Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1304 1304. Separate space

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Chapter 1304 1304. Separate s.p.a.ce

Noah couldn't cultivate since the world didn't have enough energy to enlarge his dantian, and it also lacked materials that could improve his body. Yet, he could create a superior version of his spherical rune now that his black hole had become stable.

The dark matter was the core material of his Will-consuming runes. His mental energy could work together with the higher energy to create a tool capable of applying pressure to his mind.

Noah felt better after his mind began to enlarge again. Its growth was minimal due to the lack of primary energy in the spherical rune, but that was better than nothing, especially in his current situation.

The training technique was already complete. Noah only needed to reach the Immortal Lands to gain access to the energy that he required.

After that, Noah focused on improving his spells. The process went smoothly due to the Divine Deduction technique, but it differed from what he expected.

His rank 7 mind allowed Noah to consider his existence as a single law, without the differences among his centers of power. The modifications on the spells couldn't only consider a few aspects of his individuality anymore.

His previous modifications didn't take into consideration his black hole. The dark matter had always been in its own realm, and Noah lacked the expertise needed to fuse it with his spells.

However, his existence had become complete after his centers of power entered the divine realms. Noah carried the true meaning of his ambition now, and his a.s.sets were only branches of that individuality.

When the Divine Deduction technique a.n.a.lyzed his spells, his mind automatically tore them apart to rebuild them from scratch. The core idea that they carried didn't suit Noah's new status anymore, so he had to create something entirely different.

His black hole worked together with the Divine Deduction technique to push Noah's mind beyond its limits. Traces of his ambition also surged toward that center of power to improve it further.

Noah's mental capabilities reached an insane level when those a.s.sets worked together. Lumps of dark matter flowed out of his black hole to fuse with the spells' core ideas and create runes that could use the higher energy as a fuel.

His spells evolved. The modifications reshaped them into a form that matched Noah's law and expressed the entirety of his power.

Noah completed the modifications in less than half a century. He couldn't wait to test their power, but he had to hold back to focus on his other projects.

He only needed to complete one last project before he could focus on matters that didn't involve his power.

s.p.a.ce-rings were some of the most essential inscribed items in the cultivation world. Their utility didn't need explanations, but they often had limits connected to their level.

Noah's rings were in the same situation. He would soon approach the Immortal Lands, but his storage items weren't able to withstand the pressure radiated by divine materials.

The divine diagram obtained in Shandal's separate dimension was an exception since it didn't express its pressure when inactive. His s.p.a.ce-rings would lose their usefulness in the Immortal Lands.

'How do I create s.p.a.ce-rings in the seventh rank without materials?' Noah wondered as he used the Divine Deduction technique to improve his mind.

His thoughts eventually led to an obvious conclusion. Noah couldn't create rank 7 s.p.a.ce-rings even if he asked Second Prince for help.

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Noah wouldn't give up so easily. He had only concluded that he couldn't build improved versions of his usual storage items, but they weren't necessary if he could create something with similar functions.

Still, Noah couldn't be sure about that until he tried to store powerful materials inside the separate s.p.a.ce. The fact that it could contain the Demonic Sword and Night was enough for now.

After that last project was over, Noah began to think about his inheritance properly. He already had an idea of what he would leave behind, but he was uncertain about the trials to create.

'I need to create trials that human cultivators can overcome,' Noah thought as he flew toward the entrance of the separate dimension, 'But I can't use me as an example.'

Noah was aware that his power had always been off the charts. He had done his best to exploit the advantage given by his transmigration, so he had always been one level above his generation.

'Divine Demon put rank 4 magical beasts in his dimension,' Noah continued, 'But he allowed group fights in that part of his inheritance. This is not what I want to do.'

Inheritances often targeted human cultivators because they had yet to approach their individuality. That was the best time to understand where their path would lead them.

Inheritances meant for heroic cultivators usually consisted of techniques, spells, and materials that could support them in the last part of their journey, but Noah desired to create something different. He wanted to build a place where lone cultivators could s.h.i.+ne.

As for the contents of the inheritance, Noah had already decided what he would leave behind. He had two studies that could allow a cultivator to defy Heaven and Earth's limits, and he planned to give them to whoever managed to overcome his trials.

Of course, he was thinking about the Elemental Forging method and the research about higher energy.

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