Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1364 1364. Domains

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Chapter 1364 1364. Domains

Lady Lena unfolded her aura and created another tide that began to crash on Noah. She wouldn't wait for him to recover. Her survival instincts were telling her that it was better to finish him off quickly.

The flames in the sky transformed into a scarlet sea that flew toward Noah. Waves crashed on his spot again, and more tremors ran through the Rumbling Region after her attack.

Lady Lena didn't stop there. She quickly cast her ability again and created more waves around her figure. The sky continued to fall on Noah. The expert could launch an endless attack that would never stop.

A silver halo soon shone from inside her scarlet waves, and a black spot spread until it filled the entire ground. Dark flames began to burn Lady Lena's waters and send energy toward their center.

Lady Lena tried to create more waves, but the flames didn't stop. They kept expanding and threatened to reach her position since they were following her spell.

The expert had to dodge. Lady Lena cut her connection with the tide and shot higher in the sky while dragging her underlings with her. The trio was unable to think properly with Noah's aura filling the environment. They could only stare at the sky in wonder.

The flames expanded until they covered the entire Rumbling Region. Any magical plant or beast with power near the bottom of the middle tier or below died under the violence of Noah's ability.

The energy contained in their bodies then converged toward the source of the flames. The powerful beings in the area couldn't understand what was happening, but they decided to hold back their offensive when they heard a draconic roar spreading through the landma.s.s.

The fire shrunk after it consumed everything that it could. Lady Lena observed the scene, and her eyes sharpened when she saw the shape of a cultivator appearing among the condensing flames.

"You have my grat.i.tude," Noah said as he straightened his position.

His robe and body had reformed after the flames had taken all the available energy on the landma.s.s. Lady Lena couldn't find a single injury on his body. Noah had returned to his previous condition, except that his cultivation level was in the liquid stage now.

"You won't be so grateful after I kill you again," Lady Lena answered as the upper part of the sky took a liquid form.

Noah limited himself to reveal a cold smile. The time for words was over. He only wanted to test his new power now.

A deafening roar came out of his mouth as he raised his head to the sky. He felt his ambition exploding. He sensed his need to turn the whole environment under his control.

Noah had never sensed such intense power. Every inch of his body cheered, and his mind expanded. The world around him transformed due to the aura that he released. Black lines appeared in its fabric and strengthened its structure.

His ambition was raging energy that forced everything to evolve. Impurities began to fell from the landma.s.s, and the surviving creatures in the area neared the battlefield to bathe in his aura.

The magical beasts and plants could sense Noah's ambition's beneficial properties, and they didn't hesitate to get closer to his influence. Even Lady Lena felt compelled to let that individuality affect her tissues.

'I can do it in this state!' Noah thought as an ethereal figure took form inside his mind.

His thoughts surged to give birth to a six-legged spider. A ma.s.sive amount of mental energy flowed inside that figure and filled it with rules and orders. The creature soon took life and flew inside the mental sea to join the other runes.

Lady Lena suppressed her desire to bathe in Noah's ambition and waved her hand. The scarlet water acc.u.mulated above her separated to form a series of torrents that fell toward Noah. The whole sky converged toward him, but he didn't feel the slightest danger at that sight.

The Demonic Sword roared as Noah waved it. The blade seemed heavy. It was as if it carried the weight of the whole world while it slashed toward the falling torrents.

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Lady Lena's mind screamed in fear, and she quickly performed an evasive maneuver to dodge the incoming attack. When she turned to inspect her ability, she saw that a large chunk of her scarlet sea had disappeared and that black lines were expanding from that spot.

Lady Lena threw her edge of the column toward Noah. It was only as big as a man's fist on that end, but it rotated quickly and began to dig Noah's skin when it landed on him.

The attack consumed water, but Lady Lena had connected the column to the liquid sky above her. That attack could theoretically be endless in that situation. It wouldn't stop until it pierced Noah.

'This suppression is similar to my dark world,' Noah thought as his smile widened.

He was in danger. Lady Lena was the strongest opponent that he had ever met. However, he couldn't hold back his happiness. The power that ran through his body made him feel ecstatic.

Still, Lady Lena's aura was starting to suppress his individuality. Her endlessness seemed able to overwhelm his ambition. Noah grew weaker with each second that he pa.s.sed in that situation.

Noah's black hole rotated faster than ever. Cracks appeared in the liquid air as dark matter flowed inside his black veins and pushed his physical might above his natural limits.

Lady Lena could suppress his individuality thanks to her experience in the liquid stage, but she couldn't restrain him. Noah's hand slowly took the form of a claw and slashed toward the column.

Noah's movement was slow, but it managed to launch a slash that severed the column and forced Lady Lena to retreat.

The Crystal City's expert didn't let go of her control of the area during her retreat. She continued to make pressure and attacks converge on Noah, but a dense black gas came out of his chest and forced its way through her domain.

Lady Lena's individuality was still stronger than Noah's dark matter, but a violent beam and a shadow flew behind her and forced her to dodge again. During that instant of distraction, the dark world reached her and enveloped her figure.

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