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Chapter 1353 1353. Expensive

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Chapter 1353 1353. Expensive

Noah couldn't see the changes in the Pyramid because he was running as fast as he could toward the exit. Still, the guards outside the structure could inspect the events through the sensors previously placed by the experts of the Balrow family.

Chief Etta and the guards had seen that Noah had succeeded in entering some protected areas. Their interest in him had skyrocketed at that point. They couldn't let such a powerful and talented inscription master escape from their clutches.

Still, they forgot about Noah when the Pyramid began to tremble. Their sensors sent signals that they couldn't completely understand. It was as if the whole structure had taken life after Noah cleared the secret room in the first layer.

The guards saw how a ma.s.sive amount of energy flowed toward the top of the Pyramid in an area that even the experts in the eighth rank couldn't find.

They didn't know what was happening, but they believed that Noah had the answers that their questions. His recruitment couldn't be the priority in front of the activation of such a majestic structure.

Noah ran through the secret pa.s.sage as fast as he could. He knew that the Balrow family would question him once he came out of the Pyramid, so he wanted to exploit his only advantage in that situation.

The Balrow family wasn't exactly there. The Pyramid was empty since no one was attempting to retrieve the items inside it.

Mere guards couldn't decide to restrain him after his services in the inscription hall. Chief Etta also was the highest-ranked cultivator in the area, so Noah had a chance to escape if the situation became too unfavorable.

Their lack of preparation for that strange event was Noah's only advantage. He had to exit the Pyramid before the guards could receive orders from the higher-ups.

Noah didn't take much to leave the Pyramid. He was in the farthest zone from the entrance, but he only had to cross a series of secret pa.s.sages to return there. The light radiated by the underground area shone in his eyes after less than two hours.

Chief Etta was waiting for him in front of the entrance, but Noah didn't feel surprised about that. He would actually believe that the Balrow family knew something more about the Pyramid if he didn't see the guards' concerned faces when he came out of the structure.

"Can we talk?" Chief Etta said when she saw Noah coming out of the Pyramid.

Noah revealed an aloof expression at her sight. Chief Etta wasn't showing her aura, but she seemed ready to do it if Noah did something strange.

The Pyramid continued to tremble. Noah sensed the walls of the entrance shaking around him while he kept his reptilian eyes on the guard. Chief Etta wore a stern expression, but he could see traces of hesitation on her face.

"I'm in a hurry," Noah replied while maintaining an aloof expression. "A friend has an opportunity for me. I can't be late."

Chief Etta didn't believe Noah at all. She had talked with Saul during her investigation of his background. She knew that Noah was nothing more than a newly ascended cultivator who had lived in the wilderness for some years.

Still, she couldn't force him to stay on the island against his will without ruining every hope of a friendly relations.h.i.+p. Noah was an a.s.set that the Balrow family was interested in obtaining, and she didn't want to be the reason behind an enmity.

Noah's words had a hidden meaning. He had purposely revealed that an opportunity was waiting for him somewhere, meaning that he would lose something if he didn't leave immediately.

That put a price on his time. It told Chief Etta that she had to pay Noah to obtain answers.

Chief Etta wasn't an inexperienced expert who had lived her life in the shadow of a ma.s.sive organization. She was a leader among the guards, and that spoke for her ability.

She was aware of the advantages given by her position, while Noah was a simple talent with no important affiliation. The only thing that concerned her was his name, but she could easily ignore that detail since she lacked proof.

"What happened inside the Pyramid?" Chief Etta asked without mentioning what Noah had said before.

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"I will gladly sell you a report once the matter with my friend is over," Noah replied as he pretended that the tremors around him didn't exist.

Chief Etta could sense the honesty carried by Noah's words. He was purposely revealing his intentions in that situation to show that he was playing by the rules.

"What did you do inside the Pyramid then?" Chief Etta pressed on with another question, but Noah didn't answer. He limited himself to stretch his arm forward.

Chief Etta snorted and turned toward one of the guards to whisper a few orders. The cultivator shot outside of that underground area only to return a few minutes later with a green s.p.a.ce-ring.

The guard gave the s.p.a.ce-ring to Chief Etta, and she waved her hand. Ten thousand Soul Stones ama.s.sed on the ground in front of her, and Noah didn't hesitate to leap forward to store them.

"I found a secret pa.s.sage behind the last protected area," Noah said before adding another detail. "I have reason to believe that every layer has something similar."

"How can you be so sure?" Chef Etta asked as she threw ten thousand Soul Stones on the ground again.

Noah stored the money and smiled at her to indicate that he wouldn't answer until she paid for it. He didn't like to be in a position where she could refuse to give him Soul Stones at the last second.

Chief Etta waved the ring again, and more Soul Stones fell on the ground. Noah stored them in an instant and sighed before giving an honest answer.

"I've met the will of the Pyramid," Noah explained. "You need to satisfy certain conditions and clear specific rooms to gain access to the secret paths that lead to that area."

Noah and Chief Etta exchanged a long glance at that point. She wanted to question him more, but he was too expensive. Also, he had already given satisfying answers. That was enough for now.

Chief Etta nodded, and Noah bowed before walking past her to leave the underground area. His time with the Pyramid was over, but he had one last trick in mind. There was a chance to keep that structure open to the public.

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