Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1286 1286. Digging

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Chapter 1286 1286. Digging

The divine armor didn't disappear after the quasi-rank 7 Eternal Snake created that giant layer of protection. Noah could sense the divine aura flowing out of that immense amount of ice, so he could guess that the creature was somewhere inside that silver sh.e.l.l.

The already big Snakes' leader had transformed into a giant ma.s.s of ice that had its shape. That sight would normally scare away most of its opponents, but Noah didn't let the view of that new ability discourage him.

'I can still kill it,' Noah thought as he stared at the creature.

He had prepared his attacks while he waited for the transformation to end. He wanted to be ready for any ability the Snake decided to deploy, but he didn't expect that the creature would help him.

The ice created by the creature's silver liquid had gathered into one place now. Noah wouldn't need to kill the Snake multiple times anymore. Defeating it in that new form would be enough to win that battle.

The Snake had solved his greatest weakness by taking that form. The ability had obviously empowered the creature, but Noah saw that as an opportunity to end the battle more quickly.

Noah didn't need to mind his energy anymore now that he only had to win once. He could attack without caring about his time limits. The battle had fallen into the field that he preferred.

The Black Hole spell flew out of the sea to reach Noah. The spell had become a giant unstable sphere after acc.u.mulating primary energy through the entirety of the battle. Its power almost crossed the limits of the heroic ranks, and its flares opened cracks in the very fabric of the sky.

Noah didn't need anything else in that situation. His puppets, the Demonic Sword, and the fully-charged Black Hole spell were his strongest a.s.sets, and he had to focus his energy on the best he had to offer to win that battle.

He had to pierce a world worth of ice in the next exchanges. He couldn't waste energy into abilities that could only dent that ma.s.sive protection.

Large chunks of ice fell when the giant armor opened its mouth. A deafening roar came out of the ice. Large cracks opened in the sky due to the shockwave that accompanied that sound.

Blood rose through Noah's throat after the shockwave swept his figure. His armor had protected his external tissues, but it could only block part of the pressure that landed on his internal organs.

'This form isn't just for show then,' Noah thought as he evaluated the power carried by the roar.

The Snake had been unable to hurt him before because his superior physical strength made him overwhelm the creature. However, it seemed that the ice didn't only protect the Snake. It even improved its body in that form.

The tables had turned once again. The Snake had reclaimed its spot as the strongest creature in the lower plane when it came to physical power. Noah wouldn't be able to fight it as easily as before, but his plans didn't change at that discovery.

Nothing had changed. Noah had already been able to kill the Snake when its physical strength surpa.s.sed his. He had lost due to the time limit on his power back then. Still, the situation had evolved in his favor now.

The Snake began to move after its roar stopped echoing in the sky. The world trembled whenever its tail moved, and cracks opened due to the power released during its flight.

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The creature contained enough energy to cover the entire world. It was only normal for the sky to being unable to withstand its pressure.

Shockwaves. .h.i.t Noah while he kept both hands on the Demonic Sword stabbed in the ice. He couldn't let the Snake flinging him away in that battle. The hunt required a lot of work at that time, and he couldn't lose his momentum.

Noah smiled while he remained surrounded by silver ice. The tail eventually rose and freed him from that place, and he could see that the giant unstable sphere had finally reached his position.

The Black Hole spell crashed directly on the Snake's head. Noah didn't mind that the explosion would hit him too. He would suffer more injuries in that exchange, but he didn't mind that as long as he could reach the center of that armor.

The giant sphere landed on the armor's head and exploded, engulfing everything in the range of its attack. The sky and the ground trembled due to the shockwave that it had released after the detonation.

Noah felt an intense force landing on his body and tearing his armor apart. The ice suffered from the same fate. The Black Hole spell destroyed a large chunk of the creature's head.

The divine aura coming out of that armor became more intense after the Black Hole spell dug deeper into that defensive ability. Noah understood that he had taken a step toward the Snake when he sensed it, and the fiendish armors promptly covered his figure again as he prepared his offensive.

Noah almost puked, and blood flew out of the many superficial injuries that had appeared on his body. However, he was still at his peak. His resilience wasn't something that a single spell and a few roars could affect.

The Demonic Sword came out of that spot as Noah flew where the divine aura was more intense. That would work as his starting point. He would dig through the armor from there.

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