Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1330 1330. Books

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Chapter 1330 1330. Books

The brightness of the library filled Noah's vision. The structure resembled an immense palace on the outside, but its insides appeared far bigger.

Something stretched the s.p.a.ce inside the structure and made it far bigger than it could be. Bookshelves filled the hundreds of meters large main hall, and a large staircase circled the walls and led to the upper floors.

Noah could see more bookshelves from the few balconies on the upper floors. Cultivators browsed them while sitting on luxurious sofas, and the scenery wasn't much different in the main hall.

Multiple reading areas divided the many bookshelves. Some of them had specific purposes, and a few even held a series of cultivators discussing specific topics. Experts could even create groups there before venturing outside of Vagona city.

The areas that held discussions or groups of cultivators didn't let any sound escape from their edges. Complete silence filled the library, and some runes placed on its walls even absorbed the noise made by the turning of pages.

There were even catalogs that listed the services offered by the library. A series of waiters occupied every reading area and advised any cultivator in need.

Noah felt utterly lost in that environment, but a waiter quickly noticed his confusion and led him toward a white screen after exchanging a few polite lines.

The screen had an interactive list that reacted to the mental waves. Noah only needed to think about what he desired to read, and a series of names would appear on the device.

The waiter confirmed that Noah could read anything in the main hall of the library for free. That structure only featured an entrance fee and a payment to enter the upper floors.

Noah could also purchase wine and other goods to accompany his reading, but he wouldn't waste money before obtaining a general idea of how the Immortal Lands worked.

'This is even better than I expected,' Noah thought as more names appeared on the screen. 'Can I even read all of them in three months?'

Noah had seen thousands of names flas.h.i.+ng in his vision as his mental waves interacted with the device. He had so many questions that the list on the screen never stopped changing.

'This will take too long if I don't do it properly,' Noah concluded before calling one of the waiters.

The waiter was a tall man in the gaseous stage. He wore a tight pale-blue robe just like the other cultivators working inside the structure, and he didn't hesitate to help Noah with his issue.

Of course, Noah had to pay for that service. Ten of his Soul Stones disappeared from his separate s.p.a.ce as he questioned the waiter about his many doubts.

The library was simply too big, and it contained multiple versions of the same books. Experts would also create essays on some of those tomes, so Noah had no idea which one would be best for him.

Instead, the waiter advised him to read specific tomes and scrolls after hearing about his needs. Noah ended up with more than a hundred books even after that skimming process, but he couldn't reduce their number any more than that.

The waiter took care of bringing all the books to the reading area chosen by Noah, and he even carried some cheap wine to complete his service.

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For Noah, that cheap wine was the best he had ever tasted. He could sense the divine materials used in its creation, and he felt strange when his mind calmed down.

The two sides had multiple leaders and even more underlings. The humans had also divided themselves into countless organizations, and the magical beasts had done something similar with their packs.

The library couldn't teach him about the various alliances among those forces. Noah would need to resort to specific services of the library to obtain those updates, but he didn't have enough money to purchase them.

'I guess I need to memorize the political alliances once I see them,' Noah concluded once he stopped studying the families and the various organizations that filled the human side.

Noah studied tomes that spoke about the cultivation journey in the divine ranks. Those teachings weren't detailed, and they were mostly guesses of cultivators that had managed to advance in the past. Their experience was enough to confirm the idea that had brewed in his mind after the events in the inscription hall.

He was already on the right path, according to those books. Divine cultivators needed to evolve through their individuality, and that involved affecting the world with their law.

Their true meaning had to suppress the rules of the world around them and turn it into their domain. It was similar to the effects of the dark world, but cultivators had to apply them without relying on techniques and spells.

'So, I need to use my ambition to force my cultivation level to improve,' Noah summarized in his mind, 'But I can avoid using my individuality if I train more on affecting the world around me. I guess this process changes depending on the true meaning.'


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