Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1283 1283. Fear

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Chapter 1283 1283. Fear

A quasi-rank 7 creature was the best food for a body in the upper tier. The stuffed winged beast only had its skin left, but that resource could boost Noah's power by a lot.

Ordinary magical beasts would find it hard to digest a resource on that level, but Noah's body didn't have those limits. His black hole also helped in that process and made him absorb the energy contained in the winged beast's skin in no time.

Still, the actual improvement of his tissues arrived slowly. The black hole had to purify the energy absorbed from the skin and redirect it to every corner of his body. Then, it had to harmonize that growth so that Noah could obtain the best out of that process.

Noah mostly trained while his body grew, but his mind continued to imagine battles against the Snakes' leader during the whole process.

That type of mental training would generally fail to reproduce the true might of a creature. Yet, Noah had studied the Eternal Snakes for entire centuries by then. His knowledge allowed him to create perfect simulations and even predict situations that he didn't trigger during the last fight.

The leader's battle style wasn't hard to understand. Its attacks consisted of a relentless a.s.sault that made use of the flexibility of its body. Its offensive was also reckless due to its confidence in its innate ability.

Noah had calculated that he would have to kill the Snake a minimum of twelve times. His opponent wasn't the leader alone. He had to force it to consume all the ice acc.u.mulated in the world.

Part of him understood how King Elbas felt after he returned from the void of the separate reality. The Royals' leader had to fight an entire world set on killing him, but he triumphed due to his nigh-endless reserves of energy.

Noah's situation was slightly different but also quite similar. Even with his ambition, his sheer power couldn't reach the levels that King Elbas had shown in the past. Still, he was getting there.

'I will be far stronger than him once I reach the true peak of the heroic ranks,' Noah thought as the images in his mind dispersed.

He had finally completed his mental training. He knew exactly how he had to fight the leader. Now he only had to apply those plans in the battle.

Noah came out of the separate dimension once his body had absorbed the nutrients. He didn't have to prepare anything else. He only had to win now.

The world had returned to its previous frozen state in the years that Noah had spent inside the separate dimension. The Snakes' leader had spread its silver liquid again to restore the regions destroyed in the battle.

The frozen landma.s.s had expanded. The creature's ice now reached deeper into the sea. It seemed that the Snake wouldn't be satisfied until the entire world turned into ice.

That sight didn't discourage Noah. If his strategy worked, he wouldn't have problems killing the Snake more times. His ambition had a time limit, but it could last enough if he minded his reserves of energy.

Noah's aura grew as he stared at the layer of ice that stood in his way to the sky. His ambition surged and pushed the level of his centers of power beyond their limits, and spells activated on their own as he prepared for the imminent battle.

Corrosive smoke and dark matter seeped out of his skin to create two layers of his fiendish armor. The Demonic Sword flew out of his s.p.a.ce-ring to land on his hand, and Night merged with the environment to prepare its surprise attacks.

Snore formed inside the armor made of higher energy, and the Black Hole spell materialized above Noah's head. A sea of saber-shaped runes also flew out of his hands and began to absorb the primary energy created after his aura spread in the environment.

The copies didn't appear. Noah had used them during his previous battle to match the leader's physical strength, but he didn't need them anymore. They were only a waste of energy against that opponent.

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The roars of the Snakes' leader resounded above him after his aura expanded. The creature had noticed the arrival of its annoying opponent, and it cried its impatience to resume their battle.

Silver rain started to fall from the vast cloud in the sky, but Noah ignored that event. The corrosive smoke coming out of his armor was enough to destroy the drops that fell in his direction, and he didn't care about the ice in the environment.

Getting rid of the cloud was a waste of energy. Killing the Snake would force it to use the ice in the environment anyway.

Noah began to walk toward the Snake as his corrosive smoke spread through the landma.s.s, and the ice crumbled under the deadly properties of the Demonic Form. His current level allowed his spell to counter the creature's innate ability perfectly.

The Snakes' leader could notice that Noah had improved, but it didn't reveal any fear. The ice's best quality wasn't its st.u.r.diness in the end, and it could always make more of it.

Frozen structures formed on the world, but Noah limited himself to walk toward his opponent. The Snake couldn't use its ice to hide anymore. The smoke of the Demonic Form created holes in every defensive layer that divided the two of them.

Entering the deeper parts of a lair wasn't a smart move, especially when it came to magical beasts capable of creating battle strategies. Yet, Noah wouldn't waste his limited attacks to force his opponent out of its safe area.

Noah could sense something moving through the ice around him, but he kept going. He knew that the Snake would attack at any moment, which would mark the start of his strategy.

A crack suddenly opened in the ice above him, and a ma.s.sive figure dived through the corrosive smoke to crash on Noah's head. However, a clawed hand suddenly appeared in its path.

The leader felt surprised when it sensed its momentum dispersing. Noah had managed to stop its charge with one hand, and his claws had stabbed its mouth to keep the creature locked in that position.

Then, a chill ran down the leader's spine when Noah's reptilian eyes landed on it. A crack opened on his fiendish armor to form a devilish smile that made the Snake tremble in fear.

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