Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1299 1299. Dangerous

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Chapter 1299 1299. Dangerous

The figure didn't answer. It continued to float in the air while the world cheered at its arrival.

Something told Noah that the figure wasn't similar to Earth. It didn't seem to be a sentient being. It was a simple embodiment of the true form of the Heaven Tribulation.

'A ma.s.s of destructive power with a few wills,' Noah concluded in his mind.

Noah decided to make the first move since the figure appeared unresponsive. He wanted to end the Tribulation quickly to focus on his ascension, and he had to defeat that existence to reach that phase.

Snore opened its mouth to launch its dark beam again. The violent energy flew toward Heaven, but it stopped before touching it.

The raging dark matter contained in Snore's innate ability didn't seem able to reach the figure. The intense energy radiated by the divine sparks destroyed the beam before it could engulf Heaven.

The danger in the back of Noah's mind suddenly spiked after that attack. Snore also sensed the threat, and it interrupted its beam to break that connection with Heaven. However, it was one instant too slow.

A loud rumbling noise filled the sky as a lightning bolt shot out of the orange figure and destroyed the dark beam. That violent energy pierced the attack and reached Snore in an instant.

Snore's head exploded when the lightning bolt hit the creature. The sparks that it carried spread through the Blood Companion and destroyed every inch of its body.

A painful hiss resounded inside Noah's mind after the clash. Cracks opened on Snore's ethereal figure and almost destroyed its consciousness. That single attack had injured the Blood Companion and had rendered it useless in the battle.

Noah's eyes widened at that sight. Snore wasn't in the divine realm because its power depended on his darkness, but it was still a being capable of quasi-divine might!

However, Heaven's attack had almost killed it. One lightning bolt with power in the divine ranks had been enough to force the Blood Companion out of that battle.

Noah promptly called Night back and stored his Demonic Sword. It was clear that Heaven could destroy the a.s.sets that weren't in the divine ranks, and he couldn't risk the lives of his companions in that battle.

Snore, Night, and the Demonic Sword were a core aspect of his battle prowess. Their potential was limitless, but they didn't have the chance to reach the divine ranks since Noah's dantian had yet to advance.

Only Night could grow on its own, but it had been unable to fill its requirements. Noah had already planned to help it, but he had prioritized his breakthroughs in the past centuries, and the Pterodactyl had been busy protecting him.

Heaven disappeared after Night and the Demonic Sword returned inside the s.p.a.ce-ring. Noah's smile vanished when he sensed how fast that figure was, but he didn't lose track of it.

Noah punched at his side, and pain spread from his knuckles as a loud crackling noise resounded in the sky. When he turned, he saw that Heaven's fist had clashed with his attack.

The lightning bolts running through Heaven's body seeped in Noah's skin and managed to break it. Injuries opened on his hand as the two fists remained connected.

Heaven appeared surprised that Noah's physical power could match its blows. Its vague facial features didn't reveal any emotion, but Noah could sense the s.h.i.+ft in its mindset from the aura that it radiated.

A cold smile appeared on Noah's face again. His hand shot to grab the figure's wrist, and black smoke started to come out of his skin.

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Noah didn't care that the lightning bolts crackling on Heaven's body injured his palm and spread through his arm. He would gladly sacrifice a limb or two to destroy that threat.

The lightning bolts on its arm separated while Heaven fixed its body. Noah tightened his grasp and destroyed a chunk of sparks, but his opponent's hand fused back with the figure before he could seize it.

A series of lightning bolts then shot out of the figure. They crashed on Noah and managed to fling him back now that he had lost his handhold.

Noah fell in the sea, but he managed to stop himself before reaching the seabed. Multiple injuries had appeared on his torso, but he ignored them as he stared at the blinding orange light that had begun to fill the sky.

Heaven was preparing a ma.s.sive attack, and Noah could sense the dangerousness that it carried. He could feel that the next lightning bolt would threaten his life.

'My higher energy has yet to advance,' Noah thought as he activated his new innate ability, 'But it should still boost my power.'

The black hole began to rotate faster after it sensed Noah's decision. Dark matter came out of the fourth center of power and flowed in the vessels obtained after the breakthrough.

A surge of power suddenly filled every inch of Noah's body, and he gave voice to a draconic roar as violent feelings rose in his mind. Black lines also appeared on his skin as the dark matter began to push him beyond his limits.

Heaven replied to that roar with a loud rumbling noise. The orange halo surrounding its figure condensed to create a thick lightning bolt that remained still in its hand.

Heaven threw that lightning bolt, and Noah spat a dense wave of flames. The sea opened as the two attacks flew toward each other, and cracks spread through the entire world due to the might that they carried.

Then, an explosion resounded in the sky, and a shockwave spread through the entire world.

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