Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1270 1270. Connected

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Chapter 1270 1270. Connected

Noah didn't like that the quasi-rank 7 Eternal Snake had begun to eat its underlings. He also had an interest in those creatures since they were the best food for his current state.

His body had begun to approach the breakthrough to the upper tier, but Noah was aware of its insane requirements. All the creatures hunted in those years had only managed to push its power across one tier, and he had reached the point when his center of power would need even more energy.

That was a drawback that would accompany him for his whole life. A higher power required more energy to advance, and Noah knew that he had the best body available.

His recent project had also increased those requirements. His body had become even stronger after the fusion with the Snake's glands. The empowerment had raised the amount of energy needed for his breakthrough.

Noah didn't regret his choice. He would never give up on power because it made his cultivation journey harsher. He actually considered those severe hindrances the proof that he had become far stronger than his peers.

Noah studied the surface for a while, and he a.n.a.lyzed how his new level affected the world around him. His hunts had to continue, but he needed to prepare a proper strategy.

Killing the quasi-rank 7 Snake would relieve the world of a lot of pressure, but Noah didn't know if he could face a creature on that level. Moreover, he was sure that the plane couldn't endure his full power until it started recovering.

The presence of the quasi-rank 7 Snake also prevented him from using some approaches. Noah couldn't be as reckless as before due to the frozen lands.

The Snakes' leader would immediately notice him if he stepped on the new continent. Noah could only rely on hit and run tactics there.

Yet, he had another continent at his disposal. Noah could clear the old landma.s.s and see if the world returned to a decent state. That would give him the chance to deploy different tactics, and it would make the hunts on the new continent more entertaining.

There was another positive aspect in that otherwise awful situation. Noah's ambition managed to affect the world's structure just like it did with the separate dimension.

More matter would appear wherever his aura spread. That eased his worries about the world's frailty since his ambition made it more stable.

He only needed to let his ambition affect his battlefields before starting his a.s.saults. The hunts would be even less entertaining, but Noah couldn't risk destroying the world.

'I wonder how strong I have become,' Noah thought as he moved toward the old continent.

It annoyed him that he couldn't test his new power properly, but he couldn't avoid that issue in his current situation. Saving the world came before his whims. His very future depended on his hunts.

'I guess I will be able to go all-out only during the last battle,' Noah concluded as his attention went inside his special s.p.a.ce-ring. 'Upper tier specimens shouldn't even come close to my level now.'

The Demonic Sword let out a roar from inside the s.p.a.ce-ring as it understood Noah's mindset. The blade had experienced a breakthrough after the last training session, and its very nature had changed during that process.

Noah didn't know how strong his living weapon had become, but he knew that simple upper tier magical beasts wouldn't be enough to test its power.

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He could easily kill those creatures when he was in the liquid stage and the Demonic Sword was in the middle tier. He didn't believe it would take more than one slash to take care of them at his current level.

The bodies of the peak rank 6 Snakes had managed to stop the slashes right below their neck. The st.u.r.diness of their scales was extraordinary. Still, it was pointless since they could block Noah's attacks only after the vertical cuts divided their heads.

Noah had needed less than four months to take care of the creatures on the old continent, and he had returned to the entrance of the separate dimension once that landma.s.s was empty.

His body could probably reach the upper tier if he used part of the stuffed winged beast, but Noah wanted to see how the situation on the surface evolved before deciding on his next move.

The quasi-rank 7 Snake didn't react to his hunts since its home was in the new continent, and the creatures had died before they could release a cry. However, the leader would surely do something once it noticed that twenty-three valuable specimens had disappeared from its pack.

Noah's prediction turned out to be on point. A deafening roar echoed through the sky a week after he had completed his clearing operation, and the ma.s.sive figure of the Snakes' leader became visible above the new continent.

The Snake appeared wary of the world's condition. It didn't let its anger rule its actions, but it still used its silver liquid to modify the environment again.

The creature didn't rely on any special technique at that time. It flew above the sea that divided the two continents and spat silver liquid to freeze it.

A frozen platform soon connected the two and turned them into one giant continent that the other specimens began to occupy under the leader's orders.

Every pack and valuable specimen began to live on the ice that radiated the leader's violent aura after that migration ended. Noah's actions wouldn't go unnoticed anymore.

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