Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1310 1310. Order

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Chapter 1310 1310. Order

'There is no end to them!' Noah cursed in his mind when he heard the other magical beasts.

'I will become an easy target if I escape in the sky,' Noah thought as he tried to plan his next move. 'The world's structure is also quite st.u.r.dy here. I don't think I can use my movement technique without modifying it first.'

Many of the magical beasts attacking Noah had long-range attacks that could reach him if he decided to escape in the air. Some of them could even follow him, and a few were flying creatures.

'I guess I can't hold back anymore,' Noah concluded as he prepared himself to use his darkness.




The two cultivators in the sky had continued to observe Noah's battle. They let out surprised gasps from time to time, and they had even developed an interest in Noah's companions.

Zach had been in that position multiple times before. It was his job to oversee that landing zone and take care of all the newly ascended existences.

His job didn't require him to kill the newbies, but that happened whenever he found existences unwilling to swear the oath. He didn't even need to attack them most times. He could let the tide of magical beasts handle them.

However, Noah had shown his incredible battle prowess in that battle. He rarely let his opponents' abilities. .h.i.t him, and many of them couldn't even manage to pierce his skin.

Moreover, his attacks always managed to hurt his opponents. It didn't take much before injuries appeared on the entire group of magical beasts.

"Didn't you say that no one can overcome the tide without external help?" Miss Canson asked as a curious smile appeared on her face.

"Only nine beasts can't form a tide," Zach replied, and ten different roars soon resounded in the environment.

Ten magical beasts left their lairs and reached the battlefield to join the injured creatures in their a.s.sault at Noah. They were still unable to gain the upper hand in the fight, but their attacks finally inflicted some deep wound on his body.

Noah's body was incredible, but it couldn't withstand the innate abilities of almost twenty rank 7 magical beasts. That number of creatures could fill the gap that separated them from Noah.

"We should prepare," Zach said when he saw that Noah had begun to suffer from that difference in numbers. "The beasts will defeat him soon."

Miss Canson nodded and took out a white sword that was hard to see among the whiteness radiated by the sky. However, as soon as the duo began to descend, the entire area went dark for an instant.

When the light returned to the world, Miss Canson saw that Zach had moved in front of her and had taken out a yellow sheet that had a series of intricate runes drawn on its surface.

Zach had prioritized defending Miss Canson during that strange event. In his long life, he had never seen the light of the sky vanis.h.i.+ng so abruptly, but it didn't take him much to understand the cause behind that phenomenon.

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The duo remained stunned when they looked toward the ground. A blinding silver halo hovered in the area, and a wave of black flames covered the entire battlefield.

Only the weaker creatures in the group didn't manage to reject Noah's orders, but that was enough to prove his superiority. Miss Canson didn't know much about hybrids, but Zach knew that they could command other creatures when their power surpa.s.sed theirs.

It wasn't a surprise that Noah could use it. Yet, the magical beasts that his roar could submit gave Zach an idea of his target's power, and he didn't like what he understood.

Noah killed the beasts that didn't manage to ignore his order and stored their corpses in the separate s.p.a.ce. He then dispersed the Demonic Form and finished absorbing the lumps of flames that were flying toward him.

His injuries had healed in an instant, so he almost returned at his peak. He even had a small amount of darkness left, so he didn't feel the need to rest just yet.

Zach's expression became cold when he saw Noah studying the area, and he gestured to Miss Canson to remain hidden in the sky while he took care of the matter. She limited herself to nod, but her eyes couldn't leave the newly ascended warrior that had managed to fend off the threatening tide of beasts.

Noah wanted to cultivate right away, but he didn't feel safe in that place. Night had only hinted to the landing zones, but he could vaguely guess what it meant with those words.

The tunnel seen in the lower plane made him feel quite sure about his theory. Unless the white pa.s.sages for the Immortal Lands moved, they would force the cultivators to land on specific areas.

The holes seen from the outside of the white sky were another hint that supported his theory. Cultivators and other divine existences could only pa.s.s through them to enter the Immortal Lands, which would easily lead to the creation of hunting areas.

Noah was picking a direction when he sensed the arrival of another existence. That event made him worried since the cultivator had appeared out of nowhere, but he slightly relaxed when he didn't feel any killing intent coming from that cultivator.

When he turned, Zach performed a polite bow to greet him.

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