lena said as pillars came out from the remains of her azure sphere and landed on Noah.

Noah held strong, but the pillars soon pierced his skin and ravaged his insides. Two large holes formed on his torso and those wounds enlarged as the rotating attacks moved toward his head.

Lady Lena could see her victory, but a dark beam suddenly landed on her and pushed her higher into the sky. Noah kept his fingers stretched and sealed his grasp only when her dantian landed on his palm. A rain of blood followed the act, and screams of pain echoed in the environment.

Noah raised his head and saw Lady Lena standing among flames with power in the upper tier. Snore had used the dark matter released by the spider to form its head and launch a final attack against Lady Lena.

The expert still had her azure s.h.i.+eld active under her feet, but the violent dark matter carried so much might that it pushed Lady Lena directly into the sky.

Since Noah had his clawed hand stabbed in her chest, he could seize her dantian as the dark beam flung her above. The s.h.i.+ning organ was in his palm, and he didn't hesitate to eat it.

Noah still feared for his condition. He didn't know what had happened with his ambition, but he couldn't risk running out of power now.

A series of presences appeared in the distance, but Noah couldn't care less about them. He unfolded his dark world again and spewed black flames to weaken the fire in the sky and heal the deep injuries on his torso.

Lady Lena screamed when she saw her dantian ending up in Noah's mouth, but no sound came out of her mouth when he flew through his flames to grab her and bring her back to the ground.

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