Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1268 1268. Ironic

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Chapter 1268 1268. Ironic

The golden net had continued to crumble while the quasi-rank 7 Eternal Snake expressed its anger. The appearance of the cloud filled with silver liquid wasn't an exception. Each drop that fell through the sky helped in destroying Second Prince's formation.

Trails of ice formed in the sky as the drops fell, and the lands froze once they touched the ground. The new continent transformed as that peculiar rain kept falling. The quasi-rank 7 Snake was transforming the landma.s.s into its ideal lair.

The ice also spread to the sea. The new continent enlarged as the water froze. It didn't take much before new regions appeared around the landma.s.s.

Except for the central regions, all the frozen lands radiated the quasi-rank 7 Snake violent aura. The creature had used its ice to expand its mind's range and increase its control over the landma.s.s.

That was its home now, and the Eternal Snakes living there would benefit from the changes in the environment. Noah guessed that more creatures of that species would also appear due to those favorable conditions.

The golden net couldn't endure that show of power. Only a few golden shards remained in the sky when the cloud depleted its reserves of silver liquid.

A few attacks from the quasi-rank 7 specimen had been enough to destroy Second Prince's formation. Its might wasn't something that inscriptions in the heroic ranks could contain.

Noah's ambition calmed down after that process ended. That feeling remained intense, but it stopped empowering his centers of power.

The drawbacks soon arrived, but Noah didn't mind them. He remained on top of the teleportation matrix and waited for his peculiar mindset to end.

The quasi-rank 7 Eternal Snake had stated that it wouldn't stand by while Noah killed its pack. He couldn't even go all-out anymore since it had destroyed the golden net.

The leader had brought him back to square one, with the only difference that the population of Eternal Snakes had decreased by a lot in the past years. Noah had almost halved the original number of specimens in the world.

Noah gazed at the sky while he remained on the teleportation matrix. The net of cracks didn't enlarge during his observation. It seemed that the last hunt had finally slowed down the deterioration of the world.

He didn't know if the world had already reached a stable condition, but he wouldn't spend years observing the cracks to understand that. That was Second Prince's role. Noah's preferred to hunt.

'I can only play it smart now,' Noah thought as he activated the teleportation matrix to return inside the separate dimension.

The last hunt had brought many benefits, which went beyond the mastering of his new innate ability. He had also seized many valuable corpses.

Noah went into seclusion once he returned to the separate dimension. He ate, cultivated, and trained with the Seventh Kesier rune to improve his base power and bring him closer to the last stage of the heroic ranks.

His mind continued to expand without encountering any hindrance, and his body finally neared the breakthrough after eating those prey.

As for his dantian, Noah's cultivation sessions ended up triggering peculiar mental states that made him wander in the world of laws.

Noah spent years observing how his influence affected the world's structure. His destruction shattered the "Breath" while his creation rea.s.sembled it in the form of his darkness.

Still, those were only some aspects of his individuality. Noah knew that his ambition was the core of his existence. He had to make that feeling reach a higher state if he wanted to advance.

Heroic cultivators had to become laws to reach the divine ranks. The process was slow, and it often failed due to the many impurities that their individualities carried.

Laws expressed true meanings, which were some of the simplest forms of energy in the world. They carried an immense power, but they weren't complex in their structure.

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Noah had to bring his individuality to a similar level to become a G.o.d, and that required him to find a true meaning capable of expressing all the features of his existence.

'It took me so long to understand this,' Noah thought as he laid on the floor of the separate dimension and continued to laugh.

Throughout his life, Noah's desire for power had taken many forms. The cultivation world had techniques, spells, and martial arts, so his craving took those forms.

The world had already tainted his desire by then. Noah's feeling lost part of its purity as he advanced through the cultivation journey. That process was inevitable, but Noah reached that conclusion only when he reviewed his life from his current level of power.

'Techniques, spells, martial arts,' Noah shouted in his mind, 'They are only things. I've desired them because they gave me power, but my ambition transcends what items can accomplis.h.!.+'

Noah's cultivation level increased as those thoughts filled his mind. He had found his true meaning, and his whole existence reacted to that event.

The ambition felt when Thomas Balvan fended off the dragon was pure. It was the simple desire for power of a man that knew nothing about the cultivation world.

Noah couldn't apply his ambition to actual methods because he didn't know anything. He was only a child filled with an unstoppable drive.

His ignorance about the cultivation world had made his ambition reach a level of purity that disregarded the restraints and laws around him. Not knowing had allowed his feeling to be devoid of any impurity.

Now, Noah felt the same pure ambition running through his existence. It was a feeling that ignored all the things that he had learnt through his life. It was a form of energy that did whatever it desired and disregarded whether that was doable.

Noah couldn't stop laughing. He found it ironic that his cultivation journey had brought him back to his first step, but he didn't fail to notice the changes in his cultivation level.

His dantian advanced to the solid stage while that feeling filled his existence.

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