Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1277 1277. Mocking

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Chapter 1277 1277. Mocking

Noah's ambition couldn't push his centers of power past the peak of the sixth rank. His individuality didn't appear able to cross that limit just yet.

That wasn't a surprise. The divine ranks marked the beginning of an entirely new type of cultivation journey. That level also brought an immense amount of power with it, and Noah didn't know if his existence could contain it.

His individuality couldn't replace actual growth. Noah's real strength came from his foundation, and his ambition reflected the power of a cultivator who had just reached the last stage of the heroic ranks.

He was sure that his individuality would eventually manage to make him cross the limits of the heroic ranks. Yet, he needed his centers of power to be closer to the divine realm to achieve that.

His ambition needed to grow before it could succeed in that task. Still, Noah knew that he would obtain more significant gains if he tested his prowess against the quasi-rank 7 Eternal Snake.

Noah flew in the sky above the Snakes' leader. His desire to kill that powerful creature didn't make him forget about the advantages that he could wield.

Cultivators were stronger than magical beasts for many reasons, which was even truer for an existence like Noah. He knew how to exploit his superior awareness and abilities, and he didn't hesitate to rely on his knowledge to obtain the upper hand in the battle.

The Snakes' leader had begun to express its anger as soon as Noah made a hole in the frozen layer. The creature recognized the aura of the invader that had almost destroyed its plans to return to the Immortal Lands.

Its anger was boundless, but the creature didn't let its feelings blind its mind. The quasi-rank 7 Snake knew that Noah was resourceful and elusive, so it began to deploy its abilities before he could make his move.

The Snakes' leader raised its head and began to fill the sky with its silver liquid. Its instincts told it that the world could finally endure its power, so the creature didn't try to hold back anymore.

A ma.s.sive cloud formed high in the sky, and silver rain started to fall from its surface. The creature had already turned the whole world into its lair, but its abilities could transform the area around it into its ideal battlefield.

Noah observed how frozen structures formed above and around his target's lair. That ice carried the entirety of its power, making it impossible to cut unless he used his full strength.

However, that was what Noah had come out of the separate dimension to do. He wanted to test his power against a specimen that stood on the absolute limit of a lower plane.

The world in Noah's vision changed as he focused on the presence hidden by the frozen structures. Laws became visible in his eyes as he gathered his power to release his strongest attack.

He didn't have the chance to test how strong he was in the past. Noah had yet to polish his fighting style, but he planned to complete that task in the next exchanges.

It was finally time to learn how strong he was, and the best way to do it was to go all-out since the first attack.

Corrosive smoke and dark matter seeped out of his skin and created two fiendish armors around his figure. The Demonic Sword began to tremble as higher energy ama.s.sed inside its structure.

Dark matter eventually came out of the Demonic Sword after it filled every inch of its fabric. The living weapon had reached its peak form, but it didn't stop producing higher energy.

The world didn't restrain Noah anymore. He could finally reach his real limits and see how the Snakes' leader reacted to that.

'Pierce the cloud, the ice, and your enemy,' Noah repeated those words inside his mind as he raised his weapon above his head.

The dark matter leaked by the Demonic Sword condensed to enlarge its shape. The weapon became bigger and larger, and dense trails of higher energy began to flow around its form.

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Those trails soon became storms of dark matter that surrounded the Demonic Sword while it kept growing. It was as if Noah's blade had started to generate pure destruction.

Noah's slash covered entire regions. Its width didn't affect its speed. The attack clashed with the leader's abilities in less than an instant.

It was hard to understand the black ma.s.s's shape when observing it from the side or above. Only the target of Noah's attack could see its true form.

The ice acc.u.mulated in the area was an extension of the leader's mind, so the creature could inspect the attack in its entirety. It could see how that dark ma.s.s was a rain of sharp pillars that tore the world apart during their descent.

The silver cloud couldn't even attempt to slow down that attack. The sole pressure radiated by Noah's slash destroyed it and stopped the silver rain.

The frozen structures came next, but Noah's attack engulfed them as it crashed on the ground. His slash covered the whole area and gave birth to multiple earthquakes when it touched the terrain.

The world trembled. The shockwaves radiated by Noah's attack opened cracks on the frozen landma.s.s and sky. Large chunks of ice separated from their main structure and sunk into the sea.

The perfect environment created by the Snakes' leader couldn't endure Noah's might, and only the ice born from the divine silver liquid remained intact as his attack continued to ravage the land.

Sharpness also leaked out of the black ma.s.s. Cuts opened everywhere that aura spread, and Noah's destruction soon began to fill every inch of the area.

That destruction continued for a while, but the dark matter eventually dispersed. Still, Noah's aura continued to create cuts in the sky even if his attack was over.

A peculiar sight appeared in his vision once his attack stopped disrupting his a.n.a.lysis of the surface. Most of the frozen ground under him had sunk into the sea, and only the divine ice had remained intact after that slash.

On that piece of intact land, Noah could see the badly injured quasi-rank 7 Snake staring at him while wearing a mocking expression.

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